Is Trevor Noah gay? The Telling Signs in His Jokes

You may have wondered about Trevor Noah’s sexual orientation after seeing him host The Daily Show or perform stand-up comedy routines. Rumors seem to constantly circulate about which celebrities are gay — and Noah is no exception. But what do we actually know about his orientation, relationships, and views on discussing such personal topics publicly? Let’s explore.

Here’s a quick answer:

Trevor Noah has not publicly stated that he identifies as gay or openly confirmed his sexual orientation. The popular comedian and talk show host tends to keep his romantic life private and vague despite persistent speculation. When directly asked about being gay in interviews, Noah implies that actual orientation matters less than promoting human rights.

Details on His Background

First, some quick facts for context. Trevor Noah was born in 1984 in Soweto, South Africa. His mother Patricia is Black and his late father Robert was white, which was illegal under apartheid at the time. Growing up mixed-race exposed Noah to discrimination, shaping his comedic material later on.

Noah has become hugely popular as host of The Daily Show since 2015 when Jon Stewart left. Before landing there in his early 30s, Noah had a thriving standup career in South Africa. He weaves witty personal anecdotes with sociopolitical commentary on race, culture clashes, gender, injustice, and more.

In his bestselling memoir Born a Crime: Stories From a South African Childhood, Noah touches on agonizing over his identity as a mixed-race child barred from fully belonging anywhere. He remains relatively private about personal relationships as an adult, keeping fans guessing.

Speculation On His Orientation

Rumors have popped up periodically on social media and even some LGBTQ blogs questioning if Trevor Noah is secretly gay. People point to Noah’s fashion sense favoring slim suits sometimes with floral details, along with conjecture that he seems to give off what they deem as feminine mannerisms at times.

Additionally, Noah having not been publicly seen dating women until his 30s makes some skeptics raise an eyebrow. Then hearing Noah’s progressive viewpoints promoting LGBTQ equality on his show fuels unproven theories that he must be gay himself. However, Noah asserts things like human rights should matter to everyone regardless of their orientation or background.

But these sorts of assumptions fail to consider Noah’s background coming from conservative South Africa. Even today many view homosexuality negatively there, although things are slowly changing.

2006Legalized same-sex marriage
2021Overturned laws enabling businesses to discriminate against LGBTQ community

Table: South Africa’s Gradual LGBTQ Rights Expansion

Someone in Noah’s shoes may have compelling reasons to keep an LGBTQ identity private if so — or even to refrain from addressing relationships of any kind too openly. While in other places coding possibly queer references into comedy would not seem as daring, doing so in South Africa counters dominant social norms.

His Response on Speculation

Interviewed on The Breakfast Club radio show, Noah was asked outright about speculation on his sexual orientation. Noah dismissed rumors he is gay, clarifying the phenomenon stems from people noticing more progressive mindsets common in the comedy scene.

“In comedy, we’re progressive people who try new things because we’re creative […] So if people want to think I’m gay, that’s fine. I know who I am.”

Essentially, Noah leaves the question open-ended. He implies actual orientation matters less than nurturing compassion and focusing positive social change.

This evasiveness does frustrate some fans though, breeding claims Noah just cannot reveal he is gay due to discrimination risks. They argue he even makes sly jokes hinting at it like mentioning visiting an LGBTQ club. Defenders counter that Noah likely means clubs coincidentally popular among wider audiences too — and that he should receive understanding for keeping his romantic life private either way.

Relationships Sparking Curiosity

Noah has been notoriously mum on relationships until 2022 when news emerged that he dated actress Minka Kelly for a few months. Again skeptics wondered if involvement with a female celebrity got publicized as his sexuality faced mounting questions.

Previously in 2018, Noah split up with model and real estate agent Jordyn Taylor after several years of dating. Little got divulged on why they separated, with both opting not to discuss their private lives much in interviews anyway. Taylor did however profess still feeling love for Noah after their breakup.

Rumor patrols also closely followed Noah meeting up with singer Dua Lipa in September 2022 for dinner in New York, analyzing their body language. Lipa and Noah both instantly shut down speculation about them possibly dating or hooking up though. Noah maintains they are just good platonic friends.

Whether or not Trevor Noah has experienced attraction to men, women, or both — he seems unlikely to directly declare it one way or another anytime soon. Fans will likely need to settle for reading between lines in his comedy and commentary moving forward. But that evasion itself speaks volumes on prevailing social barriers, even for those fortunate enough to have a prominent platform.


1. Is Trevor Noah gay?

Trevor Noah has not publicly stated that he is gay. He typically prefers keeping details of his romantic life private. In interviews when asked directly about his sexual orientation, Noah has avoided giving a definitive answer.

2. Who has Trevor Noah dated?

Noah has been rumored to date a few women over the years, including model and real estate agent Jordyn Taylor until 2018 and actress Minka Kelly briefly in 2022. However, Noah himself does not tend to discuss his dating history openly.

3. What has Trevor Noah said about gay rights?

Though not confirming his own sexual orientation, Trevor Noah frequently advocates for LGBTQ equality. He argues human rights issues like discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity should matter to all people regardless.

4. Has Trevor Noah come out as LGBTQ?

As of now, Noah has not come out or self-identified as LGBTQ publicly. While some fans theorize Noah may be hinting at homosexuality in subtle jokes, he has not stated this definitively.

5. Why might Trevor Noah be reluctant to disclose his sexuality?

Noah may keep orientation private to maintain safety. Same-sex relations still get stigmatized in his native South Africa, although acceptance is gradually increasing. Even if not gay, Noah appears to value keeping romantic life details undisclosed.

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