Is Cesar Millan Gay? Dog Whisperer Comes Clean

As you sit down to watch your favorite episode of Dog Whisperer, with the charismatic Cesar Millan rehabilitating a troubled canine, you may find yourself wondering about the man behind the methods. Specifically, you might be asking: is Cesar Millan gay?

It’s an understandable question. After all, celebrities often keep details of their romantic lives private, leading fan speculation. And Millan, a handsome and seemingly single man constantly surrounded by dogs, intrigues many viewers.

So let’s take a deeper look at Millan’s life and relationships to discern the truth about his sexuality. Grab some popcorn and settle in!

Here’s a quick answer:

No, despite tabloid rumors suggesting otherwise, dog behaviorist Cesar Millan has never identified as gay or LGBTQ. He was married to a woman for 16 years, fathered two children, became suicidal after his divorce, and is currently engaged to a female fiancée. All credible evidence indicates Cesar Millan is straight rather than homosexual.

From Mexico to Media Sensation

Born in rural Mexico in 1969, Millan grew up working with all types of animals on his grandfather’s farm. Realizing he had an uncanny connection with dogs, he eventually focused his skills on understanding canine psychology and training unruly pups.

In his early twenties, driven to pursue his passion, Millan crossed the border into America with only $100 in his pocket. Living homeless in LA for months, he persisted chasing his dream of becoming a dog trainer until receiving his big break – training the dog of celebrity talent agent Sheila Ward.

Soon Millan’s unique talents captured Hollywood’s attention. When the National Geographic Channel approached him about starring in his own TV show educating everyday families struggling with their dogs’ behavior issues, he jumped on the opportunity.

Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan debuted in 2004 and rapidly grew into a wildly popular, Emmy-nominated program. And Millan’s meteoric rise to fame had only just begun.

2004Dog Whisperer airs on National Geographic Channel
2006NY Times bestselling book Cesar’s Way published
2008Junior, his loyal pit bull, stars on the show
2009Named one of top 100 most influential hispanics by People en Español
2010The New York Times Best Seller list features his book How to Raise the Perfect Dog
2014Final episode of Dog Whisperer airs after 10 season run

Propelled by this success, Millan became a household name across America and internationally by the late 2000s, solidifying himself as the world’s most famous dog expert.

Yet behind the scenes, while charm and good looks entranced fans worldwide, details of Cesar’s romantic life remained largely private.

Marriage, Divorce…and Suicide Attempt

In 1994, a year after arriving in LA, Millan married his girlfriend Ilusión Wilson who had crossed the Mexican border with him. Struggling to establish himself those early years in America, Wilson worked various jobs to help support them financially.

The couple went on to have two sons together while Millan built his dog training empire. When discussing their dynamic partnership during Dog Whisperer’s heyday, he stated “My wife rehabilitated me.”

However, after 16 years of marriage the cracks began to show in their relationship. In 2010, likely exacerbated by the recent death of Daddy, Millan’s beloved right-hand dog featured on the show, the couple filed for divorce.

The traumatic split, alongside vicious tabloid rumors emerging about Millan’s methods, eventually caused the trainer’s mental health to unravel. Later in 2010 he attempted suicide, hitting emotional rock bottom before committing to pick up the pieces with intensive therapy.

Though the details remain private, this turbulent period likely revealed deeper insights into Millan’s romantic inclinations.

New Love – With a Woman

Two years after finalizing his divorce to Wilson in 2012, Millan found love again with a stunning Dominican actress named Jahira Dar who shared his adoration of animals.

Quickly smitten, Millan experienced an outpouring of positive emotion when recounting the early days of their romance:

I’m so happy!!! She said yes!!! I always knew that I wanted someone to share my life with who was sweet, adventurous, honest, and loving, but I got more than that! She is beautiful inside and out, extremely supportive of my entire family and me… AND SHE LOVES DOGS!

After proposing in 2016 the affectionate couple still remain happily engaged. And Dar often makes public appearances supporting Millan’s work to rehabilitate rescue dogs.

So despite lingering tabloid rumors, Cesar Millan identifiably continues dating women – including his current fiancée.

Which brings us to answering the original question…

Is Cesar Millan Gay?

With his colorful history revealed, reviewing the key facts makes Millan’s sexuality clear:

  • Married a woman for 16 years – cementing him as demonstrably heterosexual
  • Fathered 2 children – again confirming his sexual attraction to women
  • Became suicidal partly over his divorce – implying the female companionship deeply mattered to his wellbeing
  • Currently engaged to a woman – revealing ongoing opposite-sex attraction

Therefore, while Cesar Millan keeps some romantic details understandably private, no evidence suggests the Dog Whisperer identifies anywhere on the homosexual spectrum. Though he holds appeal across genders and orientations, credible reports categorize Millan’s sexuality as straight.

So as you gleefully watch Millan reform those problem pups each week, you can rest assured that though some celebrities pretend otherwise, in Cesar’s case…his masculinity aligns with his public persona.

And should future relationships ever point to him coming out as LGBTQ, bisexual or otherwise…we’ll let you know! But for now the facts speak for themselves.

Cesar Millan – definitively straight, eminently dog savvy…and still single-handedly whispering dogs out of crisis every day.

So next time you’re wondering “is Cesar Millan gay?,” hopefully this breakdown provided some clarity on our beloved Dog Whisperer’s sexuality!


Is Cesar Millan attracted to men?

No evidence suggests Cesar Millan is attracted to or has dated men. He was married to a woman for 16 years, has two children, and is currently engaged to a woman – all indicating he identifies as straight.

What happened between Cesar Millan and his wife Ilusión Wilson?

Cesar Millan and Ilusión Wilson were married from 1994-2012. In 2010, after the death of Daddy (Millan’s beloved pit bull) and increasing work stress, Wilson filed for divorce. The traumatic split led Millan into a depression and suicide attempt. Their divorce finalized in 2012.

Who is Cesar Millan engaged to?

In 2016, Cesar Millan proposed to his girlfriend Jahira Dar, a Dominican actress who shares his passion for dogs. They met two years after his divorce and remain happily engaged, with Dar actively supporting his dog rehabilitation work.

Has Cesar Millan come out as gay or bisexual?

No, Cesar Millan has never publicly come out as gay or bisexual. All known relationships before and after his marriage point to him identifying as straight. There are tabloid rumors about his sexuality, but no credible evidence suggests he is LGBTQ.

Could Cesar Millan be hiding his sexuality?

While some celebrities keep their sexuality private, it’s unlikely Cesar Millan is hiding an LGBTQ orientation. His long-term female partnerships and children orient him demonstrably towards straight relationships. If that ever changes, he likely wouldn’t hide a shift in sexual preference from the public.

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