Is Luisito Rey Gay? Top YouTube Star Addresses Speculation

You may have come across rumors on the internet speculating that popular Mexican YouTuber Luisito Rey is gay. However, as you read through this article, you’ll find that the evidence clearly refutes those claims and establishes Luisito’s heterosexuality.

Here’s a quick answer:

No, Mexican YouTuber Luisito Rey is not gay. He is currently married to Luz Munguía, with whom he has a daughter, Regina, born in 2017. His marriage and child confirm Luisito’s heterosexuality, despite rumors on the internet speculating about his sexual orientation. Luisito himself has not addressed the rumor directly.

Who is Luisito Rey?

For those unfamiliar, Luisito Rey (born Luis Angel Torres on June 19, 1988) is a highly successful YouTuber and online content creator from Mexico. He first stepped into the world of YouTube back in March 2006 when he launched his own channel.

The following year, he became a member of the massively popular collaborative channel Werevertumorro and their subsidiary channel w2mcrew. Through his comedy sketches and vlogs featuring his vibrant personality, Luisito quickly built up a substantial following.

Today, his main YouTube channel Luisitorey boasts an impressive 9.5 million subscribers. He earns a comfortable income through his videos and has firmly solidified his status as an influencer within the Spanish-speaking world.

Addressing the Gay Rumors

In recent times, certain online speculation has emerged suggesting that Luisito Rey is homosexual. However, upon closer examination, it becomes evident these rumors lack concrete proof.

Luisito himself has chosen not to directly address this speculation. Nonetheless, clear evidence from his personal life dispels any doubt regarding his sexual orientation:

  • He is married to Luz Munguía with whom he has a daughter named Regina (born March 27, 2017)
  • Luisito and Luz proudly share details and photos of their family across social media
  • No credible source has been able to provide proof of Luisito engaging in homosexual relationships

The fact that Luisito Rey is happily married with a child confirms that he identifies as heterosexual. While internet rumors can certainly gain traction, here it seems to be simple speculation without basis.

Unless Luisito decides to clarify this himself, the existing information paints a very clear picture. Engaging in excessive discussion and conjecture around his sexuality would be irresponsible.

YouTube ChannelSubscribers
Luisitorey9.5 million
Werevertumorro37 million

Luisito Rey’s Continued Success on YouTube

While his personal life remains a hot topic for gossip, Luisito Rey continues achieving new heights with his YouTube career.

As you can see in the table above, the main Luisitorey channel has nearly 10 million loyal followers. This platform has become a major source of income through ads, sponsorships, and affiliate promotions.

The engaging vlogs and comedic content Luisito uploads receives millions of views every month. Given his steady momentum thus far, he shows no signs of slowing down.

In 2021, he embarked on a sold-out multi-city tour across Mexico along with his fellow Werevertumorro crew members. This underscores his popularity and the strong connection he maintains with fans.

As the next generation of digital media stars, the possibilities remain endless for personalities like Luisito Rey. It will be exciting to see what new entertainment and business ventures he takes on in the years ahead.

The Takeaway

While rumors about Luisito Rey’s personal life persist online, he remains focused on his thriving YouTube career. Despite speculation, the facts confirm Rey’s heterosexuality. As an audience, we should avoid spreading unverified gossip.

That said, Rey continues achieving new heights as an entertainer with nearly 10 million loyal, engaged subscribers. His videos show no signs of slowing. The next time rumors swirl about a celebrity, Rey’s story provides a valuable reminder to verify facts and exercise caution before drawing conclusions. Believing everything online without deeper scrutiny can be unwise.


1. Is Luisito Rey actually gay?

No evidence suggests that Luisito Rey is gay. He is married to a woman named Luz Munguía and they have a daughter together, confirming his heterosexuality. The rumors about his sexuality lack any proof.

2. Who spread the rumor that Luisito Rey is gay?

The original source of this rumor is unclear. It seems to be unverified internet speculation that gained some traction. Luisito Rey himself has not addressed where this rumor began.

3. Why doesn’t Luisito Rey clarify whether he is gay?

Luisito Rey has chosen not to directly address the rumor that he is gay. Since clear evidence already establishes his heterosexuality, he likely sees no need to dignify unsubstantiated gossip with a response.

4. How can people tell if rumors about celebrities are true?

The responsible approach is to verify rumors against established facts from credible sources before propagating speculation. When no evidence supports a rumor, it’s wisest not to spread unverified information until clarification is provided.

5. Will the gay rumors affect Luisito Rey’s career?

Thus far, there is no indication that false speculation about Luisito Rey’s sexuality has affected his soaring YouTube career. He continues gaining subscribers and views. Time will tell if the rumor impacts his reputation, but he remains popular despite gossip.

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