Is Tyson Bagent Gay? What the NFL Star’s Girlfriend Says

Rumors have been swirling that Chicago Bears breakout rookie quarterback Tyson Bagent may be gay. However, those speculations have been put to rest after Bagent’s girlfriend, Maggie Litzinger, made their relationship Instagram official recently. Litzinger shared photos of herself cheering on the rising football star at a Bears game, confirming that she and Bagent are in fact a couple.

So where did the assumptions about Bagent’s sexuality come from and why did his nurse girlfriend finally clear the air?

Here’s a quick answer:

No, Chicago Bears quarterback Tyson Bagent is not gay. Despite rumors about his sexuality likely stemming from his lack of public dating history, Bagent has been in a long-term relationship with Maggie Litzinger. His girlfriend recently confirmed they are a couple by posting photos of her supporting Bagent at a Bears game on her Instagram account. Litzinger works as an emergency room nurse.

Meet Tyson’s Girlfriend, Maggie

Bagent has been quietly dating Maggie Litzinger, an emergency room nurse originally from West Virginia. Maggie recently confirmed their relationship status by sharing photos on her Instagram showing her supporting Bagent at a Chicago Bears game.

Maggie graduated from West Virginia University’s nursing program in 2019. She and Bagent likely met during their time as students there together.

In addition to her nursing career, Maggie has also gained some online notoriety from her TikTok account. She has over 50,000 followers who tune in to watch her videos offering a behind-the-scenes look at life as a nurse.

Her sense of humor and ability to educate people about healthcare have earned Maggie lots of fans. And we have a feeling Bagent admires those qualities in his girlfriend too!

So while Bagent likes to keep his private life under wraps, Maggie’s social media posts have made it clear these two are an item. Maybe now that their relationship is public knowledge, we’ll start seeing Bagent make some cameo appearances in Maggie’s TikToks!

Why Did Gay Rumors Start?

So how exactly did the rumor mill start churning out speculation about Bagent’s sexuality? A few key factors likely contributed:

  • No public dating history – As mentioned, Bagent doesn’t have a trail of highly photographed past relationships like some celebs do. With no gossip magazine spreads of him and starlets frolicking on beaches, people assumed he was single.
  • Private social media presence – Bagent seems to view social media as a utility rather than a spotlight. His Instagram and Twitter focus heavily on football. Without posts giving fans a peek into his personal affairs, people were left guessing.
  • Arrival of first NFL start – When Bagent landed the first start of his pro career in October 2023, interest in him kicked into high gear. With sudden fame came intense public curiosity about this rookie phenom.

In the absence of concrete details, unverified theories crop up. Now we know Bagent had good reason to be selective about sharing his dating life – he had a special nurse cheering him on all along!

What Has Bagent Said?

The man of the hour himself has remained silent regarding speculation about his sexual orientation or relationships. As an athlete, Bagent likely prefers keeping focus on his performance rather than entertainment news style reporting.

Some fans have called on him to address the gay rumors directly. However, Bagent has no obligation to discuss his sexuality if he chooses not to.

His girlfriend Maggie’s social media trail provides enough confirmation that, no, Tyson Bagent is not gay. Her posts make it joyfully clear she and Bagent are happily dating!

Bagent seems content letting his success on the field do the talking as his NFL career takes off. With trusty girlfriend Maggie supporting him every step of the way, he has everything he needs. We have a hunch this tight-lipped QB will just keep on defying expectations and leave the chattering to everyone else!

So in summary – no, Tyson Bagent is not gay based on his confirmed relationship with girlfriend Maggie. But even if he was, true fans should support him regardless. His contribution as an undrafted underdog rising to a starting QB position proves he deserves respect no matter what.


1. Is Tyson Bagent openly gay?

No, Tyson Bagent has not openly stated that he is gay. He is currently dating his girlfriend Maggie Litzinger, who recently confirmed their relationship on Instagram.

2. What evidence is there that Tyson Bagent is straight?

The main evidence is that his girlfriend, Maggie Litzinger, shared photos on Instagram of her attending a Chicago Bears game to support Bagent. Their relationship implies that he is straight.

3. When did Tyson Bagent and Maggie Litzinger start dating?

The article does not provide an exact timeline, but it states they likely met while attending West Virginia University together, from where Maggie graduated in 2019. So they have presumably been together for a few years.

4. What kind of nurse is Maggie Litzinger?

Maggie Litzinger is an emergency room (ER) nurse currently working at the Medical University of South Carolina. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from West Virginia University in 2019.

Maggie has gained a large TikTok following of over 50,000 fans by posting videos sharing an inside look at the daily lives of nurses. Her informative and humorous content has made her a hit on the platform.

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