Is Griffith Gay? The Enduring Debate Among Fans

So you just finished watching the dark fantasy anime Berserk and your mind is just swirling with thoughts and emotions. That ending! And what’s the deal with Griffith – is he gay or what? You’re dying to unpack some of the hints dropped throughout the series that have left fans speculating about his sexuality for decades. Stick with me and we’ll go on a journey breaking down the case for – and against – Griffith being gay.

Spoiler warning: We will be discussing major plot details from Berserk so proceed at your own risk if you haven’t watched the whole series!

Here’s a quick answer:

There is no definitive confirmation of Griffith’s sexual orientation in the Berserk manga or anime series. Some fans speculate that his intensely close bond with Guts and rage when Guts left imply suppressed homosexual attraction. Others argue his destructive obsession with power means he uses people regardless of gender or sexuality. Ultimately, the intent of creator Kentaro Miura was to leave the question of whether the complex Griffith is gay open to interpretation and debate.

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First Impressions

When Griffith and Guts first meet, Guts actually suspects that Griffith might be gay. He comments to another soldier that he thinks Griffith is “kind of pretty for a guy” and wonders if that’s why Griffith doesn’t have a girlfriend. So right away Miura plants that seed of doubt in viewers’ minds regarding Griffith’s sexuality.

However, one could argue Guts was simply making an insensitive remark here based on harmful stereotypes about masculinity. And Griffith quickly proves his impressive military leadership and combat skills, dispelling any notion that he’s not “man enough.”

Still, this early exchange puts the possibility of Griffith’s queerness on viewers’ radars right from the start.

Intense Bond with Guts

Now let’s talk about the intensely close bond between Griffith and Guts. From their fated first duel, the two men seemed inexplicably drawn to one another. They became comrades, confidants, and trusted friends in a way neither had experienced with anyone else.

Fans often read this intimacy, especially on Griffith’s side, as hinting at attraction. When Guts decides to leave the Band of the Hawk, Griffith reacts with confusion, jealousy, and rage – not unlike a scorned lover.

Evidence ForEvidence Against
Very emotionally attached to GutsAttached to his dream of his own kingdom above all else
Jealous of Guts and Casca’s relationshipObsessed with power, uses people as means to an end
Never shows romantic/sexual interest in womenSociopathic tendencies make him unable to feel deep intimacy?

And then of course there’s the controversial scene of intimacy between Griffith and Princess Charlotte that some interpret as Griffith struggling against his own homosexual feelings to perform with a woman.

So while these moments could be read as signs of Griffith harboring homosexual love for Guts, they could also simply demonstrate Griffith’s sociopathic tendency to use people in pursuit of his obsessive dream. His confused rage at Guts leaving may indicate he sees Guts more as a possession than a loved one. The sexuality question remains ambiguous.

After the Eclipse

Post-Eclipse, things only get murkier. Reborn as the demon god Femto, Griffith rapes Casca in front of Guts during the horrific Eclipse ritual sacrificing the Band of the Hawk. This act of evil cruelty could be interpreted in many ways:

  • Demonstrating power over Guts by sexually dominating Casca
  • Forcing Guts to watch the person he loves be violated
  • Possibly suppressed sexual attraction to Casca surfacing in darkest form?

Or, as with much regarding his motivation, it could simply show his sociopathic lack of empathy and morals.

Even later during Griffith’s reincarnation ceremony, there are possibly homoerotic undertones in the ritual bathing performed by his male servants. But this could merely play into pagan religious imagery rather than hinting at Griffith’s sexuality specifically.

Word from God?

Unfortunately, series creator Kentaro Miura passed away before confirming or denying any fan theories about Griffith’s orientation. Interviews indicate Miura wanted to maintain ambiguity and mystery around certain backstories – perhaps including Griffith’s sexuality.

In the end, while fans can speculate and debate, we simply don’t have definitive canon proof of whether Griffith might be gay or asexual or something else entirely. There are hints that could point in multiple interpretive directions.

Ultimately we all see media through the lens of our own experiences, biases and wishful thinking. Griffith remains a fascinating, complex figure prone to myriad readings. Is his destructive obsession with his dream kingdom sublimation of bottled-up homosexual love for Guts? Would openly acknowledging queerness humanize his otherwise ruthless sociopathy?

Or do Griffith’s actions reflect someone disconnected from human intimacy and sexuality altogether? There may never be a conclusive answer, but the questioning itself opens up rich discussion. And perhaps that ambiguity is exactly Miura’s intention with this remarkable character.

So what do you think after considering the evidence – does Griffith seem like a deeply closeted gay anime villain to you? Or is his sexuality beside the point, making no impact on his reprehensible choices? The debate continues!


Is there any definitive proof that Griffith is gay?

No, there is no definitive proof or word from the series creator confirming whether Griffith is gay. There are ambiguous hints that fans interpret in different ways, but ultimately it’s left unclear and open to speculation.

Did Griffith have romantic feelings for Guts?

It’s debated whether Griffith’s intensely close bond with Guts indicated romantic attraction or not. Some point to Griffith’s jealous rage when Guts left as evidence he may have harbored suppressed homosexual love, while others argue he was just using Guts to pursue his obsessive dream.

Why did Griffith assault Casca during the Eclipse?

There are a few common interpretations of Griffith raping Casca: demonstrating power over Guts, forcing Guts to watch Casca violated, suppressed attraction surfacing in evil form, or simply sociopathic lack of morals. But his motivation remains ambiguous.

What about that scene between Griffith and Princess Charlotte?

Some fans point to the intimate scene between Griffith and Princess Charlotte where he seems to struggle with his sexuality as possible evidence of his homosexual feelings interfering with relations with women. But it’s open to interpretation.

Did Kentaro Miura ever address whether Griffith might be gay?

No, the Berserk creator unfortunately passed away before officially confirming or denying any fan theories about Griffith’s sexuality. Interviews suggest Miura preferred keeping some backstories including this aspect intentionally ambiguous and unclear.

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