Is Nick DiGiovanni Gay? The Truth About the Chef

You may recognize Nick DiGiovanni as the young, talented chef who made it to the top five on Season 10 of MasterChef. His impressive cooking skills and creative plates made him a quick fan favorite on the show. However, as Nick’s popularity has grown, especially across social media, many of his loyal supporters have begun to wonder – is Nick DiGiovanni gay?

Rumors about celebrities’ sexuality are nothing new. But for rising stars like Nick, such speculation can impact budding careers. As open conversations around sexual orientation continue to evolve, getting the facts straight on public figures is important.

So let’s dig into what we know about this Internet-famous cook’s personal life and finally put the “Is he gay?” question to rest.

Here’s a quick answer:

Despite rumors speculating about his sexuality, Nick DiGiovanni has made it clear he identifies as straight. The MasterChef star has been in a public relationship with girlfriend Isabelle Tashima since 2019, frequently posting romantic photos together. DiGiovanni has never directly commented on his sexual orientation, but his long-term partnership with Tashima strongly suggests he is heterosexual.

Examining the Evidence on Nick DiGiovanni’s Sexuality

Before appearing on MasterChef, Nick attended the elite Harvard University where he earned his degree in Culinary Arts. The program is extremely competitive, accepting less than 10% of applicants. So Nick’s skills in the kitchen were clearly apparent from early on.

While some logs show that gay men statistically gravitate toward culinary careers at higher rates, certainly not all male chefs identify as homosexual. And Nick himself has provided plenty of clues that he identifies as straight.

The most compelling piece of evidence is his long-term girlfriend. Nick has been dating Isabelle Tashima publicly since 2019. The two frequently post affectionate photos together across social channels like Instagram.

In one post, Nick thanked Isabelle for all of her behind-the-scenes support with recipe testing and more. He even prompted his followers to thank her themselves in the comments for enabling so much of his content creation and food dreams.

2019Nick begins publicly dating girlfriend Isabelle Tashima
2022The couple celebrates 3 years together

The chef also wished his girlfriend a happy Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2022 with a loving tribute. Messages like this aimed toward his female companion make his heterosexuality quite clear.

Outside of his posts with Isabelle, Nick has never been romantically tied to any men. And he has not made any public comments to suggest that he identifies as bisexual or homosexual either.

Why Fans Speculate about Stars’ Sexuality

With Nick’s good looks, creative talents in the kitchen, and rising fame, it’s not entirely surprising that some fans speculate about his sexuality. However, most of the “evidence” fueling rumors that Nick may be gay is quite circumstantial.

For instance, some point to Nick’s fit physique and well-groomed appearance as hints toward his sexual orientation. But reinforcing stereotypes around gay men does not make for compelling proof.

Others wonder if Nick exhibits any “stereotypically feminine” mannerisms or interests that might reflect his preferences. Yet again, perpetuating cliches around feminine gay men and masculine straight men serves no one.

At the end of the day, the only way to know a celebrity’s sexuality is if they choose to publicly share that information themselves. Stars may choose to keep such personal matters private – and that is completely within their rights.

Focusing on Nick’s Impressive Cooking Talents Instead

While speculation around celebrities’ sexual preferences continues to run rampant online, there are always more constructive topics we could focus on instead. And in Nick DiGiovanni’s case, he provides plenty of inspiring content through his passion – food!

After his stand-out MasterChef run, Nick has continued delighting his social media followers with inventive recipe videos. He whips up everything from tasty snacks to restaurant-quality entrees with seeming ease.

The emerging chef also shares behind-the-scenes looks at his culinary school journey along with tips for home cooks seeking to level up their skills. From knife techniques to sauce making and beyond, his tutorials prove insightful for cooks at every level.

Rather than distracting ourselves with rumors about Nick’s sexual orientation, we would do better to take inspiration from his obvious gifts in the kitchen. We have so much delicious content to enjoy from this star – why muddy the waters with unsubstantiated gossip?

At the end of the day, Nick presents an authentic self to his fans, including his loving long-term relationship. As he continues nurturing his budding cooking empire, speculations about his sexuality seem far less important than appreciating his talents. Unless Nick himself states otherwise, all signs point to him identifying as a straight man. So the next time you crave lobster ravioli, head to his TikTok rather than Reddit threads for the real scoop!


1. Is Nick DiGiovanni publicly out as gay?

No. Nick has a girlfriend named Isabelle that he has been dating since 2019. He has never made any statements about being gay and identifies as straight as far as the public knows.

2. What evidence made people question if Nick is gay?

Some fans speculated Nick could be gay based on stereotypes around his appearance and mannerisms. However, stereotypes are not factual evidence of someone’s sexuality.

3. Does Nick have a girlfriend?

Yes. Nick has been in a public relationship with his girlfriend Isabelle Tashima since 2019. They often post affectionate photos together on social media.

4. Has Nick ever commented on rumors that he is gay?

As of now, Nick has not made any public statements addressing rumors about his sexuality. He appears to be letting his public relationship stand as evidence that he identifies as straight.

5. Why do fans speculate about celebrities’ sexuality?

Fans often speculate about celebrities’ sexuality out of curiosity or because they want to feel some type of social connection. However, speculating can perpetuate harmful stereotypes and ignores the possibility that stars want privacy around these personal matters.

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