Is Matt Dillon Gay? Insights Into the Star’s Love Life

You may know Matt Dillon as the talented and versatile actor who has delivered unforgettable performances in films like There’s Something About Mary, Crash, The Outsiders, and many more. With his rugged good looks and acting range, Dillon has established himself as one of the most captivating actors of his generation.

As Dillon has taken on diverse roles across numerous genres, his personal life has remained more private. Naturally, this has left many fans wondering — is Matt Dillon gay?

Here’s a quick answer:

No, despite enduring gay rumors since early in his career, acclaimed actor Matt Dillon has had a number of romantic relationships with women like Cameron Diaz and is currently dating actress Roberta Mastromichele. This dating history firmly indicates that Dillon is straight, not gay. The versatile film star has directly denied the ongoing speculation about his sexuality.

Examining Dillon’s Major Relationships

While Dillon values keeping his personal affairs out of the spotlight, there have been a few glimpses into his dating history with various high-profile actresses over the years:

Major Relationships

NameProfessionRelationship Duration
Brooke ShieldsActress1980-1981
Heather GrahamActress1988-1989
Cameron DiazActress1995-1998
Melanie GriffithActress2014
Roberta MastromicheleActress2014-present

His longest and most public relationship was with Cameron Diaz, his co-star in the 1998 comedy There’s Something About Mary. The two dated for over 3 years and frequently appeared together on red carpets.

In discussing the relationship after their split, Dillon reflected, “Look, I loved her and we were very close, but it just ran its course. We’re both actors…It just ran its course.”

More recently, Dillon has been romantically linked to Italian actress Roberta Mastromichele since 2014. The two have been photographed together at events over the years and are apparently still an item.

Dillon’s Statements Suggest He’s Straight

Based on his dating history involving several female partners, there is no evidence to indicate Dillon is gay or bisexual. His comments specifically citing demanding actor schedules as the reason for splits also point to heterosexual relationships.

Additionally, Dillon has directly shut down gay rumors in the past:

“I’ve heard I was gay since I did My Bodyguard in 1979. I don’t pay any attention to that kind of talk. People will think what they want.”

By boldly addressing the gay rumors and attributing them merely to public speculation, Dillon leaves little room for doubt regarding his heterosexuality.

Dillon’s Persona Exudes Masculine Energy

One need only glimpse Matt Dillon’s persona, style, and roles to pick up on his rugged masculine energy.

In films like The Outsiders, Drugstore Cowboy, and even comedic roles in There’s Something About Mary, Dillon exudes gruff manliness. Whether playing a stoic cowboy, gritty criminal, or hilarious ladies man, he embodies traditional masculinity.

Off-screen, the actor favors leather jackets, jeans, and understated cool. His natural swagger coupled with an occasional cigarette and whiskey glass perpetuate Dillon’s man’s man image.

Overall, Dillon’s real-life vibes align much more closely with a straight leading man rather than someone questioning his sexuality.

Privacy Remains Dillon’s Priority

While Dillon’s relationships suggest heterosexuality, it’s important to note his staunch privacy. He actively avoids tabloid spotlight and drama around his dating life.

When Dillon does occasionally comment on past relationships, his remarks remain grounded and mature. He places no blame, admitting simply that conflicting schedules or priorities impacted the romance.

Ultimately, Dillon sees no reason to publicize orsensationalize his relationships to satisfy public curiosity. He views his dating life as separate from his profound acting legacy.

The Verdict: Dillon is Straight

In weighing the insights into Matt Dillon’s romantic history, his statements clarifying rumorss, and his masculine on and off-screen image, the evidence decisively indicates Dillon is straight, not gay.

While his devoted fanbase will undoubtedly continue speculating on Dillon’s sexuality, he will likely maintain privacy as his focus stays locked on continuing his brilliant acting career.

With an Oscar nomination already under his belt and forthcoming projects like Capone generating Oscar buzz, Matt Dillon remains all about the work rather than his personal affairs.

But if his dating life should evolve, his fans will surely still adore Dillon regardless of who he loves. Because as versatile talent like him continues captivating us with his intense character transformations, his stellar performances will always speak for themselves.


1. Is Matt Dillon openly gay?

No, Matt Dillon has never said he is gay. He has been romantically linked to various actresses over the years like Cameron Diaz and is dating Roberta Mastromichele currently. This suggests he is straight.

2. What women has Matt Dillon dated?

Some of the most high-profile women Matt Dillon has dated include Brooke Shields, Heather Graham, Cameron Diaz, Melanie Griffith, and his current girlfriend Roberta Mastromichele. He rarely speaks publicly about his relationships though.

3. Did Matt Dillon and Cameron Diaz have a bad breakup?

No, Dillon has only spoken positively regarding his split from Cameron Diaz after 3 years of dating in the late 1990s. He cited demanding filming schedules and living on separate coasts as challenges, but bore no ill will towards his ex.

4. Does Matt Dillon have a wife?

No, Matt Dillon has never been married. He keeps his relationships very private and has not had a public romance with anyone he was linked to marrying yet. Dillon is presently dating actress Roberta Mastromichele.

5. Why do people think Matt Dillon is gay?

Matt Dillon has been plagued by gay rumors since early in his acting career. However, he has had several verified relationships with women which points to him being straight. Dillon has directly denied and brushed off the ongoing speculation about his sexuality over the years.

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