Is Maya Hawke Gay? The Actress’ Truth

Over the past few years, Maya Hawke has emerged as one of the most captivating young actors in Hollywood. Whether she’s playing the sarcastic yet lovable Robin in Stranger Things or the cunning Eleanor in Do Revenge, Hawke has demonstrated an authenticity and depth rarely seen in actors her age.

Here’s a quick answer:

While Maya Hawke has convincingly played lesbian characters in shows like Stranger Things and Do Revenge, leading to speculation about her own sexuality, the actor has not publicly addressed whether she identifies as LGBTQIA. Hawke values keeping her personal life private, preferring to let her acting speak for itself in promoting empathy and positive queer representation.

Her Thoughtful Portrayals of Queer Characters

A notable aspect of many of Hawke’s roles so far has been her sensitivity and commitment in depicting queer characters. As Robin in Stranger Things, she movingly conveys the character’s journey in coming out and finding love. And in Do Revenge, her take on the quick-witted Eleanor also rang true for many queer viewers.

So does Hawke herself identify as LGBTQIA in real life? Well, that remains unclear. Unlike her onscreen personae, Hawke has not explicitly addressed her sexuality one way or another. But her supporters within the queer community have taken notice of her inclination towards playing these characters.

RobinStranger ThingsRevealed as a lesbian in a relationship
EleanorDo RevengeTomboyish teen girl dating her friend’s sister

As evident in the table above, both Robin and Eleanor represent the kind of fresh, atypical queer figures that fans crave to see more of onscreen.

What We Know About Hawke’s Personal Life

While Hawke is quite private about her dating history, there have been reports linking her to men in the past. Around July 2022, rumors even emerged of her potentially being involved with The Sandman star Tom Sturridge.

However, Hawke did not comment publicly on the speculation around Sturridge. And she has not had any confirmed public relationship to date. Ultimately, as an actor focused intensely on her craft, Hawke seems to value keeping the spotlight firmly on her work.

When quizzed directly about her sexual orientation in an August 2022 interview with Rolling Stone, Hawke gave an answer consistent with this separation between her professional and private personas.

“In general terms, my life is so abundant at the moment,” she said. “I feel the universe has given me so much, and I’m trying to give back…to just be of service.”

So rather than explicitly addressing her sexuality one way or another, Hawke chose to redirect the conversation to the sense of meaning and purpose she derives from her acting.

The Impact of Onscreen Representation

Even if Hawke prefers not to put labels on her own sexuality, the contribution of her empathetic portrayals of queer characters cannot be understated. At a time when LGBTQIA communities continue to fight for acceptance and rights across society, positive representation in media and entertainment is hugely impactful.

Research has shown that seeing one’s identity reflected onscreen fosters self-acceptance among queer viewers, especially younger ones still figuring themselves out. It signals to them that they too deserve loving relationships and happiness.

So while Hawke sees acting principally as an avenue for self-expression and embracing humanity in all its complexity, her approach has significant real-world consequences.

Hopes for More Diverse LGBTQIA Characters

As Hawke continues her promising trajectory in Hollywood, many will be keeping an eye out for what captivating queer roles she takes on next. If her choices so far are any indication, they are likely to be multi-dimensional portrayals that challenge stereotypes.

Rather than perpetuate unrealistic tropes, Hawke seems drawn towards showing the full, complicated reality of what it can mean to be LGBTQIA. She has an innate curiosity about people different from herself, making space for their stories with care and wisdom beyond her years.

So whether she ever publicly embraces a queer identity herself or not, Maya Hawke has already become a powerful voice for greater acceptance. And the queer community will undoubtedly remain among her biggest cheerleaders pushing her to keep shattering representational barriers moving forward.


1. Is Maya Hawke lesbian in real life?

While Maya has played multiple lesbian characters, there is no public information about her being lesbian or belonging to the LGBTQIA community in her personal life. She has remained private about her sexuality.

2. Who is Maya Hawke dating?

Maya’s current relationship status is unclear. There were rumors in 2022 that she was dating Tom Sturridge, her co-star from The Sandman. However, neither Maya nor Tom publicly confirmed being in a relationship.

3. What did Maya say when asked about her sexuality?

When asked directly about her sexuality in an interview, Maya refrained from giving a straight answer. She redirected the conversation to finding meaning through her acting work and being “of service” to others.

4. Does Maya support LGBTQIA rights?

While Maya has not made any outright statements, her willingness to sensitively portray queer characters onscreen conveys an appreciation for LGBTQIA communities. Advocacy groups often see her as an ally in promoting acceptance.

5. What kind of LGBTQIA roles would fans like to see Maya play next?

Many fans hope Maya continues to play characters that challenge stereotypes and reveal the diversity of queer experiences. There is interest in her taking on complex leads rather than just supporting roles going forward.

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