Is Damiano David Gay? Inside His Hidden Relationship

You may have heard rumors swirling about the sexuality of Damiano David, the lead singer of the increasingly popular Italian rock band Maneskin. David and his bandmates shot to fame after their 2017 audition for the Italian version of The X Factor. Their edgy style and undeniable talent earned them a devoted following across Europe and the world.

Recently, David was seen kissing bandmate Thomas Raggi, sparking questions about his sexual orientation. So is one of the biggest rising stars in music really gay? Let’s take a closer look at what we know.

Here’s a quick answer:

Despite kissing bandmate Thomas Raggi sparking gay rumors, Damiano David has confirmed he is heterosexual. The Italian singer recently revealed he’s been in a 4-year relationship with girlfriend Giorgia Soleri after years of keeping their romance private. So while David’s provocative stage presence suggests gender fluidity, his choice of a female partner confirms he does not identify as gay.

Damiano’s Early Life and Formation of Maneskin

Damiano David was born in 1999 in Rome, Italy. His mother and grandmother worked in the airline industry, allowing David to travel extensively growing up with his older brother.

He discovered his vocal talents at the young age of 6 and eventually befriended Victoria De Angelis and Thomas Raggi in middle school. The trio later added Ethan Torchio on drums and formed the band Maneskin, a Danish word meaning “moonlight.”

Band MemberInstrument
Damiano DavidLead Vocals
Victoria De AngelisBass
Thomas RaggiGuitar
Ethan TorchioDrums

David attended a linguistic high school in Rome briefly before dropping out at 17 to focus all his efforts on his budding music career.

Rise to Fame on Italy’s X Factor

Maneskin first started gaining popularity busking on the streets of Rome and performing in local clubs. Their big break came in 2017 when they auditioned for the Italian version of the reality singing competition The X Factor.

The band impressed judges and viewers with their energy and subversive spirit. They ultimately took second place, but winning the public vote gave them the confidence to shoot for superstardom.

Over the next few years, Maneskin released hit singles and two studio albums, cementing their status as Italy’s most promising young rock band.

As their fame rose, eyes increasingly focused on their provocative, gender-bending frontman, Damiano David.

Rumors Sparked by an On-Stage Kiss

During Maneskin’s 2021 Eurovision Song Contest performance, viewers witnessed David plant a kiss on bandmate Thomas Raggi. Soon after, headlines buzzed about David’s sexuality and alleged gay relationship with Raggi.

However, it’s important to note that David has always embraced gender fluidity. He and his bandmates often blur the lines of masculinity and femininity in their lyrics, wardrobes, and behavior during interviews and concerts. Kissing male friends or colleagues would not seem out of character for David.

Additionally, the atmosphere at an event like Eurovision often lends itself to ostentatious displays of excitement, joy or affection. Kissing Raggi could have simply been an impulsive celebration of their hugely successful night.

David Confirms Longterm Girlfriend

The gay rumors were finally definitively put to rest in early 2023 when David revealed he has been in a 4-year relationship with Italian model and influencer Giorgia Soleri. Soleri and David started secretly dating back in 2017, keeping their romance private for years before going public.

So while David’s onstage antics may present an ambiguous sexuality from time to time, he has made it clear through his choice of a female partner that he identifies as heterosexual. Fans questioning his orientation can rest assured that David and Soleri seem happy together.

Maneskin Continues Rise to Worldwide Fame

With David’s sexuality now conclusively confirmed, Maneskin continues its meteoric rise from busking on Roman streets to gracing some of the biggest stages globally.

They recently announced a world tour kicking off in early 2023, with stops in iconic venues like New York City’s Madison Square Garden. Given their chart dominance across multiple countries, explosive performances, and nonconformist ethos, there is no sign that Maneskin plans to slow down anytime soon.

And the band’s legion of fans have made it clear that they will support these Italian rockers no matter who David or any other member chooses to kiss!

The Takeaway

So, is Damiano David gay after that steamy Eurovision kiss? No. He has since revealed a long-hidden girlfriend proving his heterosexuality.

But his choice to embody gender fluidity in his music and self-expression shows an openness that resonates widely today. Maneskin makes clear in lyrics and interviews that they welcome fans of all orientations, identities and styles.

While David enjoys the spotlight on him during shows, intruding into his private love life goes too far. Fans should respect the boundaries between his onstage persona and personal relationships.

What matters is that through his supreme vocals and willingness to challenge norms, Damiano helps Maneskin create great music. Where they take their sound next, time will tell. But David and the band will likely continue shaking up the status quo – and maybe share some more kisses during exhilarating performances!


Is Damiano David actually gay?

No, Damiano David has confirmed he is heterosexual. He has been in a relationship with girlfriend Giorgia Soleri for over 4 years.

What sparked rumors about Damiano David’s sexuality?

Damiano kissed bandmate Thomas Raggi during Maneskin’s 2021 Eurovision performance. This led some fans to speculate David was gay and dating Raggi.

Has Damiano David ever publicly dated a man?

No, David has only publicly dated his girlfriend, Giorgia Soleri. He has not confirmed ever dating men. His onstage antics present an ambiguous sexuality, but his choice of a female partner confirms he identifies as straight.

Do Damiano’s bandmates support the LGBTQ community?

Yes, in several interviews Maneskin has voiced support for the LGBTQ community. They welcome fans of all sexual and gender identities. The band’s ethos embraces gender fluidity and nonconformity.

What’s next for Damiano David and Maneskin?

The band recently announced a massive world tour for 2023, including shows at Madison Square Garden. They continue releasing hit singles and their star shows no signs of fading. Damiano will likely keep provoking and entertaining fans with Maneskin’s electric performances.

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