Is Diego Tinoco Gay? Actor Addresses Speculation

You may know Diego Tinoco as Cesar Diaz from the popular Netflix series On My Block. As his acting career continues to rise, there has been speculation around his sexual orientation. Is Diego Tinoco gay? Let’s examine the rumors and what we know about his personal life.

Here’s a quick answer:

As of 2023, actor Diego Tinoco’s sexual orientation cannot be confirmed as gay or straight. Despite rumors about his on and off-screen connections, Tinoco has not publicly commented on identifying as homosexual. The Netflix star remains vague about his dating life, keeping details private even amidst speculation from fans.

Addressing the Gay Rumors

Over the years, there have been assumptions made about Tinoco’s sexuality. Some fans believe he might be gay simply based on his well-groomed appearance. However, as of 2023, there is no concrete proof to validate rumors that he is gay.

Tinoco’s on-screen chemistry with co-star Sierra Capri, who plays his girlfriend Monse, added confusion. Their passionate scenes led many to “ship” them as a real-life couple. Their attendance at the 2018 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards together further sparked dating speculations. But neither Tinoco nor Capri have confirmed being anything more than friends and colleagues.

Prior to the Sierra rumors, Tinoco was linked to actress Isabella Gomez. Fans read into their social media interactions, but Diego shut down those relationship allegations. He stated he intends to remain single and focused on his work.

Without explicit details from the source himself, assumptions around Tinoco’s dating habits and orientation continue. But the lack of transparency seems to be an intentional choice to maintain privacy.

His On-Screen Romances

As mentioned, much of the curiosity around Tinoco’s sexuality stems from his on-screen relationships.

His steamy love scenes with Sierra Capri in On My Block created “CeMonse” as a favorite TV couple. But while their characters Cesar and Monse ended up having an on-again, off-again romance, the actors keep it professional. Capri admits their incredible audition chemistry helped them land their roles, but they do not date in real life.

In season 3, the CeMonse drama continued when Cesar cheated on Monse. Some fans took this as a reflection of the actors rather than the fictional characters. However, Diego and Sierra maintain a friendly working dynamic regardless of the show’s plot lines.

Outside of his On My Block role, Diego’s upcoming part in the new series Pride & Prejudice: An Experiment in Romance has raised eyebrows. The dating show’s promos showing Tinoco kissing a male cast member made some question his sexuality again. But his participation seems to be part of exploring the show’s theme of dismissing labels and judgment in dating.

ShowLove Interest
On My BlockSierra Capri as Monse
Pride & Prejudice: An Experiment in RomanceMale and female contestants

In the end, his on-screen romances do not dictate Tinoco’s real-life sexuality or relationships. But fascination around his roles continues to fuel speculation.

Keeping His Private Life Private

While his acting career remains on public display, Diego Tinoco prefers keeping his personal affairs out of the spotlight. He has not officially confirmed being in a relationship with anyone. The limited insights make it difficult for fans to determine his dating habits or orientation.

Additionally, Diego identifies as a very private individual when it comes to his life off-screen. He chooses to keep quiet regarding his family, friendships, and any potential girlfriends or boyfriends. Based on past denial of rumors, prying into his sexuality seems to clash with his discreet nature.

Tinoco appears committed to focusing energy on expanding his acting resume rather than addressing speculation around his intimate affairs. He seems determined to let his professional talents speak for themselves. Avoiding details on his love life may also be a strategic decision to avoid controversies that could detract from his blossoming career.

Regardless of the curiosity, fans will likely need to rely on Diego himself to clarify any of the hearsay surrounding his sexual orientation. Until then, his priority is perfecting his craft through interesting character portrayals rather than increasing his tabloid presence. The mystery around his personal activities seems unlikely to find definitive answers anytime soon.


1. Is Diego Tinoco gay in real life?

No, as of 2023 there is no concrete evidence that Diego Tinoco identifies as gay in his personal life. He has not publicly confirmed or commented directly on his sexuality.

2. Who is Diego Tinoco dating?

Diego’s current relationship status is unclear. He keeps his dating life and partnerships private from the public eye. In the past he’s denied dating rumors with his On My Block co-star Sierra Capri and actress Isabella Gomez.

3. Why do people think Diego Tinoco is gay?

Rumors stem primarily from Diego’s on-screen chemistry with Sierra Capri, who plays his girlfriend on On My Block. Their passionate scenes led to assumptions about a real-life romance. His fashionable style and support for LGBTQ+ visibility through his acting have also added speculation.

4. Was Diego Tinoco in a relationship with Sierra Capri?

No, Diego and Sierra Capri are not known to have dated in real life. They have great on-screen chemistry as lovers Cesar and Monse on On My Block, but deny being more than friends off-camera.

5. Is Diego Tinoco playing a gay role?

Yes, Diego will play a pansexual character named Pip on the upcoming series Pride & Prejudice: An Experiment in Romance. The dating show focuses on dismissing labels and expectations around love and sexuality. This marks Diego’s first openly LGBTQ+ character portrayal.

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