Is Chase Chrisley Gay? He Responds to Rumors

You may know Chase Chrisley as the quick-witted and charming son of Todd Chrisley on the hit reality show Chrisley Knows Best. With his good looks and outgoing personality, Chase has built quite the fanbase over the years. Many fans are curious about the star’s personal life, including who he is dating and his sexual orientation. Rumors have swirled for years that Chase may be gay, so let’s take a deeper look at the speculation.

Here’s a quick answer:

Despite ongoing rumors and speculation from fans, Chase Chrisley identifies as straight. He has been in relationships with women like Brooke Noury, Lindsey Merrick, and is currently engaged to Emmy Medders. Both Chase and his father Todd have publicly denied rumors that they are gay. Chase continues to live his truth with the full support of his family.

Chase’s History with Women

If Chase is gay, he has done an excellent job of keeping it under wraps. Chase has been linked to several high-profile girlfriends over the years. In 2015, he started dating Brooke Noury, a contestant on the show Survivor. They dated for several months before eventually splitting.

After Brooke, Chase began a relationship with Lindsey Merrick which lasted over a year. Their time together played out in front of cameras on Chrisley Knows Best. Many believed Chase had finally found “the one”, but the long distance proved too difficult and the couple broke up in 2017.

Most recently, Chase connected with a beautiful real estate agent named Emmy Medders. Chase refers to her as his “soul mate”, and they love traveling together when their busy schedules allow it. Pictures of adventures fill both their Instagram pages. It’s clear there is real chemistry between the two.

Speculation From Fans

Despite Chase’s clear interest in women, fans still whisper about his sexuality. Some viewers insist Chase pings their “gaydar”. They see mannerisms or style choices as coded confirmation that he secretly prefers men.

Chase has heard these rumors his whole life. Growing up in the south, he faced taunts and speculation even as a young teen. Chase found the comments confusing and hurtful, especially when coming to understand his own identity.

Others feel Todd Chrisley also gives off a gay vibe. These fans believe Chase follows in his father’s footsteps, claiming the “fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree”. Both angrily deny these offensive stereotypes. Just because the Chrisley men take pride in personal grooming doesn’t make them attracted to the same sex.

Chase Responds

Chase understands that appearing on reality television invites lots of opinions on his life. Still, speculation about his sexuality feels like too personal a topic for strangers to dissect.

During interviews, Chase stays calm and composed when asked about being gay. He has responded firmly many times that he only feels attraction and love towards women. Chase ignores online chatter hoping to “out” him. He knows fans don’t have any real insight into who he shares a bed with at night.

No matter how many times Chase asserts his straightness, the rumors just won’t die. He continues facing inappropriate questions about his sex life both online and in person. Remaining vague only fuels the fires of speculation.

2015Dated Brooke Noury
2016 – 2017Dated Lindsey Merrick
2020 – PresentEngaged to Emmy Medders

The Engagement

For those who still silently wondered about Chase’s sexuality, his recent engagement should provide a final answer.

In October 2022, Chase proposed to his girlfriend Emmy. Close friends and family attended the intimate celebration, overjoyed to officially welcome Emmy into the Chrisleys. Both Todd and matriarch Julie Chrisley beam proudly watching their son plan his walk down the aisle.

Chase credits Emmy with restoring his faith in partnership. Together they dream of raising children who feel comfortable embracing their own identities. Of course cameras will capture tying the knot when the big day arrives. Chase may not love life playing out publicly, but he understands it comes with the celebrity territory.

While the couple hopes for privacy, interest in their future wedding fills gossip sites already. Chase tries tuning out the noise, directing his energy on nurturing the special connection he’s found. Emmy’s loving support helps Chase brush off shallow curiosity about his bedroom preferences.

Within the safe space of their commitment, labels and judgments can’t touch them. As an adoring partner and role model for their soon-to-be children, Chase feels grateful for this next chapter with Emmy by his side.

The Verdict

Though Chase Chrisley has faced perpetual rumor-mongering about his sexual orientation, he identifies as straight. His high profile relationships spanning over 7 years only involve women. Chase continues shutting down inappropriate fan speculation by living his truth.

As Chase takes the next step by marrying Emmy Medders, hopefully interested parties will finally accept reality. Chase knows who he is and what he wants – a life bonded with an amazing woman. Rather than making ignorant assumptions, true fans will celebrate Chase finding happiness with someone capable of cherishing his sensitive heart.


1. Is Chase Chrisley actually gay?

No. Chase has denied being gay several times. He has been in relationships with women like Brooke Noury, Lindsey Merrick, and is currently engaged to Emmy Medders.

2. Why do fans think Chase Chrisley is gay?

Some fans think Chase pings their “gaydar” based on his mannerisms and style choices. Others think he is gay like his dad Todd, but both have refuted those stereotypical assumptions.

3. Has Chase Chrisley ever said he is straight?

Yes. In multiple interviews when asked about being gay, Chase has firmly responded that he only feels attraction and love towards women. He continues to live his truth by being engaged to Emmy.

4. Does Todd Chrisley support Chase’s sexuality?

Yes. Todd and Julie Chrisley are fully supportive of Chase’s engagement to Emmy. They beam proudly watching their son plan his upcoming straight wedding.

5. Who is Chase Chrisley engaged to?

Chase is engaged to Emmy Medders, a successful real estate agent. They met in 2020 and Chase credits her with restoring his faith in relationships. They seem very happy together.

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