Is Hosea Sanders Gay? News Anchor Speculation

You may recognize the familiar face of veteran news anchor Hosea Sanders from ABC 7 Chicago. Sanders has been a steadfast presence reporting the news in Chicago homes for over 25 years. With his dapper suits and friendly smile beaming through the screen, he’s earned 17 Emmy awards for broadcast journalism excellence.

But behind the scenes, Sanders keeps a veil over his private life. This has led to rampant curiosity and speculation among Chicagoans: is Hosea Sanders gay?

Here’s a quick answer:

Veteran Chicago news anchor Hosea Sanders has been the subject of rumors about his sexual orientation, but he has not publicly addressed the speculation. Sanders keeps his personal life very private. While some allege he may be a closeted gay man, Sanders has neither confirmed nor denied being gay, so definitive information is unavailable. He has every right not to discuss unverified rumors about his sexuality.

Sanders Keeps His Private Life Off-Air

Part of Sanders’ mysterious allure is that he intentionally keeps his life away from the cameras under wraps. While he’s an open book covering the latest Chicago happenings and interviewing politicians and celebrities, Sanders reveals little about his life once the newsdesk lights go down.

This privacy adds some intrigue for viewers who feel like they personally know the reporters and anchors they invite into their living rooms each evening. It leaves many to wonder: who is the real Hosea Sanders?

Clues About His Potential Relationships

Little is known about the relationships of the 66-year-old Sanders. He has never confirmed being in any long-term or marital relationships with either men or women.

In 2016, Chicago police did arrest two men attempting to extort Sanders over some photographs. The details of the photos and nature of Sanders’ relationship, if any, with the two men remain unclear. Sanders issued no public comment on the incident.

This mystery over his relationships, combined with no public dating history with men or women, fuels public curiosity if Sanders may be a closeted gay man.

Sanders Neither Confirms Nor Denies Rumors

The longtime Chicago newsman has been asked more than once in interviews to comment on speculation over his sexual orientation. But Sanders says little in response.

In 2020, when asked directly if he was gay on the popular radio talk show “The Morning Show with Sam Sylk,” Sanders simply replied “No comment.” He has reacted similarly in other interviews when the subject arises.

It’s a common media practice not to pressure or expect public figures to openly discuss sexual orientation against their will. Sanders reserves the right not to address unverified rumors about his personal life.

Clues From Social Media Posts

In the social media era, people feel connected to public figures through their posts and shares. Sanders does have verified Twitter and Facebook accounts. However, his posts focus exclusively on community events, news stories, greetings to public figures, and audience engagement through news polls and contests.

After thorough review, there is no evidence of Sanders discussing or displaying a personal life of any kind across his social media accounts. No holiday family gatherings, no children, no travel photos with companions, no advocacy issues outside of his work. This seems to be a very intentional presentation.

The lack of visible personal connections adds more fuel to the speculation fire.

Sensitivity Around Discussing Sexuality Rumors

It’s unlikely any reporter will directly ask Sanders the “gay question” again. There is sensitivity around pressuring an individual to disclose sexual orientation before they are ready.

And in the high-profile television news industry, there are still concerns an LGBTQ+ revelation could negatively impact Sanders’ stellar broadcast career. It’s speculated colleagues like Anderson Cooper waited until after tremendous career success to come out as gay publicly.

What’s Behind the Curiosity?

Speculation over Sanders’ unknown orientation shows no signs of slowing down. Several factors fuel the continued interest and internet chatroom buzz over the matter:

  • His high profile – Sanders is a local Chicago celebrity after 27 years reporting the news straight into homes. He has earned widespread familiarity and loyalty across races, ages, and genders. That fuels a sense of personal connection and protectiveness over his life.
  • His respected influence – As a pioneering and award-winning Black news anchor since the 1990s, Sanders serves as an inspiration. This adds more public influence and intrigue over his life.
  • His enduring privacy – Sanders‘ refusal to address rumors keeps speculation turning. The less he confirms or denies, the more his silence builds curiosity.

While public curiosity over his orientation continues, it’s ultimately Sanders’ personal decision what aspects of his life to keep private as a public figure. Time will tell whether he ever opts to clarify the speculation.

Until then, separate the anchorman you rely on nightly from unsupported rumors about his life off the air. Maintain the respect every person deserves around making their own choices of what personal life details to share — or keep secret.

Quick Facts on Hosea Sanders
Age: 66 years old
Birthplace: Arkadelphia, Arkansas, United States
Current Home: Chicago, Illinois
Education: Bachelor’s degree in journalism from Henderson State University
Career: Award-winning news anchor for ABC 7 Chicago since 1994
Relationship Status: Never confirmed, unknown
Sexual Orientation: Unspecified, with gay rumors

The mystery over acclaimed news anchor Hosea Sanders’ sexuality continues. Sanders neither confirms nor denies speculation he may be a closeted gay man. Ultimately, it’s his choice what personal life details to keep private or share publicly.


1. Is Hosea Sanders married?

There is no evidence that Hosea Sanders has ever been married. He keeps his personal life very private and has not publicly confirmed being in any long-term relationships.

2. Why do people think Hosea Sanders is gay?

Speculation that Sanders is secretly gay stems from his very private personal life, lack of any known relationships with women, and a 2016 extortion attempt by two men claiming to have embarrassing photographs of Sanders.

3. Has Hosea Sanders ever commented on being gay?

No, Sanders has avoided directly addressing the rumors about his sexual orientation. When asked in 2020 if he was gay, he simply replied “No comment” which further fuels public speculation.

4. How can Hosea Sanders stop the gay rumors?

Sanders could directly deny the rumors and state he is not gay. However, he may choose to simply ignore the speculation about his private life. As a public figure, he has the right not to address unverified rumors.

5. Would coming out as gay hurt Hosea Sanders’ career?

It’s possible. There are concerns that disclosing an LGBTQ+ sexual orientation could negatively impact his career, especially as a pioneering Black news anchor. Other TV personalities like Anderson Cooper have come out publicly after establishing themselves.

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