Is William Gao Gay? The Heartstopper Star’s Real Life

You may recognize William Gao as the actor who plays Tao Xu in the popular Netflix series Heartstopper. His emotional performance and on-screen chemistry with co-stars like Joe Locke (who plays Charlie Spring) have left many fans wondering – is William Gao gay in real life?

Here’s a quick answer:

William Gao plays the role of Tao Xu on the Netflix series Heartstopper. There has been some speculation from fans about whether Gao himself is gay in real life. However, as of now in 2023, there is no definitive public information about Gao’s sexual orientation. The actor keeps his romantic relationships and dating life private. Without clear confirmation from Gao himself, assumptions about his sexuality should be avoided out of respect for his privacy.

Who is William Gao?

Before speculating about his sexuality, let’s first understand who William Gao is beyond his role in Heartstopper.

Gao is a British actor and musician in his early 20s. He was born to an English father and Chinese mother who immigrated to England. This diverse cultural background enriches his worldview and artistry.

From a young age, Gao felt passionate about music and the arts. He started learning classical piano at 11 years old and later joined the prestigious Trinity Boys Choir to hone his musical gifts.

While mastering creative pursuits, he also prioritized academics at Trinity School, taking advanced classes in Chinese, music and drama. This well-rounded education prepared him for a multi-faceted entertainment career.

Gao’s dedication to developing his artistic talents makes him a rising star to watch. His poise, intelligence and work ethic also position him for greater success in the future.

Personal DetailsInformation
Full NameWilliam Gao
AgeAround 20-21 years old (as of 2023)
EthnicityEnglish and Chinese
ProfessionActor, Musician
Known forRole as Tao Xu in Heartstopper

Heartstopper’s Impact and Fan Speculation

Given the astounding popularity of Heartstopper, it makes sense people are intrigued by the personal lives of the cast. The show depicts LGBTQ+ relationships in an authentic, empowering light – making stars like Gao positive queer role models.

Fans have definitely noticed the palpable chemistry between Gao’s character Tao and Charlie, played by openly gay actor Joe Locke. Their emotional scenes have led some viewers to speculate Gao himself might be gay or queer.

However, as of now there is no reliable evidence on Gao’s orientation either way. As outsiders, we need to check our assumptions and respect boundaries around privacy.

Why Speculating Can Be Harmful

Assuming an actor’s sexuality because of their role or perceived stereotypes can propagate harmful misinformation. It also reduces them to a label rather than seeing them as a whole, complex human being.

For young stars like Gao, invasive speculation around his dating life or orientation could seriously impact his mental health and ability to work. Maintaining privacy gives him space to focus on his craft rather than get distracted by public scrutiny.

As Gao has chosen to keep romantic details private thus far, fans should refrain from making claims about his sexuality without his consent. If and when he is ready, he may open up about this aspect of his identity. Until then, speculation both oversteps boundaries and feeds stereotyping.

Looking Beyond Labels

While thirsting over the romantic lives of stars is a common fan pastime, with queer celebrities we have to be especially careful. Their marginalized identities make them more vulnerable to Harvey and disrespect.

Rather than obsessing over who Gao might be attracted to, we would do better to appreciate his talents. We should see him as a complex human beyond surface-level labels.

Gao himself told Teen Vogue how thrilled he was to act in a series that spread empathy and gave voice to underrepresented experiences. As an ally, he focuses more on the show’s positive social impact rather than fans’ curiosity about his personal life.

This grounded, socially conscious attitude shows maturity beyond his years. It’s the mark of someone dedicated to his values and craft rather than fame for its own sake.

Conclusion: Focusing on the Work

At the end of the day, William Gao sees himself as an actor and storyteller who takes pride in his cultural heritage. Any assumptions aside, nothing should detract from his compelling performances.

Gao’s future in the entertainment industry looks bright, whether or not he ends up coming out someday. As he continues opening hearts and minds through his artistry, that’s what fans should celebrate.

Rather than making claims about his identity, we can show support by appreciating the hard work he puts into each role. By focusing less on labels and more on the positive change he creates, we do our part to build a culture of understanding.


1. Is William Gao openly gay?

No, William Gao has not publicly come out as gay or spoken openly about his sexual orientation. Details about his dating life remain private.

2. What evidence is there that William Gao is gay or queer?

Currently there is no definitive evidence about William Gao’s sexual orientation. Speculation from fans is based on his role and on-screen chemistry in Heartstopper.

3. Does William Gao have a boyfriend?

It is not confirmed if Gao has a boyfriend. The actor has not shared any details publicly about any current or past relationships.

4. Why do fans think William Gao is gay?

Some Heartstopper fans speculate Gao may be gay or queer given his believable portrayal of the gay character Tao Xu and his chemistry with co-star Joe Locke on the show. However, this remains unproven.

5. Why hasn’t William Gao said if he is gay or not?

Gao likely keeps his dating life private to maintain professional boundaries and protect his mental health from invasive public scrutiny, especially given his young age and rising fame. His sexual orientation is personal, and he may be waiting until he feels comfortable to open up.

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