Is Sssniperwolf Gay Or Lesbian? The Truth Revealed

You may have wondered about the sexuality and relationship status of popular gaming YouTuber SSSniperWolf (real name Alia Shelesh). With over 30 million subscribers captivated by her gaming prowess, creative cosplay, and reaction videos, fans are curious to know – is SSSniperWolf gay or lesbian?

Here’s a quick answer:

SSSniperWolf, known for her popular gaming and cosplay YouTube channel, identifies as straight. She had a long-term relationship with fellow YouTuber Evan Sausage from 2013-2022 and has never publicly identified as gay or lesbian or dated women. SSSniperWolf and Evan had a turbulent relationship, ultimately splitting for good in 2023, leaving SSSniperWolf single as of 2024. Based on her own statements and relationship history with a man, there is no evidence the 31-year-old SSSniperWolf is gay or lesbian.

SSSniperWolf Identifies As Straight

First and foremost – no, SSSniperWolf is not gay or lesbian. She has publicly identified as straight, evidenced by the 9-year romantic relationship she had with fellow YouTuber Evan Sausage.

While they went through some ups and downs over the years, she consistently referred to Evan as her boyfriend in videos and featured him prominently on her channel. Their interactions always showcased a flirty, playful dynamic, affirming their affection for one another.

So while the LGBTQ community continues to root for more representation on YouTube, SSSniperWolf has made it clear through her words and actions that she identifies as heterosexual.

A Long and Winding Relationship Journey

To understand SSSniperWolf’s sexuality, we have to rewind and take a deep dive into her past relationship history – starting with Evan Sausage.

SSSniperWolf met Evan online in 2013, quickly sparking a romantic connection that led them to date and eventually move in together. They were inseparable for years, supporting each other’s budding YouTube careers behind-the-scenes while keeping fans entertained with vlogs and challenge videos.

YearRelationship Status
2013Started dating
2014-2015Moved in together
May 2016Brief breakup
Summer 2016Reconciled
September 2016Broke up again
2017-2018Remained friends and roommates
2019Referenced each other as boyfriend/girlfriend again
2023Confirmed breakup after 9 years

However, by 2016, cracks started to show in their relationship. They briefly split in May but quickly reconciled over the summer, only to separate again in September.

Despite the breakup, SSSniperWolf and Evan continued living together platonically for a few years. They seemed to rekindle romantic feelings in 2019 when she again called him her boyfriend in videos.

But after years of turbulence, SSSniperWolf confirmed in 2023 that she and Evan finally split for good after 9 years together. While the end was sad for longtime fans, the details of their emotional rollercoaster reinforce that SSSniperwolf identifies as straight.

What We Know About Her Family

Beyond her public relationships, SSSniperWolf’s family background also gives us clues into her sexuality.

She was born in England to parents of Turkish-Greek heritage before eventually moving to the United States with her family. SSSniperWolf has two brothers, one sister, and grew up gaming with her siblings from a young age.

Her sister Ranya has even become a successful YouTuber called Ranya Lasagna. And her brother Paul is an avid guitar player with a passion for cars.

SSSniperWolf has shared wholesome family vlogs that highlight her close relationships with siblings. You can clearly see the positive impact her traditional family unit has had on her worldview and identity.

The way she lovingly interacts with brothers builds the case that she aligns with heteronormative roles and relationships.

What We Know About SSSniperWolf’s Current Relationship Status

So where does SSSniperWolf stand today in 2024 when it comes to relationships?

She has confirmed being single since splitting from long-term boyfriend Evan in 2023.

Heartbreak can be difficult, especially when so much of her young adult life was defined by that relationship. She may be taking time to rediscover herself as an individual.

Or perhaps SSSniperWolf will surprise us all and reveal a new boyfriend soon! Based on her dating history, we would expect her next relationship to be with a man.

Regardless of what the future holds, one thing is clear – SSSniperWolf identifies as straight, not gay or lesbian. Her supportive family and long-term partnership with Evan Sausage dispel any speculation about her sexuality.

She remains proudly committed to entertaining her 30+ million YouTube fans with fun gaming content, colorful cosplay, and hilarious reaction videos.

The Takeaway

We hope this breakdown has cleared up any confusion around SSSniperWolf’s sexuality. While the LGBTQ community continues making progress, she does not identify on that spectrum based on her own statements and relationship history.

SSSniperWolf had a years-long, albeit turbulent, relationship with boyfriend Evan Sausage. And her supportive nuclear family points to a traditional upbringing.

For now, she remains happily single after her 2023 breakup, focused on creating captivating content for fans. But we expect any future relationships would align with her heterosexual orientation that she has clearly defined over the years.

So while we celebrate rising LGBTQ stars on YouTube, SSSniperWolf represents another demographic – proud straight women who game!


Is SSSniperWolf attracted to women?

No. SSSniperWolf identifies as straight and has been in long-term relationships with men, including most recently her high-profile relationship with YouTuber Evan Sausage. She has never publicly dated or expressed attraction to women.

What happened between SSSniperWolf and Evan Sausage?

SSSniperWolf and Evan Sausage dated for 9 years, going through periods of breaking up and reconciling between 2013-2022. They finally confirmed their split in 2023 but remain friends and supporters of each other’s YouTube channels.

Who is SSSniperWolf dating now?

As of 2024, SSSniperWolf is not publicly dating anyone. She confirmed being single since splitting from Evan Sausage in 2023. Fans are eager to see if she starts a new high-profile relationship in the future.

Is SSSniperWolf married?

No, SSSniperWolf has never been married. Her longest relationship was with Evan Sausage for 9 years, but they were romantic partners and not husband and wife. At only 31 years old, marriage does not seem to be an immediate priority.

Does SSSniperWolf have kids?

No, SSSniperWolf does not have any children at this point in her life in 2024. She has not announced any pregnancies or children. As an unmarried woman in her early 30s focused on her streaming career, motherhood likely is not in the imminent future.

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