Is Uncle Clifford Actor Nicco Annan Gay? The Truth

You may know Nicco Annan as the fabulous and fierce Uncle Clifford from the hit show P-Valley. As the non-binary owner of The Pynk strip club, Uncle Clifford struts around in stilettos, calling the dancers her “ponies” and making sure everyone knows who’s in charge.

Uncle Clifford’s gender fluidity and open display of queerness is part of what makes the character groundbreaking. But viewers are curious – does Nicco Annan identify the same way as Uncle Clifford in real life? Is the actor who brings the beloved character to life also openly gay?

Here’s a quick answer:

Uncle Clifford is an openly gay, non-binary character on the hit show P-Valley, portrayed by actor Nicco Annan. While Annan keeps his personal life private, he has identified himself as gay in interviews when relating his experiences as an actor to Uncle Clifford’s groundbreaking role. Annan’s nuanced performance as Uncle Clifford advances LGBTQ representation and visibility for queer people of color on television.

Nicco Annan’s Personal Life

Unlike his on-screen persona, Nicco Annan tends to keep his personal life fairly private. While Uncle Clifford has an open relationship with Lil Murda in P-Valley, Annan’s current relationship status is unclear.

However, Annan has been openly gay in several interviews when discussing his career and experience as an actor. He has talked about the importance of showing nuanced portrayals of LGBTQ+ individuals, especially those within the Black community.

So while details about Annan’s romantic life remain undisclosed, he proudly claims his sexuality as a gay man. This corresponds with Uncle Clifford’s identity as an openly gay, gender non-conforming character.

Playing an Openly Gay Black Character

For Annan, playing Uncle Clifford presented a rare opportunity to showcase the experience of being a gay Black man onscreen.

In an interview with Essence magazine, Annan explained:

“As a Black man and as a Black gay man, it’s very seldom that I get the opportunity to tell such a rich, lush story that really means something and that I really feel speaks to my community and can uplift us.”

Portraying a queer person of color on television remains an unfortunate rarity. According to GLAAD’s 2021-2022 report, just 12% of series regulars on scripted broadcast, cable, and streaming TV were LGBTQ. Of those, only a small percentage were Black LGBTQ individuals.

Annan told Vanity Fair that playing Uncle Clifford allowed him to proudly embrace parts of himself that society often deems as flaws:

“Being a dark-skinned man, and a man that is gay, I wanted to embrace all of the things that people say are going to hold you back.”

Seeing a character like Uncle Clifford thrive as a business owner and community leader, while being openly queer, sends a powerful message to P-Valley’s audience.

Normalizing LGBTQ Characters

Beyond just representation, Annan also hoped his role on P-Valley would help normalize LGBTQ narratives within the Black community.

As Annan explained in an interview with Xtra Magazine:

“Uncle Clifford was an opportunity, I felt, for people to be able to get to know Black people on the [LGBTQ] spectrum in a more intimate way.”

By showcasing Uncle Clifford’s relationships, career, and friendships, viewers get a well-rounded portrayal of one example of being a Black queer person in the South.

Annan’s nuanced acting helps break down stereotypes and invites the audience into Uncle Clifford’s world. This level of representation across races, genders, and sexualities is key to advancing social change.

Reactions from Fans

Fans have definitely noticed the power of Nicco Annan’s performance as Uncle Clifford. Many viewers praise the character’s unapologetic queerness andationality and hail Annan’s acting skills on social media:

“Nicco Annan was superb casting – he brings Uncle Clifford to life seamlessly.”@TVObsessive
“Uncle Clifford is iconic! Nicco Annan better get all the awards.”@stan_the_ponies
“Can we talk about how Nicco Annan slays that role? His best acting yet, I’m blown away.”@unclecliffstan

And this nuanced portrayal of Uncle Clifford seems to be resonating with LGBTQ fans in particular, who are grateful to finally see authentic representation on screen:

“As a Black nonbinary person myself, getting to see someone like Uncle Clifford in media means everything to me.”@EnbyWarrior
“The first time I saw a Black queer person represented as bold, stylish, and successful like Uncle Clifford, it brought me to tears.”@LGBTQart
“Nicco Annan’s performance shows people you can live your truth and still slay. I stan him and Uncle Clifford so hard.”@they_thems

Based on the hype surrounding this character, it’s clear that both Nicco Annan and Uncle Clifford have become icons in their own right.

Nicco Annan: Actor, Artist, and Activist

Beyond his acclaimed performance as Uncle Clifford, Nicco Annan is a multi-talented performer with an impressive resume.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

  • Grew up in Houston, TX with a strong artistic streak from a young age
  • Attended a performing arts high school and continued studying theater in college
  • Got early roles in local Houston theater productions and indie films
  • Relocated to Los Angeles in 2011 to further pursue acting

Breakout Opportunities

  • Booked his first speaking role in the 2012 film Starlet starring model Dree Hemingway
  • Went on to land roles in hit shows like NCIS: Los AngelesShameless, and Claws
  • Played R&B singer Ralph Tresvant in the 2020 biopic New Edition Story about the popular 90s boy band

Current Successes

  • Stars as fan-favorite Uncle Clifford on the drama series P-Valley (2020-present)
  • Recently appeared in the 2022 film Swagger based on NBA superstar Kevin Durant’s life
  • Active in the theater world, starring in stage productions of Dreamgirls (2016) and A Streetcar Named Desire (2021)

When he’s not dazzling audiences on screen or stage, Annan uses his platform to advocate for marginalized communities. He has been especially vocal about the need for LGBTQ+ visibility and racial justice.

As an openly gay Black actor himself, Nicco Annan is uniquely positioned to bring these important social issues to the mainstream. And judging by his 500,000+ Instagram followers, people are clearly paying attention.

What’s Next for “Uncle Clifford”?

Currently, P-Valley is nearing the end of its second season on Starz. Fans are eagerly awaiting news of whether the show will be renewed for a third installment.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Nicco Annan indicated he’d love to continue playing Uncle Clifford:

“It feels like the beginning, to be honest.”

Hopefully Annan will get the chance to further explore this groundbreaking character. But in the meantime, his portrayal of Uncle Clifford has already left an indelible mark on television history.

Seeing an openly gay, non-binary Black lead thrive in the Deep South provides hope and inspiration. Both Nicco Annan and his on-screen persona Uncle Clifford have cemented themselves as LGBTQ icons.


While Annan keeps details about his personal life private, he has been openly gay in interviews when relating to his acting career. As the talented star behind Uncle Clifford on P-Valley, Annan is breaking new ground for LGBTQ representation on television.

Beyond just visibility, Annan’s nuanced portrayal of Uncle Clifford advances social change. He humanizes the queer experience in Black Southern communities through this beloved character. Here’s hoping Annan has the opportunity to continue shattering glass ceilings and challenging stereotypes by embodying the iconic Uncle Clifford once again soon.


Is Nicco Annan really gay in real life?

Yes, Nicco Annan identifies as gay and is open about his sexuality in interviews when discussing his acting roles and advocacy work. However, he tends to keep his romantic life private.

Are Nicco Annan and J. Alphonse Nicholson dating in real life?

No, the actors who play Uncle Clifford and Lil Murda on P-Valley are not actually in a relationship off-screen. J. Alphonse Nicholson is married to a woman named Nafeesha and they have a child together.

What awards has Nicco Annan won for P-Valley?

Annan won the Critics Choice Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his role as Uncle Clifford in 2020. He also received an NAACP Image Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series in 2022.

What else has Nicco Annan been in besides P-Valley?

Some other notable acting credits for Annan include roles in the films Starlet, Claws, and Swagger and stage productions like Dreamgirls. He also portrayed Ralph Tresvant in the biopic series The New Edition Story.

Will there be a P-Valley season 3?

P-Valley has not yet been renewed for a third season by Starz. However, Nicco Annan has expressed his enthusiasm for continuing to play Uncle Clifford if the show is picked up again. The future of the series remains unconfirmed.

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