Is Jelly Roll Gay? Wife Bunnie XO Shuts Down The Speculation

You may have heard the rumors swirling that musician Jelly Roll is gay. His recent career successes and collaboration with Lainey Wilson sparked gossip about his sexuality. But is there any truth to the speculation? Let’s take a deeper look at the facts.

Here’s a quick answer:

No, Jelly Roll is not actually gay. The rumors about the musician’s sexuality emerged after his duet with Lainey Wilson and Pride event support. However, Jelly Roll’s wife Bunnie XO definitively disproved the speculation on social media, confirming their marriage is going strong since tying the knot in 2016. The gossip is unfounded.

Addressing the Rumors Head-On

When the chatter about Jelly Roll’s sexuality started gaining traction, his wife Bunnie XO tackled the gossip head-on. She took to Instagram to post stories showing her friendly backstage interactions with Lainey. Bunnie lightheartedly stated, “It’s actually me that wants Lainey, so do better research.” Her tongue-in-cheek post clearly refuted any suggestion that Jelly Roll is gay.

Bunnie and Jelly Roll, whose real name is Jason DeFord, have been happily married since 2016. Their relationship offers solid proof against the rumor mill. Some fans started questioning Jelly Roll’s sexuality simply because he sang a chart-topping duet with Lainey. But as Bunnie made clear, musical chemistry does not equal sexual attraction.

Pride Support Doesn’t Equal Gay

Some internet sleuths also point to Jelly Roll’s inclusion in the San Diego LGBT Pride Community Calendar as evidence that he’s gay. However, allies and supporters of LGBTQ+ communities are frequently featured in such calendars and publications. Jelly Roll has not publicly stated his views on sexuality. So his support for Pride events doesn’t automatically signify his own sexual orientation.

Illness Postpones Highly Anticipated Performance

While Jelly Roll’s sexuality makes for tantalizing gossip, his music career has captured far more public attention. His unique style blending hip hop and country recently earned him a Grammy nomination for the song “Save Me.” The track was set to be performed live on The Voice season finale.

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The VoiceNBCKelly Clarkson, Maluma, Jelly Roll, etc.

Unfortunately, a sudden illness forced Jelly Roll to cancel the coveted finale appearance. He shared a social media update apologizing and explaining the last-minute change of plans. Despite fan disappointment, Jelly Roll’s health had to take top priority.

Rapid Rise to Fame

So who exactly is this musician at the center of gay rumors and buzzy TV bookings? Jelly Roll hails from Antioch, Tennessee and stepped into the hip hop scene by selling mixtapes out of his car. His heartfelt lyrics about addiction and trauma ultimately led him to crossover success in country music too.

Collaborations with Brantley Gilbert, Struggle Jennings, and more helped introduce Jelly Roll to new audiences. High-profile debuts at the iconic Grand Ole Opry further cemented his status as an artist to watch. His genre-bending sound even scored Jelly Roll a fan in Howard Stern.

Jelly Roll’s real talk about mental health struggles also connects deeply with listeners. Rolling Stone magazine fittingly dubbed him “the voice of a generation” – not bad for an indie musician! Major award nominations and wins followed as he topped both rock and country radio charts.

The Verdict: False Rumors

As Jelly Roll continues slaying the music game, his sexuality seems irrelevant. Bunnie already shattered assumptions that he’s gay with lighthearted social media posts. The couple wed back in 2016 and appear happier than ever.

Rather than speculating about his sexual orientation, fans keep tuning in to hear Jelly Roll’s signature gritty tracks. His vulnerable songwriting and energetic live shows make him a hot commodity regardless of whom he loves. Illness may have prevented his Voice finale cameo, but nothing can stop this talented breakout star’s momentum now.

Jelly Roll has found runaway success as a genre-defying artist. While rumors may swirl, his music speaks for itself. His focus stays solely on connecting with listeners, not commenting on gossip. So next time you hear someone questioning Jelly Roll’s sexuality, remember – Bunnie already set the record straight!


1. Is Jelly Roll actually gay in real life?

No, Jelly Roll is not gay. The rumors about his sexuality have been clearly refuted by his wife Bunnie XO. She confirmed on social media that the speculations are false. Jelly Roll has been happily married to Bunnie since 2016.

2. Why do some people think Jelly Roll is gay?

Some rumors emerged after Jelly Roll collaborated with singer Lainey Wilson on a song. Their musical chemistry led to unfounded speculation about Jelly Roll’s orientation. His support for San Diego Pride events also added fuel to the false gossip.

3. What did Jelly Roll’s wife say about the gay rumors?

Bunnie XO directly addressed the gossip on Instagram, stating humorously that she is the one attracted to Lainey Wilson. She made it clear the rumors have no merit and Jelly Roll is not gay.

4. Did Jelly Roll end up performing on The Voice finale?

No. Jelly Roll was scheduled to sing his hit “Save Me” on the finale, but had to cancel last minute due to a sudden illness. He shared his regrets over missing the show on social media.

5. How did Jelly Roll get famous?

Jelly Roll first made a name for himself selling mixtapes out of his car. His frank lyrics about personal struggles resonated in both the hip hop and country music worlds. High-profile collaborations and Grand Ole Opry debuts led to mainstream success.

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