Is Billy Harris Gay? What We Know About the Actor’s Sexuality

You may know Billy Harris as the actor who plays Colin Hughes on the popular Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso. His character is openly gay, living his truth and finding happiness with his boyfriend Michael. Naturally, this has led fans to wonder – is Billy Harris gay in real life too?

Here’s a quick answer:

Billy Harris, known for playing gay footballer Colin Hughes on Ted Lasso, has not publicly disclosed his own sexual orientation. While he convincingly portrays a gay character and advocates for LGBTQ+ visibility in media, Harris keeps details of his personal life private. Unless the actor confirms specifics about identifying as queer himself, speculation about his sexuality remains just that – speculation.

Billy Harris: The Actor

Before landing his breakout role on Ted Lasso, Harris honed his craft on the stage. He graduated from the prestigious Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in 2017 after studying theatre for three years.

Some of his early roles after drama school include:

  • Appearing in a Nike commercial with basketball superstar Kevin Durant
  • Performing in short films and web series
  • Landing his first lead role as Callum McGregor in a theatre production of the novel Noughts & Crosses

Theater prepared Harris well for inhabiting complex characters. When the opportunity to join Ted Lasso came along, he dove into playing a gay man with nuance, empathy, and care.

Portraying Colin Hughes

As Colin Hughes, Harris depicts a gay semi-pro footballer navigating life, love, and vulnerability. Colin struggles to come out to his teammates due to fear of discrimination. However, he eventually shares his truth, finds acceptance from his coach and fellow players, and begins happily dating Michael.

Bringing such an authentic, human gay character to life has resonated strongly with LGBTQ+ fans. They appreciate the representation and the show exploring meaningful topics like male vulnerability and homosexuality.

For his part, Harris has spoken about the importance of visibility. In an interview with Attitude, he said:

“I feel very lucky to be portraying this character that gives visibility and representation where it hasn’t necessarily been seen a lot before.”

Clearly, Harris understands the value of inclusive storytelling in media. He brings thoughtfulness, skill, and compassion to playing Colin.

However, as authentically as Harris plays a gay man on screen, what does that reveal about his own identity?

Harris’s Personal Life

While Harris’s performance has led fans to speculate about his sexuality, the rising English actor keeps his personal life very private. He has not publicly discussed:

  • His own sexuality
  • Any details about his sexual orientation
  • Whether he has a partner or wife
  • His views on relationships in general

In essence – Harris separates his acting roles from his personal world. He maintains boundaries, guarding sensitive aspects of his inner self and romantic connections. This choice should be respected unless and until he decides to share that part of himself.

Ultimately, sexuality sits on a broad, complex spectrum that each person has a right to define for themselves. Harris playing a gay character does not automatically tell viewers anything about how he self-identifies. Assuming an actor’s orientation based solely on their work reflects rigid beliefs about sexuality.

Instead of speculating, fans would do well to appreciate Harris’ talents without invasive curiosity into his intimate identity.

Focus on Harris’s Achievements

At just 29 years old, Billy Harris displays wise perspective and admirable discretion regarding privacy even amidst fame. Rather than fixating on his personal life, the focus is better directed toward his achievements:

  • Theater training – Harris honed his acting skills for 3 years at a top UK drama academy
  • Versatility – He has succeeded across commercials, theater, TV and film
  • Dedication – Harris prepared meticulously to authentically play a gay footballer
  • Inclusivity advocacy – He openly supports more LGBTQ+ visibility in media
  • Well-rounded performer – He delivers compelling emotional depth and comedic moments

Harris merits praise for his acting talents and principles of inclusivity, not invasive personal questions. Though openly LGBTQ+ actors authentically portraying such roles have power, performers of all identities can connect with and carefully depict these stories.

Until Harris confirms specifics about his sexuality, judgement is unwarranted – his preferences remain private. For now, let his poignant performances showcase his support as an ally regardless of his own identity. His authenticity and empathy as Colin resonate more than speculation.


1. Is Billy Harris gay in real life?

No, Billy Harris has not publicly discussed his sexual orientation. His portrayal of a gay character on Ted Lasso reflects his acting skills rather than confirming his own identity.

2. What roles has Billy Harris played?

Billy Harris had early roles in shorts films, commercials, and theater productions. His breakout role is playing Colin Hughes on the Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso.

3. Is Billy Harris dating anyone?

It is unknown if Billy Harris is currently dating anyone. He keeps his personal life very private and has not revealed any details about his relationship status.

4. Why do people think Billy Harris is gay?

People speculate about Harris’ sexuality because of his authentic performance as Colin, an openly gay character on Ted Lasso. However, an actor’s portrayal of a role does not necessarily correlate with their real-life identity.

5. Has Billy Harris spoken publicly about being an LGBTQ+ ally?

Yes, Billy Harris has directly stated his support for increased LGBTQ+ visibility in media. He conveys understanding and compassion regarding the importance of authentic queer representation.

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