Is Prince Harry Gay? Ally or Closeted Royal?

You’ve probably heard the rumors and speculation over the years – is Prince Harry gay? It’s certainly a reasonable question to ask given his close friendships and advocacy work. As his revealing memoir “Spare” highlights, it’s an issue Harry himself has pondered as he’s overheard the public gossiping about his sexuality. Let’s take a closer look at the evidence and see if we can determine if Prince Harry might be gay.

Here’s a quick answer:

While there are rumors about his close male friendships and advocacy for LGBTQ+ causes, Prince Harry has never publicly identified as gay. He has a well-documented history of relationships with women like Chelsy Davy and wife Meghan Markle. Though his sexuality provokes curiosity as a royal, there is no concrete proof Prince Harry identifies as gay. His memoirs poke fun at public speculation but don’t provide clarity.

Public Speculation

As you grab your groceries and flip through the tabloid headlines, you’ve likely seen lurid speculation about Harry’s sexuality. He admits in “Spare” that he’s been tempted more than once to tap people on the shoulder when he overhears them heatedly debating whether or not he’s gay. In one instance, he describes calling out an elderly couple arguing about his personal life with a cashier. So why does the public speculate about his sexual orientation?

Several factors likely contribute to the gossip:

  • Harry’s not known to have had many high-profile romantic relationships, especially compared to his brother William
  • He has several close male friendships, like with Elton John
  • As a royal, there may be pressure on him to conform to expectations around marriage and children
  • Harry has advocated for LGBTQ+ rights, leading some to wonder if he himself is gay

While these reasons spark speculation, it doesn’t mean the rumors are true. But Harry himself seems very aware of the public gossip.

Harry’s Advocacy Work

A major reason why some may believe Prince Harry is gay is his proud advocacy work for LGBTQ+ rights over the years. He has spoken out against homophobia and demonstrated support for gay rights.

For instance, Harry collected an award on behalf of his late mother Princess Diana for her groundbreaking HIV/AIDS activism back in 2017. This builds on Diana’s legacy of compassion towards marginalized groups during the AIDS crisis of the 1980s and 90s.

Additionally, in 2008 when Harry was a tank commander in the Army, he stood up for gay soldier James Wharton who experienced harassment from homophobic soldiers. Harry was reportedly offended by the bullying and told the perpetrators off. Wharton said he’ll “always be grateful to Harry” for the intervention.

This allyship and advocacy certainly gives the impression that Harry cares deeply about gay rights. While it doesn’t necessarily mean he himself identifies as gay, his passion for these issues does contribute to the public speculation.

His Friendship with Elton John

Harry’s memoir “Spare” also documents his close bond with music icon Elton John. Their friendship spans decades and Elton has described feeling very protective over Harry.

He served as a mentor for both Prince William and Prince Harry following Princess Diana’s tragic death in 1997. Harry and Elton have collaborated on pivotal HIV/AIDS charity work together in recent years as well.

However, Harry does describe one tense disagreement with Elton in the book. Apparently Elton planned to serialize his own memoir in the Daily Mail, a tabloid that Harry and wife Meghan Markle have sued previously. This sparked heated emotions on the last night of their stay with Elton in 2019.

Yet despite this falling out, Elton and Harry’s friendship remains intact today. Such a tight male bond makes some speculate about Harry’s sexuality of course. But Harry also has other close male friends, such as his childhood friend Nacho Figueras. Intimate male friendships don’t necessarily indicate someone’s sexual orientation.

Clues from His Past Relationships

To determine if Prince Harry might truly be gay, it’s insightful to examine his dating history with women too. While Harry has kept most romances private over the years, there are a few significant relationships that have made headlines.

For instance, he dated aristocratic blonde Chelsea Davy back in his teenage years. The Zimbabwean heiress was Harry’s on-off girlfriend at boarding school and beyond. There didn’t seem to be any suspicions about Harry’s sexuality back then.

Later on Harry had a long love affair with Zimbabwean lawyer and activist Chelsy Davy during his 20s. They ultimately broke things off after seven years apparently due to Chelsy struggling with life in the royal spotlight.

After his 20s ended, Harry met actress Meghan Markle in 2016 and quickly fell in love. Their spectacular 2018 royal wedding showed every indication that Harry felt ecstatically attracted to Meghan as a woman. Harry has also described their passionate sex life since starting a family.

Based on these past relationships with women alone, there isn’t strong evidence to suggest Prince Harry is truly gay. Rather, he seems to have enjoyed both emotional and physical connections with his various girlfriends and now wife. Public speculation likely stems more from societal ignorance than factual proof.

Weighing All the Evidence

Looking at the full picture, while Prince Harry certainly shows himself to be a proud LGBTQ+ ally with close male friendships, there isn’t overwhelming proof that he actually identifies as gay himself.

Evidence ForEvidence Against
Passionate advocacy work for gay rightsMultiple heterosexual relationships
Close friendship with Elton JohnEmotional/sexual attraction to ex-girlfriends described
Called out homophobic bullying in ArmyEnthusiastic happiness with wife Meghan shown

Without clear statements from Prince Harry himself, it’s impossible to determine his sexuality for certain. There’s nothing wrong, of course, if he someday came out as gay or bisexual. His ongoing charity work shows he’d continue to have public support either way.

For now though, based on his history with women and allies like Elton John, it seems unlikely that Prince Harry is gay. The rumors may keep swirling as people gossip about royals’ private lives. But maybe it’s time we all focus less on speculating about Harry’s sexuality and more on his commendable social impact instead.


1. Has Prince Harry ever publicly identified as gay?

No, Prince Harry has never openly identified as gay or bisexual. He has only publicly dated women like Chelsy Davy and Meghan Markle. His sexuality remains ambiguous beyond speculation.

2. Why do people think Prince Harry might be gay?

Rumors persist because Harry has several close friendships with men like Elton John, advocated for LGBTQ+ rights, and isn’t as prolific at dating as Prince William. Some see his support for AIDS charities as a sign too.

3. What women has Prince Harry dated?

In his youth, he dated aristocrat Chelsea Davy and lawyer Chelsy Davy for years. He also enjoyed a brief romance with actress Cressida Bonas before meeting Meghan Markle in 2016, who became his wife.

4. What has Prince Harry said about the speculation surrounding his sexuality?

In his memoir Spare, he shares how he’s often been tempted to tap people on the shoulder who he overhears debating about whether or not he might be gay in public. But he doesn’t confirm or deny the rumors.

5. Why does Prince Harry’s sexuality provoke such curiosity?

As a member of the British royal family, details of Prince Harry’s romantic life have always prompted immense public intrigue and speculation worldwide. His privacy likely further fuels curiosity about his sexuality.

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