Is Corpse Husband Gay? Fans Speculate About the YouTuber

You’ve probably stumbled across the name Corpse Husband on YouTube or Twitter recently. His deep, gravelly voice narrating horror stories captured millions of listeners starting back in 2015. Lately, this anonymous internet personality has exploded in popularity by pivoting into music and gaming content.

But his skyrocketing fame has left many fans wondering — who is the man behind the mask? Specifically, people want to know: is Corpse Husband gay?

Here’s a quick answer:

Despite having a large LGBTQ+ fanbase who often speculate about his sexuality, Corpse Husband has directly stated in a YouTube video that he identifies as straight. However, he is an outspoken ally of the LGBTQ+ community and provides a uniquely safe, supportive platform where fans feel free to discuss mental health and other sensitive topics.

A Sudden Shift to Gaming

Corpse Husband steadily grew his horror narration channel for years. But in 2020, he decided to change direction. First he rebranded as a musician, releasing tracks like “Miss You!” and “White Tee”.

Then he switched to streaming the multiplayer game Among Us on Twitch in September 2020. Playing as an astronaut trying to uncover the imposter, his lobby was an instant hit. Corpse rocketed to over 6 million subscribers in no time.

His fame kept building when he collaborated with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They played Among Us together on a livestream aimed at increasing voter participation.

But despite his monumental success, the man behind the brand has kept his true identity completely hidden. Faceless. Nameless. His serious health issues may play a role in his anonymity.

2015Launched horror narration YouTube channel
2020Rebranded as musician and gamer
Sept 2020Among Us streams go viral, hits 6M subscribers
Oct 2020Plays Among Us with AOC to promote voting

Why Do Fans Think He’s Gay?

In a YouTube video, Corpse Husband confirmed he is straight. However, that hasn’t stopped his massive LGBTQ+ fanbase from shipping him as gay.

Part of this may stem from Corpse’s public support for equality. He consistently affirms his allyship with the LGBTQ+ community. During the controversy over him saying a transphobic slur, Corpse reiterated his commitment to trans fans.

But many supporters also say Corpse’s channel provides a uniquely safe, welcoming space online. His openness about mental health creates an environment of vulnerability. Fans feel a genuine connection with the man behind the mask.

Plus, shipping culture will always fantasize about its icons. Celebrities from Harry Styles to BTS get positioned as gay icons all the time by wishful fans!

Some comments from supporters:

  • “He always wants everyone to feel included comfortable.”
  • “I love how much of an advocate he is for both mental and physical health.”
  • “So sweet and seems to deeply care about others.”

The trending Twitter hashtag #LGBTforCorpse demonstrates his widespread support in the community. However, Corpse Husband himself has denied any speculation about his sexuality.

Uncovering the Truth

It’s natural for fans to be curious about the personal details of an internet celebrity. Especially when they only know his voice!

But Corpse has good reason to stay anonymous — his health. He suffers from debilitating conditions like fibromyalgia, GERD, and thoracic outlet syndrome. Privacy allows him to create content at his own pace.

In the end, fans watch Corpse Husband for his engaging storytelling and gaming commentary. Not the intimate facts around his sexuality. As long as he keeps pumping out magnetic videos, his subscriber count will continue rising astronomically!

Of course, interest in Corpse Husband’s identity won’t fade away anytime soon. But he seems set on taking that secret to the grave. And most fans respect his right to privacy regarding both his face and his bedroom.

So while the gaming guru has captivated the minds of many LGBTQ+ supporters, all evidence points to Corpse Husband identifying as straight. We may never know if he buckles under fan pressure and comes out as gay! For now, his allyship provides plenty of representation for the community.


Is Corpse Husband gay or straight?

Corpse Husband has directly stated in a YouTube video that he is straight. However, many fans speculate about his sexuality and ship him as gay.

What is Corpse Husband’s real name?

Corpse Husband’s real name is currently unknown. He keeps his legal identity private due to health issues and to maintain work/life balance.

What does Corpse Husband look like?

Corpse Husband has never done a face reveal. He always appears online wearing his signature black mask and hoodie with long black hair. Fans are very curious what he looks like underneath!

Why does Corpse Husband stay anonymous?

Corpse Husband suffers from several chronic health conditions like fibromyalgia that can make creating content difficult. Staying anonymous allows him to work at his own pace without pressure. It also keeps his personal life private.

Why do LGBTQ+ fans look up to Corpse Husband?

Many LGBTQ+ fans are drawn to Corpse’s genuine personality and his advocacy for equality. He creates an open, safe space to discuss mental health and other issues rarely addressed. His allyship provides support & representation.

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