Is Nicholas Galitzine Gay? His History of LGBTQ+ Roles

You may know Nicholas Galitzine from his starring role as Prince Henry in the new Prime Video rom-com hit Red, White & Royal Blue. His chemistry with co-star Taylor Zakhar Perez had viewers swooning, leaving many to wonder—is Nicholas Galitzine gay in real life?

The short answer is no. In interviews, Galitzine has straightforwardly identified as straight. However, that hasn’t stopped him from repeatedly taking on queer roles throughout his acting career so far. It speaks to his talent and commitment that he’s able to compellingly inhabit LGBTQ+ characters onscreen regardless of his own sexuality.

Here’s a quick answer:

No, Nicholas Galitzine has identified as straight in interviews. However, the talented young actor has repeatedly taken on well-received gay roles like Prince Henry in Red, White & Royal Blue. Though not LGBTQ+ himself, Galitzine approaches these queer characters with an empathy and commitment to authenticity that has impressed critics and audiences alike.

Portraying Prince Henry

Prince Henry Fox-Mountchristen-Windsor is Galitzine’s most high-profile gay role yet. Henry struggles under the pressure of meeting royal expectations, internalized homophobia, and being unable to openly date men as the British public believes him to be straight.

Galitzine expressed feeling an “empathy” and deep connection with Henry in interviews. He worked closely with director Matthew Lopez to ensure his portrayal felt “textured” and avoided caricature or cliche. Their collaboration led to one of the most heartwarming and intimate queer love stories brought to screen.

WhileHenry is gay, his love interest Alex Claremont-Diaz (Taylor Zakhar Perez) is canonically bisexual. Galitzine applauded the distinction: “They are in love and they are a same-sex couple, yes. [But]…the B in LGBTQ is not a silent letter.”

Making their romance look natural took work—as Galitzine said, “it’s a crazy thing to be intimate in that way with your friend.” He credited intimacy coordinator Taylor Hunt with guiding the process to get those steamy scenes right. The positive response indicates they pulled it off!

2023Red, White & Royal BluePrince Henry Fox-Mountchristen-WindsorGay
2020The Craft: LegacyTimmy AndrewsBisexual
2017Mary & GeorgeGeorge VillersGay
2016Handsome DevilConor MastersCloseted gay

A History of Playing Queer

As the above table shows, Red, White & Royal Blue is far from the first time Galitzine has depicted an LGBTQ+ character. Going back over his filmography reveals an impressive history of taking on gay roles.

In the 2016 coming of age drama Handsome Devil, Galitzine played a closeted gay teen struggling with his sexuality and place on his school’s rugby team. He movingly depicted the pain of staying “inauthentic” and trying to fit narrow expectations.

In the Mary & George TV series, he portrayed the real-life George Villers, a man known as the “favorite” of King James I with whom he likely had an intimate relationship. More recently in 2020’s campy The Craft: Legacy, he took on the role of bisexual bully Timmy.

His next project, Bottoms, features Galitzine as another gay high schooler—this time the popular jock Jeff. The LGBTQ+ sex comedy hits theaters August 2023. Clearly, Galitzine has range!

Playing Queer Characters Authentically

Some have questioned whether straight actors should portray queer roles. Galitzine has been cognizant of concerns over perpetuating stereotypes or appropriating stories.

In interviews over the years, he’s emphasized the care he takes with each character. His priority is finding connection and common ground that allows him to deliver an honest, sensitive performance.

For Handsome Devil, he shared hoping the coming out narrative would empower other LGBTQ+ teens. With Red, White & Royal Blue, he was determined to showcase Henry’s complexity and vulnerability. Rather than worry about “getting it right,” he focuses on authentic emotional truth.

While actors don’t have to share a character’s background to play them convincingly, Galitzine’s thoughtful approach explains his success. His moving portrayals have clearly resonated with audiences.

Why He Takes These Roles

Still, one might wonder—why does a straight actor make a habit of playing gay? Especially early in his career when many avoid LGBTQ+ casting for fear of being pigeon-holed.

For Galitzine, these stories of self-discovery and embracing one’s identity deeply appeal to him. He believes the universal themes make them relatable regardless of sexuality. Given his own struggles over concerns of being “misunderstood”, one can see why.

There may also be an element of opportunity. More queer roles have opened up in recent years as society makes slow progress. Yet explicitly LGBTQ+ movies remain indie projects lacking big budgets. For early career actors, they offer rare chances to show their skills.

Of course, as Galitzine’s fame grows thanks to Red, White & Royal Blue’s success, he likely won’t have to take every role that comes his way. Given his passionate advocacy so far, let’s hope he continues choosing compelling queer characters. Prince Henry certainly won’t be his last!

So in short—no, Nicholas Galitzine isn’t gay. But he just might be one of the best allies an LGBTQ+ movie could ask for when working to share those stories authentically. His portrayal as Prince Henry has charmed millions. Here’s hoping for many more roles where he brings that talent and empathy to the screen.


1. Has Nicholas Galitzine publicly said he is gay?

No. In interviews, Galitzine has clearly identified himself as a straight man playing gay characters. He has discussed ensuring his portrayals avoid stereotypes or caricatures.

2. Does Galitzine have a boyfriend?

There have not been any reports of Galitzine dating a man. He likes to keep details of his romantic life private. As a straight actor, any girlfriend he may have is not publicly known.

3. Why does Galitzine play so many gay roles?

He has spoken about feeling drawn to stories exploring self-discovery and embracing one’s identity. Having faced struggles over fears of being misunderstood himself, these themes deeply resonate with him regardless of sexuality.

4. Is it controversial for a straight actor to play gay characters?

Sometimes. There are concerns over straight actors appropriating or inaccurately depicting queer experiences. However, Galitzine’s thoughtful approach to these roles has avoided backlash thus far.

5. What upcoming projects involve Galitzine playing gay characters?

His next major role will be as closeted jock Jeff in the 2023 LGBTQ+ comedy Bottoms. The movie premieres in theaters on August 25. Fans are eager to see him take on this genre.

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