Is Matt Fraser Gay? Fans Question Psychic’s Sexuality

You may have recently heard about Matt Fraser, the star of E!’s new reality show Meet the Frasers. As a 28-year-old psychic medium from Rhode Island with an boisterous Italian family, Matt has garnered attention – but viewers seem more interested in speculating about his sexuality than his supernatural talents.

Here’s a quick answer:

Though many fans speculate about his sexual orientation based on stereotypes, Rhode Island psychic medium and reality TV star Matt Fraser has not openly identified as gay. He continues a public relationship with girlfriend Alexa Papigiotis, but has not addressed rumors he is closeted. Ultimately only Fraser can clarify his own sexuality, if he chooses to.

The Rumors Spreading Online

If you’ve browsed social media, you’ve likely seen comments convinced that Matt Fraser is actually gay. Fans aren’t buying his relationship with girlfriend Alexa Papigiotis, former Miss Rhode Island. They think Alexa is the only person who can’t see that Matt is “mega GAY” as one tweet put it.

These armchair detectives point to everything from Matt’s mannerisms, his tight clothing, and his lack of wedding planning as “proof” that he’s not heterosexual. Alexa may be wedding-obsessed, but Matt doesn’t seem invested. As one viewer asked:

Love how her bridesmaids dresses and whole wedding enchilada is out for wedding season and he’s like I’ll propose when I want to.

So is Matt just stringing Alexa along as a PR girlfriend? Or is he genuinely attracted to women, no matter how fans interpret his self-expression?

PersonEvidence ForEvidence Against
ViewersFlamboyant mannerisms, tight clothes, lack of wedding planningN/A
Matt FraserPublicly dates Alexa, calls speculation “gross”, no comment on sexualityN/A

The truth is, only Matt really knows. But that hasn’t stopped social media from erupting with verdicts on his orientation.

The Court of Public Opinion

It seems everyone on Twitter fancies themselves an expert on Matt Fraser’s sexuality. As one viewer confidently tweeted:

Of course he’s not going to ask that girl to marry him.

But how could they possibly know who Matt is or isn’t attracted to? Even psychic powers can’t reveal another person’s sexuality. Orientation is complex, personal and unique to each individual.

Assuming Matt conforms to stereotypes around appearance and interests is unfair. He should have the freedom to dress and act however makes him comfortable, whether people read that self-expression as “straight” or not.

Plus, attempting to forcibly “out” someone is unethical. As activist Perez Hilton admitted about his past gossip tactics:

I think that bloggers… can absolutely be bullies. I was a bully myself.

So while viewers feel entitled to weigh in, the ethics here seem questionable. Perhaps fans are simply thirsty for representation of LGBTQ+ identities in reality television. Or they interpret effeminate behavior as an invitation for speculation.

But that doesn’t justify making Matt Fraser a target. Even well-meaning social justice can become toxic when it overrides personal boundaries.

What Does Matt Have to Say?

So far, Matt hasn’t directly addressed the swirling speculation about his sexuality. But he did favorite a tweet from @shanecdotes_ calling out the bullying:

I really wish the people on Twitter that are inappropriately preoccupied with Matt’s sexuality would stick to the show! You’re all acting like bullies it’s really gross!

Matt replied “Amen” to that post, suggesting he feels similarly about fans overstepping. Whether straight, gay or anything else, his sex life is simply no one’s business but his own.

Sure, putting your life on reality TV invites public commentary. But basic respect shouldn’t go out the window. Matt Fraser has a right to set boundaries around sensitive personal topics.

As long as he and Alexa both feel the relationship meets their needs, outsiders judging its validity are out of line. You could even argue fixating on Matt’s orientation distracts from the show’s fun spirit. It’s possible to appreciate Meet the Frasers for entertainment without forcing the cast into labels.

Looking Beyond Orientation

Maybe we could shift the conversation to Matt Fraser’s accomplishments rather than who he shares a bed with. This psychic medium turned reality star has helped thousands connect with loved ones through uncanny intuitive abilities.

Isn’t his supernatural success story more interesting than baseless speculation about his sexuality? Getting distracted by gossip means missing all the value Matt provides.

If you tune into Meet the Frasers hoping to unveil closeted secrets, you’ll miss out on Matt’s compassionate guidance of grieving clients desperate to contact dead family members. Isn’t comforting the bereaved more compelling than the host’s fashion sense?

At the end of the day, Matt Fraser identifies as a devoted partner to Alexa Papigiotis publicly. Rather than challenge or discredit that, we could allow him dignity to disclose or discuss sexuality on his own terms, if ever.

Assuming LGBTQ+ people must loudly identify their orientation or else face allegations actually worsens stigma. As more public figures live openly, identity labels may naturally become less significant anyway. Matt’s talent and relationships stand independently from arousal preferences.

Maybe we need more representations of ambiguity or fluidity in television relationships. Clinging to binaries erases huge numbers of people and realities. We could reflect as viewers on why the urge persists to pin strangers into gay or straight boxes.

People are multidimensional — rarely all hero or villain. Matt Fraser is no exception. Try holding space for the many shades of gray before deciding exactly what color he is. If in doubt, err toward empathy, nuance and letting individuals speak their truth.

The rumors will likely continue swirling for now, but try taking them with a grain of salt. Matt Fraser’s declaration that fans have turned into bullies seems pretty clear. So next time you watch Meet the Frasers, how about focusing on the fun, not the speculation?


Here are 5 frequently asked questions related to the article “Is Matt Fraser Gay?”:

1. Is Matt Fraser openly gay?

No, Matt Fraser has not openly identified as gay. He is currently in a public relationship with his girlfriend Alexa Papigiotis. While some viewers speculate about his sexuality, Matt has not directly addressed the rumors or clearly labeled his own orientation.

2. What evidence made people think Matt is gay?

Viewers pointing to Matt being gay cite things like his flamboyant mannerisms, his fashion choices featuring tight clothing, and his lack of wedding planning with girlfriend Alexa. Some see these stereotypical signals as Matt hiding or overcompensating for his sexuality.

3. Has Matt Fraser denied being gay?

No, Matt hasn’t outright denied the speculation about his sexuality. His only related statement was favoriting and replying “Amen” to a tweet asking viewers to stop inappropriate speculation and bullying. So while not making his orientation clear, he does seem bothered by fans making assumptions.

4. Does Matt Fraser act stereotypically gay?

Whether Matt conforms to behavior stereotypes associated with homosexuality is subjective. Some fans interpret his exuberant persona, close relationships with other men, and fashion as signaling that he may be gay on the down low. However, stereotypes aren’t a reliable way to determine someone’s orientation.

5. Why do fans think his girlfriend can’t tell he’s gay?

Many viewers doubt the sincerity of Matt’s relationship with Alexa Papigiotis, citing her obsession with wedding planning contrasted by his procrastination around proposing. This makes some fans think Alexa is either unaware of Matt’s alleged homosexuality, or that she is a fake girlfriend helping him stay closeted. But we can’t assume their private reasons and agreements.

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