Is Noah Beck gay? He Responds To Rumors

You may have seen Noah Beck’s name popping up on your social media feeds lately. The 22-year-old TikTok phenom seems to be spurring rumors about his sexual orientation. But what’s the real deal? Is Noah Beck gay?

Here’s a quick answer:

Despite rumors after an on-stage performer referred to Noah Beck as gay in a viral 2023 video, the 22-year-old TikTok star identifies as straight. Though Beck has challenged gender stereotypes through provocative photoshoots and supports LGBTQ+ fluidity, he laughed off speculation clarifying in a YouTube interview, “No, I’m not coming out.” Beck remains coy about definitively labeling his sexuality.

The Viral Video Sparking Speculation

It all started when Beck posted a TikTok video showing a performer referring to him as gay on stage. The clip shows Beck laughing and dancing with a singer who says, “I know you’re gay, just go with it.” After going viral, many fans started questioning if this was Beck’s coming out moment.

With over 33 million TikTok followers, Beck has become Gen Z’s new internet obsession. It’s no wonder people instantly started theorizing about his sexuality. But soon after, Beck dispelled assumptions during an interview on the Zach Sang Show. He clarified it was just a joke that he found funny enough to share online.

As you scroll through the comment section under Beck’s video, you’ll see mixed reactions. Some fans insist the TikToker must be queer while others defend his heterosexuality.

Addressing the Rumors Head-On

While some celebrities choose to keep quiet, Beck tackled rumors head-on stating: “People have a hard time…I grew up with two sisters, I grew up playing soccer and I grew up in a very female-dominated household. I’m just not afraid to be in touch with my feminine side.”

He expresses frustration over fans aggressively projecting their beliefs, questioning, “What’s the point of even saying anything?” Beck realizes people believe what they want regardless.

The former college soccer player credits his background for making him comfortable embracing femininity, challenging traditional gender roles. He even namedrops musician Harry Styles as inspiration. Styles often pushes boundaries through gender-bending fashion himself.

Androgynous Photoshoots Add Fuel to the Fire

Beck’s 2021 VMAN magazine photoshoot undoubtedly elevated curiosity about his sexual orientation as well. The images show Beck sporting stilettos, fishnets, a baseball cap and smudged eyeliner.

When the steamy spread hit the internet, fans once again wondered if Beck was revealing his true identity through creativity. The soccer star turned model explained the high-fashion shoot as: “Just having fun. It’s really nothing too serious.”

But with Cosmopolitan naming Beck “The King of Thirst Traps” and Tumblr fans obsessing over his six pack abs, there’s no denying an aura of sexual mystique plays into his personal brand. The speculation connects back to Beck embracing fluidity when it comes to his self-expression.

YearEvent Adding to Speculation
2021Androgynous VMAN Magazine Photoshoot
2022Breakup from girlfriend Dixie D’Amelio
2023On-stage performer refers to Beck as gay in TikTok video

Beck’s Dating History

From 2019-2021, Beck famously dated fellow Gen Z influencer Dixie D’Amelio. Their power couple status earned them the nickname “Doah” within pop culture spaces. So when Dixie suddenly unfollowed Beck days before Valentine’s Day 2022, fans knew their 2-year relationship reached its end.

The timing of their breakup aligned closely with the on-stage gay reference in Beck’s 2023 viral video. Following so closely behind his split from D’Amelio after years together, questions around Beck’s interest in women arose.

But when directly asked if he was coming out as gay, Beck laughed it off simply stating, “No.” He remains vague about plans to date men or women moving forward.

Conclusion: Is Noah Beck Gay?

While we may never get a definitive answer, Noah Beck identifies as straight until stating otherwise. The Gen Z heartthrob cleverly uses the recent rumors to bring more eyes to his social channels. Beck even admits the performer’s gay reference ended up being great publicity.

As traditional masculinity standards keep evolving in Hollywood, we applaud Beck for embracing fluidity. Whether gay, straight, or somewhere in between, his confidence remains magnetic. Ultimately Beck lets his trendsetting fashion choices speak for themselves, leaving the door open to interpretation.


1. Is Noah Beck openly gay?

No, Noah Beck has not openly stated that he is gay. In interviews he has clarified that he identifies as straight when directly asked about his sexual orientation. Though he embraces fluidity in fashion and self-expression, he has not definitively labeled his sexuality.

2. What magazine photoshoot fueled gay rumors about Noah Beck?

In 2021, Noah Beck posed for an androgynous photoshoot in VMAN magazine wearing stilettos, fishnet tights, a baseball cap, and eyeliner. This gender fluid photoshoot added speculation that Beck may be revealing his identity through fashion artistic expression.

3. Who was Noah Beck’s famous girlfriend?

Noah Beck famously dated Dixie D’Amelio for over two years between 2019-2021. Their power couple status earned them the nickname “Doah.” When they suddenly broke up in 2022, it aligned closely with new rumors about Beck’s sexuality after an on-stage performer called him gay.

4. How did Noah Beck address rumors about being gay?

In a 2023 interview on the Zach Sang Show, Beck directly stated he was not coming out as gay after a video went viral showing a performer refer to him as such. Though Beck said growing up around women made him comfortable with femininity, he dispelled rumors and identifies as straight.

5. Why do fans speculate about Noah Beck’s sexual orientation?

Between Noah Beck embracing gender fluid fashion choices, spending years with an influential girlfriend, and laughing off an on-stage gay reference, fans have theorized the TikTok star may be subtly coming out. But so far Beck has not definitively labeled his sexuality, keeping fans guessing.

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