Is Titus Makin Jr Gay? Gay Role Sparks Rumors

You may recognize Titus Makin Jr. from his acting roles on hit TV shows like Glee and The Rookie. Over the years, rumors have circulated about Titus’s sexuality and relationship status. So what’s the truth? Is the talented actor and musician actually gay?

Let’s take a closer look at the speculation around Titus Makin Jr.‘s sexual orientation and personal life.

Here’s a quick answer:

Titus Makin Jr.’s sexuality remains unclear. He has not openly discussed being gay, straight, or bisexual. While rumors exist about Titus potentially being gay, stemming largely from his role on The Rookie, he has been linked to women like Camille Bright in the past. Ultimately Titus continues keeping his personal life private, neither confirming nor denying speculation around his sexual orientation.

Titus’s Portrayal of a Gay Character

Much of the rumor mill started swirling when Titus played an openly gay character named Jackson West on The Rookie. Jackson dates Sterling Freeman (Daniel Lissing) in the show, depicting their same-sex relationship on screen.

While Titus gave an incredible performance as Jackson, some fans began wondering if he might also be gay in real life. Of course, an actor’s own sexuality doesn’t necessarily align with the characters they play. Even so, it left many viewers curious about who Titus is attracted to off-camera.

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Past Relationships with Women

On the flip side, Titus has been linked to women in the past – making some skeptical that he’s actually gay.

Back in 2011, Titus reportedly dated actress Camille Bright. They referred to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend in certain interviews over the years.

However, Titus also occasionally called Camille his “wife,” perplexing fans. This led to rumors that they secretly got married. But not long after, it was reported that Titus and Camille broke up.

Then in 2014, Titus shared a photo on Twitter of himself with a mystery woman, captioning it “Movie Time with the wife.” This re-ignited rumors that he’d gotten married. But there’s been no further mention of this woman since.

So while Titus has supposedly dated women like Camille in the past, he keeps his relationships very private these days.

Titus Has Not Confirmed His Sexuality

Unlike some celebrities, Titus Makin Jr. has not openly discussed his sexuality one way or another. He hasn’t labeled himself as straight, gay, bisexual or anything else.

Titus has had opportunities to address the speculation around his sexual orientation. But so far, he has chosen not to confirm or deny whether he is gay.

Some fans wish Titus would be more transparent because they want to show their support no matter how he identifies. However, no one should feel pressured to come out before they are ready.

Ultimately, Titus seems to value his privacy when it comes to these personal matters. He may speak up about it someday, but fans will just have to respect his choice if he decides not to.

What We Know About His Current Relationship Status

These days, it appears Titus is flying solo rather than dating anyone seriously. Some key pieces of evidence point to the handsome actor likely being single now:

  • No mentions of a partner – Titus no longer talks about having a girlfriend or wife in interviews.
  • No posts with a significant other – His social media pages don’t feature romantic photos or captions indicating he’s coupled up.
  • Focusing on his career – Titus left The Rookie to put more time into his music under the name Butterfly Ali. This suggests his priority is his work, not relationships.

Of course, Titus could secretly have a partner he wants to keep out of the public eye. If he does, he’s doing an excellent job at keeping that information private.

The Takeaway on Titus’s Sexuality

So where does this leave us? Is Titus Makin Jr. gay or straight? Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer yet unless the actor confirms it himself.

Based on the evidence available, it seems unlikely Titus is actually gay in his personal life. Past relationships with women like Camille Bright point to him being straight. But his sexuality does appear to be fluid enough that he was able to convincingly play a gay character on screen.

Ultimately though, Titus Makin Jr.’s sexual orientation is his business. If and when he ever decides to formally come out or address the rumors, fans will surely rally behind him regardless. Until then, most signs suggest Titus is heterosexual, but all that matters is that he’s comfortable enough in his own skin.


1. Has Titus Makin Jr. publicly come out as gay?

No, Titus has not openly labeled himself as gay. He also has not confirmed or denied any speculation about his sexual orientation. Titus seems to prefer keeping that part of his personal life private.

2. Why do some people think Titus is gay?

Rumors emerged about Titus potentially being gay after his role as Jackson West, an openly gay character, on The Rookie. Some fans thought he might actually be gay in real life too since he played the part so well. However, acting roles do not necessarily indicate an actor’s true sexuality.

3. What women has Titus dated in the past?

Titus reportedly dated actress Camille Bright back in 2011. He occasionally referred to Camille as his girlfriend or even “wife.” In 2014, Titus also tweeted a photo with another mystery woman that he called his “wife,” though he hasn’t mentioned her since.

4. If he dated women before, does that confirm Titus is straight?

Not necessarily. While past relationships with women can indicate someone is straight, sexuality exists on a fluid spectrum for some. However, since Titus has not spoken about his sexuality either way, definitive confirmation is lacking.

5. Why does Titus seem to keep his personal life so private?

As a celebrity, Titus likely values keeping some parts of his life just for himself, away from the spotlight. He may wish to retain privacy around his sexuality and relationships simply by choice for personal reasons. Titus does not seem to seek publicity about these matters.

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