Is Lee Asher Gay? Answering the Speculations About His Sexuality

Lee Asher has become a celebrity in the world of animal rescue. As the host of the popular show My Pack Life on Animal Planet and Discovery+, Asher has endeared himself to viewers across America with his big heart for dogs.

But along with fame often comes speculation about one’s personal life. Rumors have swirled for years about whether the dog-loving TV personality is gay.

Let’s examine the evidence surrounding Lee Asher’s sexuality and the nature of his relationship with business partner Luke Barton.

Key Takeaways

1. Lee Asher is best known as the host of the show My Pack Life where he travels the country rescuing dogs. He also runs the Asher House animal sanctuary.
2. There have been persistent rumors that Lee Asher is gay and married to his business partner Luke Barton, but both men deny this and say they are just friends.
3. Lee Asher has dated women like Ana Rubiolo and Sydney Febrach in the past, confirming he is straight.
4. When asked directly on Instagram if he is gay, Lee Asher responded “No, I’m not gay. I like women.”
5. There is no solid evidence that Lee Asher is gay – he has only dated women publicly, has stated he is not gay, and has no known relationships with men. The rumors seem unfounded.

Who is Lee Asher?

For those unfamiliar with Lee Asher, here are some quick facts:

  • Originally worked a corporate 9-5 job before quitting to start a dog rescue non-profit
  • Founded the Asher House animal sanctuary in Oregon with Luke Barton
  • Hosts My Pack Life, a TV show documenting his nationwide RV tour to promote dog adoption
  • Has rescued over 500 stray dogs so far with Barton

Asher grew up with a deep love of animals. After volunteering at various shelters and rescues, he decided to devote his life full-time to saving dogs.

Teaming up with Barton, a fellow dog lover, Asher converted a school bus into a dog-friendly RV. The duo now travels the country together, partnering with local shelters and highlighting adoptable pups.

Relationship with Luke Barton Rumored to be More than Friends

As Asher’s fame has grown, so too have fan theories about his close friendship with Barton. Their obvious on-screen chemistry and shared passion for dogs led many to speculate that the pair were romantically involved.

Some fans became convinced that Asher and Barton were not just business partners, but a married couple. Their joint operation of the Asher House sanctuary only further fueled such rumors.

However, both men have stressed repeatedly that their relationship is purely a friendship and working partnership. Though they share a very close bond, it has never been romantic.

A Look at Lee Asher’s Past Relationships

To find the truth about Lee Asher’s sexuality, examining his dating history provides clues. Asher has been romantically linked to women in the past:

  • Ana Rubiolo – Asher reportedly dated Rubiolo at some point in the past, though details are scarce. This relationship confirms Asher’s heterosexual orientation.
  • Sydney Febrach – Febrach is Asher’s most high-profile ex. The two dated from 2016 to 2018 and even lived together during that time. As dog lovers, they collaborated on rescue projects before eventually splitting up.

Though neither relationship ultimately lasted, they demonstrate Asher’s interest in women. He has not been known to date men.

Lee Asher’s Response to Gay Rumors

The rumors about Asher’s sexuality became so persistent that he finally addressed them directly via his Instagram account.

When flooded with questions about whether he is gay, Asher bluntly responded: “No, I’m not gay. I like women.”

While some fans speculated his response was just a cover-up, Asher’s unambiguous statement leaves little doubt. He identifies as straight.

No Credible Evidence Asher is Gay

Examining the full picture, there is no compelling evidence to indicate Lee Asher is gay:

  • Past relationships – Asher has only dated women, like Ana Rubiolo and Sydney Febrach
  • Asher’s own words – He has clearly stated he is not gay and is interested in women
  • Lack of male partners – Asher has never been known to be involved with a man

While some cling to conjectures about his close friendship with Luke Barton, this alone does not equate to being gay. Without proof of actual same-sex relationships, there is no reason to believe Asher has not been truthful about his heterosexuality.

Separating Fact from Fiction: Lee Asher’s Sexuality

Lee Asher is married to Luke BartonLee and Luke are close friends but not a couple
Lee is secretly gay but hiding itLee has stated he is straight and only dated women
Lee and Luke live togetherThey live separately and run the Asher House together
Lee frequently dodges questions about sexualityHe explicitly said he is not gay on Instagram

This table helps summarize what is unsubstantiated rumor versus documented fact when it comes to Lee Asher’s sexuality and relationship with Luke Barton.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lee Asher’s Sexuality

Still have lingering questions about the rumors surrounding this animal-loving TV personality? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Is Lee Asher gay or straight?

Based on his dating history and own statements, Lee Asher identifies as straight. He has only romantically involved with women in the past.

Are Lee Asher and Luke Barton a couple?

No, Asher and Barton are not a couple. They are close friends who founded a dog sanctuary together. But they have both asserted their relationship is a platonic partnership, not a romantic one.

Why do some think Lee Asher is gay?

Rumors of Asher being gay stem primarily from his incredibly close friendship with Luke Barton. Their obvious chemistry while working together on their TV show and running a dog rescue led some fans to speculate there was more between them.

Has Lee Asher tried to hide his sexuality?

There is no evidence Asher has tried to obscure the fact he is heterosexual. He has dated women openly and directly refuted claims he is gay when asked about it on social media.

What women has Lee Asher dated in the past?

Asher’s ex-girlfriends include Ana Rubiolo, though little is known of their relationship, and Sydney Febrach. He and Febrach were together from 2016-2018 and collaborated on dog rescue during that time before breaking up.

The Bottom Line on Lee Asher: It’s Time to Move On

Years of rumors about TV personality Lee Asher being gay have overshadowed his admirable animal advocacy work. But without definitive proof, continuing to speculate seems unnecessary.

Asher himself has unambiguously denied he is gay. And his history of dating women lines up with his stated heterosexuality.

While fans understandably became curious about his very close friendship with Luke Barton, their relationship has always remained platonic by all accounts.

Perhaps it’s time to simply admire the profound bond between these two men based on their shared love of animals, not assign it a romantic nature without foundation. Asher’s sexuality itself is irrelevant – his positive impact helping rescue dogs is what matters.

At the end of the day, Lee Asher identifies as straight. We should take the man at his word and allow him to continue his charitable work in peace. Baseless gossip ultimately distracts from his meaningful efforts to save homeless pups and get them adopted into loving forever homes.

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