Is Connie Springer Gay? Attack on Titan’s Ambiguous Heartthrob

You may be wondering about the sexuality of one of the most popular characters from the acclaimed anime Attack on Titan – Connie Springer. As a fan-favorite known for his humor, agility in battle, and tragic backstory, Connie’s sexuality has been a topic of discussion among fans. In this article, we’ll explore some clues about Connie’s preferences and see if there’s any definitive evidence pointing one way or another.

Here’s a quick answer:

While subtle hints may imply Connie’s sexuality leans one way or another, the Attack on Titan character’s orientation remains ambiguous. The series gives no definitive confirmation of Connie being gay or straight at this point, though his close bonds with some male comrades fuel speculation. Ultimately, Connie’s sexual preferences are still up for debate among fans.

Connie’s Background

Before speculating on his sexuality, let’s recap some key details about Connie’s background from Attack on Titan. Connie comes from an isolated village that was attacked by Zeke Yeager’s Beast Titan. After the death and suffering inflicted on his village, Connie joined the military seeking revenge and glory. He graduated 10th in his class from the 104th Training Corps.

As a soldier, Connie is admired for his speed and agility on the battlefield as part of the Survey Corps. Though sometimes overconfident, he demonstrates resilience and determination in the face of challenges. He also brings some comedic relief with his high energy and goofball sense of humor.

Outside of military life, little is revealed about Connie’s romantic interests or relationships. So fans are left wondering – which way does Connie swing?

Evidence Pointing to Connie Being Straight

There are a few subtle hints that Connie Springer may be straight:

  • His reaction to Sasha Blouse – When Connie first meets his fellow 104th Training Corps graduate Sasha, he blushes a bit, suggesting he finds her attractive. They become close friends, but some fans detect a romantic chemistry.
  • Lack of confirmed LGBTQ+ characters in the series – So far in the Attack on Titan storyline, there have been no openly gay major characters. Following that pattern, Connie would likely be presumed straight.
  • No clear same-sex crushes – Unlike some obviously smitten characters, Connie hasn’t shown any overt crushes on or interest in pursuing male comrades. His enthusiasm seems directed at young women.

So while not definitive proof, these small hints indicate Connie could be heterosexual. However, an absence of evidence doesn’t necessarily mean evidence of absence regarding his sexuality.

Clues That Imply Connie Might Be Gay

On the other hand, there are a few subtle signs that leave room for debate on Connie’s orientation:

  • His disinterest in relationships – For all his humor and camaraderie with fellow soldiers, Connie shows little interest in romantic connections. His duty and goals seem to take priority over dating.
  • Intense reaction to Reiner’s betrayal – When it’s revealed that trusted comrade Reiner Braun is a traitor, Connie reacts intensely, with some fans detecting undertones of a crushed crush.
  • Close relationships with male comrades – Connie forms close bonds with several male allies, including Armin and Jean. The depth of some of these connections raises questions.

While these hints are up for interpretation, Connie has yet to show overt attraction to a male character. But his sexuality remains ambiguous enough to fuel fan theories.

Evidence ForEvidence Against
Blushes when meeting SashaNo confirmed LGBTQ+ characters yet
Intense reaction to Reiner’s betrayalNo clear same-sex crushes shown
Close with male comrades like Armin and JeanDisinterested in relationships generally

Table summarizing key evidence regarding Connie Springer’s sexual orientation

The Verdict: Connie’s Sexuality is Unconfirmed

Given the evidence and theories on both sides, there is no definitive proof to determine whether Connie Springer is straight or gay at this point in Attack on Titan. Subtle hints allow room for debate among fans who enjoy speculating about his interests. But ultimately, Connie’s sexual orientation remains unconfirmed in the story so far.

The mystery gives fans something to theorize and talk about as they anxiously await future Attack on Titan storylines. And Connie Springer’s colorful personality has earned him a devoted fanbase regardless of viewers’ assumptions about who he might end up with. His humor and heroics delight fans without clear confirmation of his sexuality one way or the other.

Connie’s Popularity Goes Beyond Shipping

As a charismatic supporting character, Connie offers more than intriguing ambiguities about his orientation. His resilience during tragic events, courage on the battlefield, and comic banter with comrades make him a fan-favorite no matter who viewers hope he’ll date.

Connie brilliantly balances entertainment and depth as the story progresses. And the open-ended hints about his sexuality allow fans to speculate while they appreciate Connie’s skills as a soldier and friend.

So while the mystery continues in terms of Connie’s romantic preferences, his wit, loyalty, and fighting ability cement him as an iconic character. Connie Springer keeps fans laughing, crying, and wondering what will happen next on his chaotic journey in the world of Attack on Titan.


Is Connie Springer officially confirmed as gay or straight?

No, Connie’s sexuality has never been officially stated. At this point it’s unclear if he’s gay or straight. The series gives subtle hints that lend credence to fan theories on both sides, but leaves his orientation ambiguous.

Do any main characters in Attack on Titan identify as LGBTQ+?

So far, none of the central characters in the manga or anime have been confirmed to identify as LGBTQ+. However, some fans believe certain characters show hints of being gay, including Connie based on his relationships and reactions to male comrades. But it’s very much open to interpretation.

Was Connie in love with Reiner before finding out he was the Armored Titan?

Some fans speculate that Connie’s intense reaction to Reiner’s betrayal as the Armored Titan may hint he had a secret crush. But it’s not clearly indicated in a romantic sense. Others suggest Connie reacted strongly due to feeling that Reiner betrayed his deep trust. Ultimately it’s vague enough for fans to draw their own conclusions.

Does Connie end up in a relationship later in Attack on Titan?

Without giving any major spoilers, Connie does not outright confirm or display any distinct romantic relationships in the manga and anime as of the latest story arcs and seasons. There are moments where his fondness for characters like Sasha shine through, but no definitive relationship develops between Connie and another character thus far.

Will Connie’s sexual orientation be clarified later on in the Attack on Titan storyline?

It remains to be seen whether Connie Springer’s preferences are stated outright as the story progresses into additional seasons and manga chapters. The series may maintain the ambiguity regarding characters’ sexual orientations for some time. But fans continue looking for hints one way or the other from new plot and character developments involving Connie.

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