Is Stevie Wynne Levine Gay? Embracing Her Identity

You may have heard the name Stevie Wynne Levine recently. As an executive producer for the hugely popular YouTube channel Good Mythical Morning, Stevie has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. With over 130,000 followers on Instagram, she has developed quite the fanbase.

Naturally, fans are curious to know more about Stevie’s personal life. Specifically, many want to know definitively – is Stevie Wynne Levine gay? In this article, we’ll explore what is known about Stevie’s sexuality, her inspirational coming out story, and her advice for others.

Here’s a quick answer:

Stevie Wynne Levine is openly gay and has been in a long-term relationship with her girlfriend, Cassie Cobb, for several years. In 2021, Levine publicly came out on her social media by referring lovingly to Cobb as her girlfriend and using the phrase “the gay of gays” to describe herself. As an executive producer for YouTube’s popular Good Mythical Morning channel, Levine continues to thrive professionally while living authentically as an openly gay content creator.

The Rumors

For years, there have been rumors about Stevie’s sexuality. She was often seen with her close friend Cassie Cobb, leading many to speculate about the true nature of their relationship. Stevie also did little to hide her sexuality, occasionally sharing photos of her and Cassie looking cozy or using phrases like “my love” in captions.

Still, with no explicit confirmation, the rumors continued to swirl. That all changed in recent years when Stevie decided to publicly embrace her identity.

Coming Out as Gay

In 2021, Stevie officially came out as gay. On her social platforms, she candidly shared that she was in a long-term romantic relationship with Cassie Cobb. She referred lovingly to Cassie as her girlfriend and even used the phrase “the gay of gays” to describe herself.

For devoted fans, this may not have been a huge surprise. But for Stevie, speaking openly about her sexuality marked an important milestone. After years of avoiding labels, she was ready to live authentically – both personally and professionally.

Her announcement was met with overwhelming support from friends, family, and fans. Today, Stevie continues to share moments of her and Cassie’s relationship publicly. She hopes that by embracing her identity, she can inspire others to do the same.

Thriving as an Openly Gay Creator

While coming out was an emotional journey, Stevie has not let her sexuality define her or impede her success. If anything, publicly opening up about this aspect of herself has only made her more popular and empowered.

As an executive producer, Stevie leverages her background in improv comedy to develop fresh content ideas for Good Mythical Morning. The channel now boasts over 18 million YouTube subscribers. Stevie is widely credited as an integral creative force behind the scenes.

Professionally, Stevie continues to thrive as an openly gay content creator. She proves that one can embrace their authentic self while also killing it in their career. For those working in entertainment specifically, Stevie sets an example that one’s sexuality does not dictate one’s prospects.

Advice on Coming Out

Given her own experience coming out later in life, Stevie has some advice for those struggling with their sexuality. First, she emphasizes that there is no set timeline dictating when you have to publicly address your sexuality. Each person’s journey is unique.

However, Stevie notes that for her personally, coming out lifted a huge weight off her chest. Living openly allowed her to build deeper connections with loved ones. So while coming out should happen on your own terms, living genuinely can be truly liberating.

Additionally, Stevie advises surrounding yourself with a strong support system. While public attitudes are improving, coming out can still be emotionally difficult. Leaning on friends, family allies, and LGBTQ community can make the transition smoother.

Know you aren’t alone and take things at your own pace. Focus on personal fulfillment over societal expectations. With the right system around you, embracing your identity can be a wholly positive experience.

Stevie and Cassie – A Timeline

To conclude, let’s recap key moments in Stevie’s journey towards self-acceptance:

2017Stevie begins working at Good Mythical Morning
2019Rumors spread about Stevie’s close “friendship” with Cassie
2020Stevie refers to Cassie as “my love” on social media, sparking more speculation
2021Stevie officially comes out as gay publicly
2022Stevie continues sharing details of her life with girlfriend Cassie

Today, Stevie lives happily with Cassie, both personally and professionally thriving. She uses her voice to advocate for LGBTQ visibility and authentic self expression. There is power in Stevie’s story – proof that you can achieve incredible success while being true to yourself.

So to answer the key question…yes, Stevie Wynne Levine identifies openly as gay. And she couldn’t be prouder. Her honesty and vulnerability serve as an inspiration to many around the world.


1. How did Stevie Wynne Levine come out as gay?

Stevie came out publicly in 2021 by referring to her long-term girlfriend Cassie Cobb and openly using the phrase “the gay of gays” to describe herself on social media platforms. This marked an important milestone in her living authentically.

2. How long has Stevie been dating Cassie Cobb?

While the exact timeline is unclear, Stevie has been in a relationship with Cassie Cobb for several years. They kept details private until Stevie officially came out in 2021.

3. Has coming out affected Stevie’s career?

No, if anything publicly coming out has boosted her popularity. As a creative force behind the hugely popular Good Mythical Morning, Stevie continues to thrive as an openly gay content creator.

4. What advice does Stevie have for those struggling with their sexuality?

Stevie advises that coming out happens on your own personal timeline. Surround yourself with support systems and focus on your fulfillment over societal pressures. Each journey is unique.

5. Is Stevie Wynne Levine the only openly gay Good Mythical Morning creator?

No, Stevie’s co-executive producer at GMM, Eddie Robert Cole, also identifies as openly gay. The GMM team is proud to embrace diverse identities.

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