Is Sadie Sink Gay? Inside Her Private Personal Life

You may know Sadie Sink as the badass, skateboarding Max from Stranger Things. Her gritty performance catapulted her to fame, leaving fans curious about her personal life. Specifically, many have wondered is Sadie Sink gay?

Here’s a quick answer:

Despite rumors, Stranger Things actress Sadie Sink has not publicly identified as gay or bisexual. She keeps her personal life intentionally private and has not addressed speculation about her sexuality. The rising star focuses more on expanding her acting resume than commenting on unconfirmed gossip about her dating life or sexual orientation.

Getting to Know Sadie

As you likely know, Sadie hails from Brenham, Texas originally. She was born on April 16, 2002, making her a youthful 20 years old. Sadie’s acting bug bit early – she starred in local theater productions from age 7.

You watched her grow up before your eyes as Max and now see a mature, intelligent actress emerge. Though the spotlight shines brightly on her, Sadie keeps a low profile regarding her romantic relationships and sexuality.

Understandably, her privacy leaves some fans speculating and wondering about that part of her life. So let’s examine what little is known and clear up some rumors.

Rumored Romances

Working so closely with her Stranger Things co-stars, speculation around possible relationships is inevitable.

Caleb McLaughlin

Of course many fans shipped Max with her on-screen love interest Lucas, played by Caleb McLaughlin. Their natural chemistry translates beautifully on camera. And they remain close friends off-screen too.

But both have denied ever dating. Sadie told Teen Vogue in 2019: “Caleb and I are perfectly fine with just being friends.” So it seems they have a special bond as friends and fictional lovers, nothing more.

Patrick Alwyn

In 2022, Sadie starred in Taylor Swift’s short film based on her song All Too Well. There she connected with Patrick Alwyn, brother of Taylor’s boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

Rumblings suggested Sadie and Patrick could be dating. But again, the talented actress does not comment on these stories. No confirmation makes it unlikely to be a real romance.

Romance RumorsConfirmed?
Caleb McLaughlinNo
Patrick AlwynNo

As you see, Sadie keeps fans guessing about any actual relationships she may have. Now let’s analyze the talk around her sexuality specifically.

Addressing the Gay Rumors

Given how little is known about Sadie Sink’s romantic side, rumors flourish, including speculation about her being gay.

Where do these rumors stem from exactly? Well for one, portraying the tomboy Max on screen feeds some stereotypes. And Sadie speaking up for LGBTQ+ rights leads some fans to make assumptions. Most likely though, people spread these rumors simply because she chooses to be private.

But unsubstantiated gossip is not fact. And Sadie herself has not come out publicly in any way. When false reports surfaced claiming she came out as bisexual, Swifties online quickly shut them down. Sadie’s spokesperson also confirmed the stories as untrue.

So as it stands now, there is no definitive evidence proving or even suggesting Sadie Sink identifies as gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Essentially, everything written about her sexuality online remains speculative fiction.

Sadie Sets the Record Straight

Without explicit confirmation straight from the source, guessing Sadie’s sexuality is merely rumor-mongering. And the talented young actress seems perfectly content keeping fans guessing.

In a 2019 interview with Teen Vogue, Sadie stated: “I’ve kept my personal life private for a reason.” This suggests she sees relationships as separate from her career.

Sadie also told the Wall Street Journal regarding speculation about her sexuality and dating history: “I don’t really mind it.” So make of that what you will!

Ultimately only Sadie herself has the power to identify and define her sexual orientation if she chooses. And she certainly seems in no rush to address these rumors anytime soon.

Focusing on Her Bright Future

As you know by now, outside of discussing equality issues, Sadie Sink largely avoids confirming or commenting on her personal affairs. Rather than fret over other’s speculation about is Sadie Sink gay, she pours her passion into acting.

2022 saw Sadie stretch herself in acclaimed indie drama The Whale opposite Brendan Fraser. Now that Stranger Things is ending, her rising star will certainly continue climbing Hollywood heights.

Sadie told Tudum she feels “grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given.” No doubt you’ll be seeing much more from this versatile performer in future films and shows. That keeps her too busy to worry over public curiosity surrounding her romantic life.

And who knows – someday if Sadie chooses, she may update fans on her relationships and sexuality. But for today, her orientation and dating habits remain her business alone. Despite intense public interest, this rising Gen Z icon handles rumors with maturity beyond her years.

Rather than feed public gossip channels, Sadie Sink maintains strong boundaries around her private world. As true fans, the most useful thing we can do is support her acting achievements – and let her reveal personal details if and when she decides the time is right.


1. Is Sadie Sink lesbian?

There is no evidence to suggest Sadie Sink identifies as a lesbian. She has not publicly confirmed or commented on her sexual orientation. The actress likes to keep her personal life private.

2. What has Sadie said about being gay?

Sadie has not directly addressed rumors about her being gay. She said in an interview “I’ve kept my personal life private for a reason.” This suggests she does not wish to discuss relationships or sexuality.

3. Is Max from Stranger Things gay in real life?

No, Sadie Sink, the actress who plays Max in Stranger Things, has not identified herself as gay. Some fans speculate about her sexuality based on stereotypes or her advocacy, but this is just speculation.

4. Who is Sadie Sink dating?

It’s unclear if Sadie Sink is currently dating anyone. Rumors link her to Stranger Things co-star Caleb McLaughlin and to Patrick Alwyn, but neither relationship has been confirmed publicly by her or official sources. She keeps her romantic life very private.

5. Why do people think Sadie is gay?

Rumors of Sadie’s homosexuality stem mainly from stereotyping of her “tomboy” characters like Max in Stranger Things, her outspoken support for LGBTQ+ rights, and the fact that she keeps her relationships very private, leading to public speculation. But without Sadie’s own confirmation, these rumors remain unproven.

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