Is Joey Batey Gay? Reality vs. Witcher Role

You may know Joey Batey as the charismatic bard Jaskier in Netflix’s hit show The Witcher. In the third season, Jaskier enters into a same-sex relationship, leading many fans to wonder—is Joey Batey gay in real life?

Here’s a quick answer:

Joey Batey’s real-life sexuality remains private. The English actor is best known for playing the pansexual bard Jaskier on Netflix’s The Witcher. Though his character pursues various male and female romances on the show, Batey himself has not publicly confirmed being gay or straight. Unless the performer clarifies otherwise, his sexual orientation is his own personal business.

Batey’s Portrayal of Jaskier

In The Witcher, Batey plays Jaskier, a bard who follows Geralt of Rivia on his adventures. Jaskier acts as a comic relief and outlier in the dark fantasy world.

In the books that inspired the show, Jaskier flirts with women. But the Netflix adaptation makes his sexuality more fluid.

You see Jaskier flirting with men and women throughout the first two seasons. In season three, he pursues a romance with the young Prince Radovid. Their relationship offers a rare depiction of queer love in the fantasy genre.

1Flirts with Countess de Stael
2No male or female love interests
3Enters relationship with Prince Radovid

For his performance as Jaskier, Batey earned praise from critics and fans alike. His acting talents shine through in emotional scenes, musical numbers, and comedic moments.

Speculation About Batey’s Personal Life

Given Jaskier’s storyline, many viewers wondered if Batey himself is gay. But the actor keeps his romantic life extremely private.

Batey has not publicly discussed his sexuality. There are no reports of him being in a committed relationship with either a man or woman.

Some fans have speculated about his chemistry with female co-stars like Anya Chalotra and Hannah Dodd. But these rumors remain unconfirmed.

Ultimately, anything about Batey’s real-life sexuality or relationships is speculation. As a celebrity, he has a right to privacy around such personal matters.

Separating Fact from Fiction

When an actor convincingly plays a fictional role, fans sometimes wrongly assume it reflects their actual identity. This conflation of character and performer is common with queer characters.

But fictional personas and an actor’s real self are distinct. Batey’s own sexuality need not align with Jaskier’s fluid orientation. He brings the role to life through his acting skills.

It’s best not to make assumptions about public figures’ private lives. Batey’s convincing performance speaks to his talents, not his personal preferences. Unless he confirms otherwise, fans should not speculate about his sexuality.

Batey’s Acting Range

While playing Jaskier may be Batey’s breakout role, it’s far from his only one. He demonstrates impressive range across very different characters.

Stage Roles

Batey honed his acting chops on stage in productions like OthelloRomeo and Juliet, and Twelfth Night. In 2017, he played Fiyero in the musical Wicked. The role showed off his vocal talents.

Film & Television

On screen, Batey portrayed:

  • Davey in the crime film Trespass Against Us
  • Various roles in the series Vanity Fair
  • Stephen Ward in the limited series The Trial of Christine Keeler

He’s also set to appear alongside Lily James in an upcoming adaptation of Daphne Du Maurier’s novel Rebecca.

Through these varied roles in different genres, Batey demonstrates impressive range. Audiences have yet to see the full scale of his dramatic talents.

Focusing on Batey’s Work

Rather than speculating about Joey Batey’s personal life, fans should focus on his professional achievements. He worked hard over many years to develop into a versatile, expressive actor.

Batey also lends his musical gifts to The Amazing Devil band. And he’s become an LGBTQ icon through his empathetic portrayal of Jaskier.

Instead of worrying about who Batey loves off-screen, appreciate all he contributes on-screen. Judge him only by the power of his performances, not his private relationships.

Unless Batey confirms otherwise, assume his sexuality is no one’s business but his own. Respect the separation between his acting roles and actual identity. Patiently wait to see what compelling characters he takes on next!


1. Is Joey Batey married?

No, as far as we know, Joey Batey is not married. The actor keeps his personal life very private and has not publicly confirmed being in any romantic relationship or having a spouse.

2. What is Joey Batey’s real accent?

Joey Batey is English and was born in Newcastle, UK. The accent you hear him speaking with in interviews and as himself is his real voice and Geordie accent.

3. Is Joey Batey dating his The Witcher co-star Anya Chalotra?

Rumors have circulated about Joey Batey dating his The Witcher co-star Anya Chalotra but neither actor has confirmed them. Batey’s real-life romantic relationships remain private and unspecified at this time.

4. What bands is Joey Batey in?

Outside of acting, Joey Batey is the lead singer and main songwriter for the musical duo The Amazing Devil with his bandmate Madeleine Hyland. He showcases his vocal talents in the band, which plays indie folk music.

5. Is Joey Batey nominated for any awards?

Yes, thanks to his performance as Jaskier in Netflix’s fantasy series The Witcher, Joey Batey has received several award nominations. This includes a 2020 Satellite Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries, or TV Film.

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