Is Colton Ryan Gay? Inside His Quiet Personal Life

You may have recently heard rumors swirling about actor and singer Colton Ryan’s sexuality. Specifically, some people have been questioning if Ryan is gay. As an admirer of his work, you’re probably curious about the truth behind these gay rumors. Keep reading as we take an in-depth look at the speculation about Ryan’s sexual orientation, his dating history, and what he has had to say on the subject.

Here’s a quick answer:

Despite rumors about his sexuality stemming from stereotypes and ties to the LGBTQ+ community, there is no definitive proof actor and singer Colton Ryan is gay. He has been in a long-term relationship with actress Adrian Grace Bumpas for over 7 years, indicating he likely identifies as straight or heterosexual. Ryan himself has not publicly confirmed or denied the speculation about his sexual orientation.

Examining the Gay Rumors

So where did these rumors about Colton Ryan’s sexuality originate? Well, there are a few factors that seem to have sparked the speculation:

  • His close friendships with openly gay actors like Ben Platt
  • His advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights and involvement in the community
  • His portrayal of gay characters on stage and screen

However, it’s important to note that none of these things automatically mean someone is gay. Allies and straight actors often have close ties to the LGBTQ+ community as well.

Some have also theorized that Ryan exhibits some subtle “stereotypical” gay mannerisms in his speech and gestures. But again, these kinds of stereotypes are unreliable and problematic to propagate. A person’s sexuality cannot be determined through assumption or speculation.

YearRyan’s Notable Projects
2016Made Broadway debut in Dear Evan Hansen
2019Appeared in The Social Ones and Adam
2020Played roles in Uncle Frank and Little Voice
2022Starred in Hulu series The Girl from Plainville

So while Ryan certainly has connections to the community, there does not seem to be any definitive proof to substantiate the claims about his sexual orientation one way or another.

Ryan’s Girlfriend and Dating History

So if the gay rumors are unproven, who is Colton Ryan dating? Well, the actor has been in a long-term relationship with girlfriend Adrian Grace Bumpas.

Bumpas is an actress and assistant director originally from Oklahoma. Per reports, she and Ryan have been together for over seven years now. That’s quite a serious commitment!

The two often praise each other on social media and otherwise seem very supportive of one another’s careers. For example, Bumpas shared an adorable Instagram photo of the couple on Ryan’s last birthday, saying he was the “one I would choose over and over to do every single day with.”

So despite baseless rumors to the contrary, Ryan appears to be in a solid, heterosexual partnership with Bumpas.

As for his past dating history – Ryan has kept pretty quiet about his personal life outside of his current relationship. There don’t appear to be any public details about who else he may have dated beforehand.

But given the longevity and intensity of his relationship with Bumpas, it’s likely she’s been his most significant love interest over the past number of years.

What Ryan Has Said

Given all the speculation, you may wonder if Ryan himself has ever addressed the gay rumors.

Unfortunately, the actor has not made any direct public statements confirming or denying the gossip about his sexual orientation. Like many celebrities, he seems to prefer keeping his private life mostly private.

Ryan also generally avoids discussing topics like dating or relationships in interviews – he typically just focuses conversation around his latest projects.

So in the absence of any declarative comments from the man himself, the gay rumors continue circulating amongst some fans and online chatter.

However, his committed partnership with Bumpas provides quite convincing evidence against him actually being gay.

The Verdict

To sum up, there is no solid proof Colton Ryan is gay, despite rumors stemming from stereotypes and his LGBTQ+ ties. He has dated actress Adrian Grace Bumpas for over 7 years, indicating he likely identifies as straight or heterosexual. Of course, sexuality can be fluid for some. While Ryan seems straight now, how he identifies could change over time.

But based on current information, he does not appear to be gay. Unless Ryan confirms it himself, the rumors should be taken skeptically. Regardless of his sexuality, his exceptional talent as an actor and singer remains unchanged. Let’s appreciate Ryan for his art rather than speculate about his personal identity.


1. Is Colton Ryan publicly out as gay?

No, Ryan has never publicly stated that he identifies as gay or publicly come out. The rumors about his sexuality remain unconfirmed speculations.

2. What evidence is there that Colton Ryan might be gay?

Some point to his friendships with openly gay actors, LGBTQ+ advocacy, and portrayal of gay characters as evidence he could be gay. However, these things alone are not proof of one’s sexuality.

3. Who is Colton Ryan’s girlfriend?

Ryan has been dating actress Adrian Grace Bumpas for over 7 years now. This long-term relationship indicates he is most likely straight.

4. Has Colton Ryan discussed his sexuality openly?

No, Ryan generally avoids discussing his personal life and relationships in interviews. He has not made any declarative comments confirming or denying rumors about his sexual orientation.

5. Does Colton Ryan’s sexuality matter in regards to his work?

No, Ryan’s exceptional talent and achievements as an actor and vocalist stand regardless of his sexuality. His personal identity should not impact appreciation of his artistic talents and accomplishments.

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