Is Florence Pugh gay? Her Dating History Explained

You may have seen Florence Pugh lighting up the big screen lately in hits like Black Widow and Don’t Worry Darling. Her talent and stunning looks have made her one of Hollywood’s biggest rising stars. But with fame inevitably comes speculation about her personal life. Rumors have swirled about who she may be dating or her possible sexuality. So let’s take a deeper look and get the facts straight – is the actress playing Yelena Belova actually into women?

Here’s a quick answer:

Florence Pugh identifies as straight. Despite tabloid rumors about her dating co-stars Harry Styles and Will Poulter, Pugh’s only confirmed relationship was a 3-year romance with actor Zach Braff that ended in 2022. She is now rumored to be seeing old high school friend Charlie Gooch but remains private about her love life. Florence has not publicly embraced any orientation labels besides heterosexual.

Her Breakout Success

Pugh has managed to achieve a remarkable amount of success in a short time. She first broke out in 2016 with an acclaimed performance in the indie film Lady Macbeth. That kicked off a string of complex adult roles like the miniseries The Little Drummer Girl. Of course, 2019 was her real banner year as she starred in the horror film Midsommar, wrestling pic Fighting with My Family, and Greta Gerwig’s acclaimed take on Little Women.

The Falling2014Abbie Mortimer
Lady Macbeth2016Katherine
King Lear2018Cordelia
The Little Drummer Gir2018Charlie Ross
Fighting With My Family2019Paige
Little Women2019Amy March

The latter two films earned her award nominations, cementing her as a fast rising talent. And Marvel took notice, casting her as the fan favorite character Yelena Belova in 2021’s Black Widow and other MCU properties going forward.

Dating Zach Braff

Even as her fame accumulated quickly, Pugh remained very private about her romantic life. So fans were shocked in 2019 when she was photographed hand-in-hand with Zach Braff, the 45-year old actor and director best known for starring in TV’s Scrubs.

Message boards lit up with criticism and disbelief over their 21-year age gap. But Pugh took to Instagram to defend her relationship in a video, saying “I do not need you to tell me who I should and should not love” and that the abuse directed at Braff was actually hurting her.

For his part, Braff admitted he could never match her eloquent statement. The couple kept dating for almost 3 years before splitting up in 2022. In an interview Pugh said they “were trying to do this separation without the world knowing” to avoid public scrutiny.

Speculation with Styles & Poulter

Ever since Pugh’s split from Braff, speculation over her love life has run rampant. 2022 brought rumors linking her to two of her male co-stars.

The first was her Don’t Worry Darling leading man Harry Styles. The internet exploded with claims they had hooked up on set before he started a relationship with director Olivia Wilde. Unnamed “inside sources” are the only evidence backing this up.

Then Pugh sparked dating chatter with Will Poulter after paparazzi spotted them vacationing in Ibiza. She directly addressed this on Instagram – turns out her friends were just “cleverly cut out/framed out” of those photos.

So neither Styles nor Poulter actually appear to have been romantic with Pugh off-screen. But that hasn’t stopped tabloids from gossiping about her lack of public relationships following Braff.

What We Know About Her Sexuality

Florence Pugh identifies as straight, a fact supported by her only confirmed public relationship being with Zach Braff. Rumors linking her with Will Poulter and Harry Styles never amounted to anything substantial.

In 2022 and 2023, she’s been occasionally spotted out in public with her high school friend Charlie Gooch. Multiple news sites have begun speculating they could be dating, though nothing is yet confirmed.

Pugh herself has not made any public comment on her sexuality or defined herself as anything other than straight. The 26-year old remains famously private about her dating habits. So while her past and present may point to an attraction to men, her orientation is ultimately something only Pugh can speak on.

Looking Ahead

No matter who she dates next or if she eschews relationships for now, Florence Pugh’s star will continue rising fast. She’s already lined up major roles in the Dune sequel and Christopher Nolan’s next mind-bender Oppenheimer. And her MCU character Yelena Belova has breakout potential to rival Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow.

So speculation will surely continue about Pugh’s romantic life and who she goes home to at night. But maybe it’s time to just appreciate her obvious on-screen talent and let her live life on her own terms. Whatever her sexuality, she’s already proven herself as a powerful actress capable of anchoring blockbuster movies and stealing scenes.


1. Is Florence Pugh lesbian?

No evidence suggests Florence Pugh identifies as a lesbian. She has been romantically involved with men in the past and has not labeled herself anything but straight.

2. Who is Florence Pugh dating now?

Rumors link Florence to her high school friend Charlie Gooch, but nothing is confirmed. She is very private about her dating life since splitting from longtime boyfriend Zach Braff in 2022.

3. Did Florence Pugh actually date Harry Styles?

No, despite tabloid rumors, Florence Pugh and Harry Styles were never romantically involved. They starred together in Don’t Worry Darling but there’s no proof they hooked up.

4. What male celebrities has Florence Pugh dated?

Florence’s only public relationship was with Zach Braff from 2019-2022. She’s also been rumored to be involved with Will Poulter and most recently Charlie Gooch, though the latter is unconfirmed.

5. Has Florence talked about her sexual orientation?

No, Florence has not directly addressed her sexuality or labeled herself as anything other than straight. She remains very tight-lipped about her dating life and has not specified an orientation publicly.

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