Is Tasha Smith Gay? The Truth About Her Sexuality

You may have heard rumors about acclaimed actress Tasha Smith’s sexual orientation. Her portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters on screen, along with speculation about her personal relationships, has led many to wonder – is Tasha Smith gay? In this article, we’ll explore what’s known and still mysterious about Smith’s sexuality, marriage, and family life.

Here’s a quick answer:

Though rumors speculate acclaimed actress Tasha Smith may be gay or bisexual, citing ambiguous evidence like tactile friendships and LGBTQ roles, Smith herself has never publicly confirmed or denied her sexual orientation. The 51-year-old entertainment veteran continues focusing on her acting and directing career rather than addressing ongoing speculation about her personal life.

Smith’s Breakout Career

For those unfamiliar, Tasha Smith is a veteran TV, film, and stage performer with over 25 years in the entertainment business. She first captured attention in the 1996 NBC sitcom Boston Common, then through recurring TV roles on shows like Girlfriends and Why Did I Get Married?.

You may also recognize Smith from high-profile movies such as The Whole Ten Yards and Jumping the Broom, plus appearances in Empire and Star. She earned critical acclaim for the lead role in the 2022 BET+ series Survival of the Thickest.

Beyond acting, the New Jersey native is also an entrepreneur and advocate. Smith founded TSAW (The Tasha Smith Actors Workshop), providing training and opportunities to marginalized creatives.

Addressing Sexuality Speculation

In recent years, there’s been significant speculation regarding Tasha Smith’s sexual orientation. Rumors have swirled that she is lesbian or bisexual.

So what evidence exists to support these claims? Several media outlets have pointed to Smith’s close friendship with actress Elisabeth Rohm, conjecturing there’s a romantic relationship. Some have also characterized Smith’s tactile interactions with female colleagues as flirtatious.

Additionally, Smith has taken on multiple LGBTQ+ roles, like lesbian character Carol in Empire and leading lady Mandy in Survival of the Thickest. Some posit she brings authenticity to these performances because she identifies as queer herself.

However, Smith herself has never publicly “come out” or labeled her sexuality. It’s critical we don’t make assumptions or pressure public figures to disclose private matters.

2017Declares disinterest discussing sexual preferences: “I don’t feel the need to”
2022Says Survival role not based on personal life: “It has nothing to do with my real sexuality”

For now, whether or not Smith is gay, straight, or bisexual remains her own business. There are no definitive statements or confirmation either way.

Former Marriage & Family Details

While Tasha Smith’s orientation is still ambiguous, we do know details of her past marriage and family status.

Smith wed boyfriend Keith Douglas in 2010. Douglas worked as her manager at the time. The two had been friends for years prior to becoming romantic partners.

However, the marriage deteriorated rapidly. Smith accused Douglas of hiding his relationship history, failing to disclose five previous marriages.

Financial dishonesty also apparently plagued their union. Douglas had outstanding tax debts that caught Smith by surprise after their nuptials.

The couple split in 2015. Smith was granted an annulment due to her husband’s omissions. She asserted Douglas married her under intentionally fraudulent circumstances.

Notably, Smith and Douglas did not have biological children together. But throughout their five-year relationship, Smith helped raise Douglas’ kids from earlier marriages. She found herself unexpectedly thrust into the stepmom role.

Today, the 51-year-old Smith continues forward focusing on her craft rather than romance. She nurtures the next generation of artists through her TSAW workshop instead.

Respecting Privacy, Celebrating Talent

While the public understandably has curiosity about Tasha Smith’s personal affairs, it’s also important we respect boundaries. Smith has not elected to formally address ongoing speculation about her sexuality.

Rather than make assumptions, we can appreciate Smith’s talents speaking through memorable acting roles, her directing skills, and her initiatives supporting marginalized communities. She has made remarkable professional contributions with resilience and grace.

At the end of the day, how Smith chooses to identify is her choice. We can admire her determination pursuing her passions on her own terms. If or when she wishes to share more about her romantic life, Smith will do so. But no matter whether she identifies as gay or straight, Smith has cemented herself as an inspirational force worthy of respect.


1. Is Tasha Smith married?

No, as of 2023 Tasha Smith is not married. She was previously briefly married to Keith Douglas from 2010-2015, but has been single since their split.

2. Does Tasha Smith have kids?

No, Tasha Smith does not have any biological children. She was stepmother to 5 children from her ex-husband Keith Douglas’ previous relationships while they were married.

3. What caused Tasha Smith and Keith Douglas to divorce?

Tasha Smith divorced Keith Douglas after discovering he hid details of 5 past marriages from her. Financial dishonesty around unpaid taxes also contributed to their split. Smith had their marriage annulled due to Douglas’ lies.

4. Who has Tasha Smith been romantically linked to?

There has been speculation of a lesbian affair between Tasha Smith and actress Elisabeth Rohm, though the rumors are unconfirmed. Smith has not publicly confirmed any romantic relationships, past or present.

5. Why do some think Tasha Smith is gay?

Rumors of Smith’s sexuality stem from her close friendship with Elisabeth Rohm, tactile interactions with female co-stars, and her portrayals of LGBTQ+ characters on screen. However, Smith has not labeled her sexual orientation either way.

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