Is Johnny Bananas Gay? MTV Star Addresses Rumors

You may know Johnny Bananas from his appearances on MTV’s reality competition show The Challenge. With his captivating personality and clever gameplay, Bananas has caught the attention of fans over his 10+ year career on the show. But with his rising fame, some viewers wonder — is Johnny Bananas gay?

Here’s a quick answer:

No, reality TV personality Johnny Bananas is not gay. All available information points to Bananas identifying as straight, as evidenced by his long-term relationships with women like Morgan Willett and Hannah Teter. Though some rumors have circulated about his sexuality before, Johnny Bananas has definitively proven through his dating history with high-profile female partners that he is heterosexual, not gay.

Johnny Bananas’ Profile

Let’s start with some background on Johnny Bananas. His real name is John Amadeus Devenanzio, and he was born on June 22, 1982. This past year in 2023, Bananas celebrated turning 40 years old while competing on The Challenge: Ride or Die.

Bananas first came into the public eye back in 2006 when he was a cast member on The Real World: Key West (Season 17). But he soon transitioned to competing on The Challenge, where he ultimately made his mark on reality TV. Throughout 28 seasons and 13 years of The Challenge, Bananas won the competition 6 times and is considered one of the show’s strongest competitors.

Johnny Bananas’ Challenge Accomplishments
Total Seasons Competed28
Season Victories6

So with his familiar face and household name, this begs the question: is Johnny Bananas gay? Let’s take a look at the speculation around his sexuality.

Analyzing the Gay Rumors

Over Bananas’ long tenure in the public eye, some rumors have spread that he could be gay. However, there is absolutely no truth to these rumors as of 2023. All available information indicates that Bananas’ sexual orientation is heterosexual. This has been evidenced time and again through his relationships and interactions with various women.

So why did the rumors start in the first place? Mostly it comes down to stereotypes of reality TV stars and Bananas’ sometimes flamboyant personality on camera. However, his history of dating high-profile women undermines any speculation about his sexuality.

Bananas’ Notable Romances

In particular, two of Bananas’ most public relationships have helped confirm his heterosexual leanings.

First, there’s his now ex-girlfriend Morgan Willett. Bananas met Willett while filming The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 at the end of 2018. Their on-screen chemistry and competitive partnership soon blossomed into a real-life romance that continued when filming wrapped. Bananas and Willett dated seriously for two years until September 2021 when they split up and went their separate ways.

Then there’s his past long-term romance with 3-time Olympic snowboarder Hannah Teter. Bananas and Teter dated for around 5 years until they officially broke up in 2017, as announced during the Vendettas season premiere of The Challenge. With Teter accompanying Bananas to events, guiding him in snowboarding, and making appearances on his YouTube channel, this high-profile relationship was hard to miss for fans.

These serious, years-long relationships with Morgan Willett and Hannah Teter indicate that Bananas identifies as heterosexual, not gay. While he seems to currently be unattached romantically, his dating history involves exclusively women so far.

What’s Next for Bananas?

At 40 years old, Bananas is continuing to make his mark on the reality TV scene through new hosting ventures and his triumphant return to The Challenge franchise. While early rumors circulated about his sexual orientation, Bananas has proven definitively through past relationships and interactions that he is straight.

As one of The Challenge’s most prolific and successful competitors of all time, fans can expect Bananas to continue stirring up drama and chasing victory for seasons to come. And with his captivating personality, we may see future romantic developments with female cast members play out on screen too!

So while Bananas manages his career moves, business projects, and return to reality TV competition, rest assured that one question now has a clear-cut answer: Johnny Bananas is not gay. His sexuality and relationships point to being decidedly straight — and possibly still on the hunt for his perfect match!


Is Johnny Bananas married?

No, as of 2023 Johnny Bananas is not married. He is currently believed to be single after ending a 2-year relationship with Morgan Willett in 2021. Bananas has yet to be married, but some of his most high-profile past relationships were with Morgan Willett and Hannah Teter.

What is Johnny Bananas’ real name?

Johnny Bananas’ real name is John Amadeus Devenanzio. The nickname “Johnny Bananas” came from his time on The Real World: Key West, where fellow cast members teased him by calling him “Bananas”. The nickname stuck and has become his identity on The Challenge ever since.

How much money does Johnny Bananas make?

While his exact net worth is undisclosed, it is estimated that Johnny Bananas has made over $1 million from his cumulative season prize winnings on The Challenge alone. Factoring in his other income sources, his net worth could be $2 million or higher.

Is Johnny Bananas retiring from The Challenge?

As of now, there is no indication that Johnny Bananas plans to retire fully from The Challenge. At age 40 in 2023, Bananas returned to compete again on The Challenge: Ride or Die after a 2-season break. Given his long-time success and popularity on the show, fans can expect Bananas back to chase more wins.

Who has Johnny Bananas dated from The Challenge?

Within The Challenge franchise, Johnny Bananas has been linked mostly closely with fellow competitor Morgan Willett and various show “flings”. However, his relationship resume mostly involves non-cast members, including a 5-year relationship with Olympic snowboarder Hannah Teter until 2017.

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