Is Benjamin Ingrosso Gay? What We Know About the Singer

You may have seen Swedish singer Benjamin Ingrosso perform in musicals or even represent Sweden at Eurovision. With his artistic talents and onscreen roles, some fans speculate about Benjamin Ingrosso’s sexuality and wonder – is he gay?

Here’s a quick answer:

Benjamin Ingrosso’s sexuality remains unspecified publicly. The Swedish singer-actor has not directly addressed if he identifies as gay, straight, or any other orientation. While some speculate based on his show roles and past relationships, the only one who can define Benjamin’s sexuality is Benjamin himself, if and when he chooses to.

Examining the Rumors

Over the years, there has been some confusion over Benjamin’s sexual orientation. Part of this stems from fans seeing him take on gay roles like when he participated in the LGBTQ-inclusive series “Eagles.”

Additionally, being single for long periods only added more fuel to the rumors. Some felt his reluctance to discuss relationships indicated he was hiding something.

However, it’s vital we remember that an actor’s on screen portrayal does not necessarily reflect their identity off screen. Benjamin’s commitment to playing diverse characters highlights his talents. Still, it would be unfair to automatically associate a role with his actual sexuality.

YearRelationship Status
2017-2023Single with rumors of various girlfriends
2011-2017Dated Linnea Widmark for 6 years

So far, Benjamin has not spoken openly about identifying as gay, bisexual, or any other sexual orientation. Until he chooses to address it directly, we can only speculate.

Long-Term Ex and Close Bonds

Even if Ingrosso hasn’t defined his sexuality clearly, looking at his past relationships provides some insight.

Benjamin dated girlfriend Linnea Widmark, a fellow Swedish TV personality, for over six years until 2017. In a 2023 YouTube interview after their split, Widmark implied the breakup occurred because her feelings faded. This long-term, opposite-sex relationship suggests Benjamin’s interests may be straight, but his orientation remains undefined publicly.

Beyond his high-profile ex, Benjamin has kept his more recent dating life very private. There were rumors in 2023 that he was seeing Norwegian influencer Frya Sofie Winther, but Benjamin did not confirm them explicitly during interviews.

It seems those close to the pop singer also avoid pressing him to discuss relationships or sexuality unless he wishes too. His family, including Swedish House Mafia cousin Sebastian Ingrosso, have not commented on who Benjamin may be dating now or his orientation.

Looking Back on a Musical Upbringing

To better understand this breakout star, let’s explore his background in music and performance that led him to Eurovision fame…

Benjamin was born in 1997 to a very talented family spanning both the acting and music worlds. His mother Pernilla Wahlgren is an established Swedish pop singer. Meanwhile, his father Emilio Ingrosso comes from an Italian family and previously worked as a dancer.

With performing and creativity running through his blood, Benjamin displayed natural talents early on. By age 9, he was singing and acting in musical theater productions like “Nils Karlsson Pyssling.” His song “Hej Sofia” won the children’s Melodifestivalen contest in 2006, proving he could captivate audiences.

Over the next decade, Benjamin balanced schoolwork with TV appearances, touring, and releasing popular singles like his 2007 cover “Jag är en astronaut” (I Am an Astronaut). He further honed skills playing instruments like piano and guitar during this adolescence immersed in the arts.

Winning Eurovision Selection and Looking Ahead

Fast forward to 2018 when Benjamin Ingrosso’s career reached new heights on the Eurovision stage…

At only age 20, he was selected to represent Sweden with his dance pop song “Dance You Off.” Bringing crisp choreography and high energy, Benjamin charmed viewers across Europe at the annual song competition. His music video for the track now has over 100 million views on YouTube.

Though he didn’t win Eurovision that year, the global exposure helped launch him firmly into the spotlight back home and abroad. Benjamin followed up his success with tours, a self-titled debut album in 2019, and singles like “Shampoo” and “The Dirt” with English singer Astrid S.

Now in his mid-20s, critics praise the Swedish phenomenon for his soulful vocals, versatility across genres like R&B and electronic music, and willingness to be vulnerable sharing personal themes of relationships and heartbreak in his lyrics.

As Benjamin works on new music and potential acting roles, questions still come up from journalists about who he might be dating or when he identifies regarding sexual orientation. However, Benjamin seems less concerned with defining himself for the public and more focused on expanding his artistry.

Respecting Privacy Until He Chooses to Share

While speculation continues about Benjamin Ingrosso’s sexuality, only he can accurately speak on the matter if or when he chooses. Prying into private matters can become disrespectful, so we should appreciate his talents and allow self-discovery. If he one day identifies as LGBTQ, supporters would surely embrace him. Or if he clarifies anything else, fans’ warmth would be the same.

His skills already connect with audiences regardless. Benjamin contains multitudes beyond one aspect of his complex life. Let’s allow him joy and creativity first before preoccupying over partnerships. Wherever he lands on orientation when ready, many will eagerly hear his perspective.


1. Has Benjamin Ingrosso ever said he is gay?

No, Benjamin has not openly identified as gay or spoken publicly about his sexuality.

2. What evidence is there that Benjamin Ingrosso is gay?

Some speculate he may be gay based on his acting roles and keeping his dating life private, but there is no concrete evidence.

3. Who has Benjamin Ingrosso dated?

He dated fellow TV personality Linnea Widmark for over 6 years until 2017. Rumors link him to Norwegian influencer Frya Sofie Winther recently.

4. Why won’t Benjamin Ingrosso say if he is gay or straight?

As a celebrity, his private life faces constant speculation. He may prefer keeping his orientation private until he’s ready to address it.

5. What impact could Benjamin Ingrosso coming out have?

If he came out as LGBTQ, he would likely receive support from Swedish fans and readers worldwide for living as his authentic self.

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