Is Gong Jun Gay? Actor Addresses the Rumors

You may have heard rumors that popular Chinese actor Gong Jun is gay. With his rising fame in Chinese dramas, his relationship status and sexuality have come under speculation. This article will examine the rumors about Gong Jun’s sexual orientation and relationship history.

Here’s a quick answer:

There is no definitive evidence revealing Chinese actor Gong Jun’s sexuality as strictly homosexual or heterosexual. Despite speculation among some fans that he may be gay, Gong Jun has not made any public statements confirming or denying these rumors. Unless Gong Jun explicitly states more details about his orientation, his sexuality remains ambiguous and should not be hastily labeled without his consent.

Who is Gong Jun?

Gong Jun, sometimes known as Simon Gong, is a Chinese actor born on December 17, 1987. He made his acting debut in 2015 in the historical drama Sword Chaos. He rose to popularity through roles in the youth drama Advance Bravely (2016), fantasy series Lost Love in Times (2018), and romantic drama The Love Equations (2019).

Other major dramas Gong Jun has starred in include Unique Lady (2018), Lost in Romance (2019), Begin Again (2022) and Alchemy of Souls (2022). He has garnered a large fan following in China and internationally as a rising star.

Sword Chaos2015Bi Lu
Advance Bravely2016Zhang Sheng
Unique Lady2018Bai Chongan
Lost Love in Times2018Luo Mingyan

Relationship History

Throughout his acting career so far, 35-year-old Gong Jun has not publicly confirmed having a girlfriend. This has led to speculation about his relationship status and sexual orientation.

Gong Jun has been rumored to be in relationships with several actresses he has starred alongside, including Zheng Qiuhong from Unique Lady, Liu Renyu from The Love Equations, and Xu Muchan from Lost Love in Times.

However, Gong Jun has not responded to or confirmed any of these rumored relationships. Given the lack of concrete proof, it seems these link-ups with co-stars are merely speculative.

In an interview, Gong Jun said he is not opposed to the idea of marrying first and then falling in love afterwards. So far though, he does not have a public girlfriend or relationship.

Addressing the Gay Rumors

With his relationship status remaining ambiguous, Gong Jun has faced gay rumors from some online users and speculation about his sexuality.

However, there is no definitive proof that Gong Jun is indeed gay. He has not made any public statements addressing rumors about his sexual orientation.

The rumors seem to stem from the simple fact that Gong Jun has been single and not announced a girlfriend. But just because an actor does not confirm a heterosexual relationship does not necessarily mean they identify as homosexual.

Unless Gong Jun himself confirms it, the rumors of him potentially being gay appear unfounded and speculative. It would be careless to label someone’s sexual orientation without their consent.

Chemistry with Co-Stars

While he has no confirmed relationship, Gong Jun has showcased chemistry with female co-stars in his dramas which makes romance speculation understandable.

Most recently, fans shipped Gong Jun with his Begin Again co-star Zhou Yutong. Their natural rapport led fans to demand they date in real life.

However, their chemistry seems to have been great acting rather than an actual romance. Off-screen, Gong Jun and Zhou Yutong do not have any reported relationship.

So in all his past dramas, Gong Jun has created compelling on-screen connections with actresses but has not publicly dated any of them.


In conclusion, there is insufficient evidence to determine if Gong Jun is gay. Despite rumors, he has not confirmed his sexuality. He also has not acknowledged having a girlfriend, though he’s shown chemistry with co-stars. Gong Jun appears focused on acting over his love life for now.

While fans are curious about his relationships, his sexuality is ultimately private unless he confirms it. Without proof, any speculation over whether Gong Jun is gay should be skeptical. For now, he seems more dedicated to his budding career than settling down with a partner as his priority remains acting.


1. Is Gong Jun currently dating anyone?

As of now, Gong Jun does not have a confirmed girlfriend or partner that is publicly known. He has so far not addressed his current relationship status.

2. Who has Gong Jun been rumored to date in the past?

Gong Jun has been rumored in Chinese media to have dated actresses Zheng Qiuhong, Liu Renyu and Xu Muchan, however none of these rumored relationships have been definitively proven or commented on by Gong Jun.

3. Why do some fans think Gong Jun is gay?

Some fans speculate Gong Jun may be gay simply because he has not publicly confirmed being in a heterosexual relationship. However, his sexuality remains ambiguous as he has not directly addressed this topic.

4. What has Gong Jun said about getting married?

In one interview Gong Jun stated he is open to the idea of getting married first and letting love develop afterwards. So far it seems marriage is not his immediate priority.

5. Does Gong Jun have good chemistry with his female co-stars?

Yes, Gong Jun is known for having strong chemistry with actresses like Zhou Yutong in television dramas. However, that chemistry has so far never evolved into a confirmed real-life romance once filming ends.

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