Is Jake from Survivor 45 Gay? Inside His Love Life

As the intense 13-episode run of Survivor 45 came to an end last December, fans were curious to know more about their new favorite castaway – Jake O’Kane. This young and athletic attorney charmed viewers as an underdog who fought his way to the final three. And many couldn’t help but wonder: is Jake from Survivor 45 gay?

Here’s a quick answer:

Jake O’Kane emerged as a fan favorite on the recent season of Survivor 45. Though some viewers speculated about his sexuality, Jake has been in a long-term relationship with girlfriend Courtney Smith since 2019. The two first got together while finishing their undergrad degrees in Boston, and Jake’s romantic social media posts make it clear he identifies as straight.

Getting to Know Jake

Jake was one of 18 castaways initally stranded on the islands of Fiji for Survivor 45. At just 26 years old, he was fresh out of law school and ready to put his argument skills to the test while battling for the $1 million prize.

Over 39 gruelling days, Jake forged alliances when necessary and won critical immunity challenges to stay in the game. He even defeated fellow castaway Katurah Topps in a suspenseful fire-making tiebreaker challenge, securing himself a spot in the final three.

Jake O’Kane26AttorneyBoston, MA

Though Boston local Dee Valladares ultimately earned the title of Sole Survivor, fans were still impressed by Jake’s grit and determination. He may not have won Survivor 45, but he seemed to win over viewers’ hearts.

Naturally, questions emerged about Jake’s personal life, namely his romantic interests.

Inside Jake’s Long-Term Relationship

As it turns out, Jake has been in a committed relationship with girlfriend Courtney Smith since 2019. The two first got together while finishing up their undergraduate degrees in Boston.

On October 1st, 2023, Jake shared an Instagram post gushing about Courtney in honor of their four year anniversary:

“I told Court I’d make our 4 year anniversary special and it was, but not how either of us would have expected…Court balances work, grad school, and my crazy a* with grace like no other. I couldn’t do this without you. Love u babe.”*

It’s clear Jake greatly values his partnership with Courtney. His Instagram page also features other romantic posts for her birthday and Valentine’s Day over the years.

So what do we know about the woman who has supported Jake’s Survivor dreams? Courtney Smith is a 27-year-old MBA candidate at Florida State University, on track to graduate next year. While not much else is publicly known about her, she and Jake have apparently maintained a bicoastal relationship with her studies in Florida and his recent law career launched in Boston.

The Verdict: Not Gay

Based on Jake’s steadfast social media trail of love declarations for girlfriend Courtney, it seems he identifies as straight. While his sexuality is no one’s business but his own, Jake’s online posts paint the picture of a committed and contented boyfriend.

Surviving the extreme hunger, weather, and social maneuvers of Survivor 45 already required immense mental fortitude. Having a caring partner like Courtney to come home to likely helped Jake push through to the finale and earn his second place finish.

Fans are still hoping we haven’t seen the last of charismatic Jake O’Kane on reality television. But whether or not he returns for a future All Star Survivor face-off, we’ll be sending well wishes to him and Courtney in their continued relationship pursuits.


1. Is Jake from Survivor 45 actually gay?

No, based on Jake’s own social media posts, he is in a long-term heterosexual relationship with his girlfriend Courtney Smith. They have been dating since 2019.

2. What place did Jake get on Survivor Season 45?

Jake made it to the final 3 contestants on Survivor 45. He ultimately received 0 jury votes and finished in 3rd place, while winner Dee Valladares received 5 jury votes.

3. How did Jake save himself before the Survivor 45 finale?

Jake won the fire-making tiebreaker challenge against fellow contestant Katurah Topps. This allowed him to clinch the 3rd and final spot in the final 3.

4. What do we know about Jake’s girlfriend Courtney?

Courtney Smith is Jake’s girlfriend since 2019. She is currently a 27-year-old MBA candidate at Florida State University who has supported Jake’s Survivor journey. Not much else is publicly known about her.

5. Why were fans asking if Jake is gay after Survivor 45?

As a breakout fan favorite personality, viewers became curious about different aspects of Jake’s personal life, including his sexuality. His social media posts clearly indicating he is in a relationship with girlfriend Courtney helped provide clarity that he identifies as straight.

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