Is Elias Harger Gay? Addressing the Rumors

You may have seen young actor Elias Harger starring as Max Fuller in the popular Netflix series Fuller House. His fun-loving and expressive character has led many fans to speculate about Harger’s own sexuality and wonder – is Elias Harger gay in real life?

As of now, there is no public confirmation from Harger regarding his sexual orientation. However, at just 15 years old, it’s likely he is still on a personal journey of self-discovery. Most teens don’t formally identify their sexuality until their late teens or early 20s.

Here’s a quick answer:

There is currently no public confirmation of young actor Elias Harger identifying as gay. Though his character on Fuller House exhibits effeminate mannerisms, Harger’s own sexuality remains private. Now 15, Harger is likely still discovering his preferences. Whether or not he ever comes out as LGBTQ+, fans continue supporting his talents. Until Harger himself discloses more, his orientation cannot be assumed or definitively stated.

Harger’s Flamboyant Character Fuels Rumors

In his breakout role on Fuller House, Harger played Max Fuller, the sassy youngest son in the Fuller family. Max was portrayed as confident, fashionable, and effeminate.

His flair for style, love of dance and theater, and close relationships with his female relatives led some viewers to assume the character might grow up to be gay.

Some fans extrapolate that since Harger convincingly depicts an arguably gay character, he himself may be gay too. However, an actor’s own identity does not necessarily align with the roles they play.

2007Elias Harger born in Denver, Colorado
2014Harger stars in first short film “Popsy” at age 7
2016-2020Plays Max Fuller in Netflix revival series Fuller House

Who Has Harger Been Linked To Romantically?

Harger has not yet been officially linked to anyone romantically. However, some fans speculate about his close friendships with two fellow young actresses.

Mckenna Grace, who Harger met on the Fuller House set, frequently posts pictures together with him on social media. Some think their sweet photos indicate they are boyfriend and girlfriend.

However, as child stars who bonded while working together, they are likely just friends. Both Mckenna and Elias seem focused on growing their careers versus dating right now.

Harger also posts social media photos with Raegan Revord, who stars on the show Young Sheldon. Their constant praise and inside jokes with each other have made some followers believe they are more than friends.

But without any statements from either party, it appears Elias and Raegan are simply two rising stars who enjoy each other’s company and support.

What Exactly Has Harger Said?

As someone who values his privacy, Elias Harger has not directly addressed the speculation about his sexual orientation. He chooses to keep the focus on his work and does not grant many personal interviews.

Since Harger is still so young, it’s likely he prefers keeping his options open when it comes to labeling his sexuality. He may still be understanding his preferences.

Or he could simply feel it’s no one’s business but his own. Either way, he seems in no rush to define or defend himself to the public.

Could Harger’s Interests Offer Clues?

While not definitive indicators, some of Harger’s hobbies and talents paint the picture of a multi-faceted young artist.

His longtime passion for drawing reveals an appreciation for visual creative expression. He also cites musical theater and dance as some of his other artistic loves.

Harger plays multiple musical instruments as well, including guitar, bass, and piano. Displaying equal enthusiasm for traditionally masculine and feminine activities prevents stereotyping his mannerisms into one sexuality or another.

What Does The Future Hold for Elias?

As Elias Harger transitions from child star to adult actor, his career shows immense promise. He already demonstrated his depth and range on a long-running hit series.

Upcoming roles including an intense lead performance in the independent thriller Come Play With Me prove his talent transcends genre.

With Fuller House having ended, Harger also actively engages with fans on YouTube and Twitch streams. He personally connects with followers who feel invested in him since his early work.

As for his romantic future, only Harger knows what path he envisions for himself. Perhaps he will one day open up about it in an interview or memoir.

For now, however, the question remains open-ended. And that is 100% Elias Harger’s prerogative.

The Bottom Line

While Harger’s Max Fuller character exhibited stereotypically gay mannerisms, the actor himself never stated his actual orientation. Fans pairing up Harger with rumored love interests Mckenna Grace and Raegan Revord remains speculation.

Ultimately, the now 15-year old star deserves his privacy during this transitional time in his young life. If and when Elias Harger confirms details about his sexuality, it will be on his own terms.

So is Elias Harger gay in real life? At the moment, not enough clear evidence exists to definitively say. But whether the talented performer someday comes out as LGBTQ+ or any other orientation, his many fans will likely continue supporting him all the same.


1. Has Elias Harger publicly said he is gay?

No. Elias has not made any public statements confirming he identifies as gay or any other sexual orientation. He is keeping the focus on his acting work at this time.

2. What are some examples of Elias displaying stereotypically gay characteristics?

Some fans believe Elias exhibits potentially gay mannerisms in the way he speaks and gestures during interviews and on his social media accounts. However, gender nonconforming self-expression does not necessarily indicate someone’s sexual identity.

3. Who is circulating the rumors that Elias Harger is gay?

The rumors seem to have originated from fans observing his flamboyant Max Fuller character on Fuller House. Additionally, some viewers speculate about his close friendships with actresses Mckenna Grace and Raegan Revord being romantic.

4. How can you tell if someone is gay if they haven’t said so themselves?

You can’t. Outing someone who has not openly discussed their sexuality can be harmful. Unless Elias himself confirms being gay, no one can know for sure at this point. Assuming can lead to the spread of misinformation.

5. Why might a gay teenager be hesitant to come out publicly?

Coming out is an extremely personal decision. A gay teenager may not feel safe being out, may be dealing with internalized homophobia, or may simply not be ready yet. It is crucial to respect an individual’s choice to keep their orientation private.

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