Is Austin Lin Gay? Answering the Big Question

You may have seen Taiwanese actor and singer Austin Lin in films like “Somewhere I Have Never Traveled” or TV shows like “Marry My Dead Body.” With his rising popularity, many fans are curious—is Austin Lin gay?

Unfortunately, Austin has not publicly commented on his sexuality. Making assumptions would be inappropriate and an invasion of his privacy. However, his role choices have fueled speculation. Let’s explore what we know about Austin’s personal life and leave the labeling to him.

Here’s a quick answer:

Taiwanese actor and singer Austin Lin has not publicly addressed his sexual orientation. Despite playing a gay character on the 2020 series “Marry My Dead Body,” leading to speculation, Lin chooses to keep his personal life out of the spotlight. Without verification from the celebrity himself, assumptions about his sexuality should be avoided out of respect for his privacy.

Austin’s Breakout Performance

Austin gained recognition in 2007 competing on “One Million Star,” a popular Taiwanese singing contest. His soulful voice and versatile talent caught attention.

In 2009, he transitioned into acting, nailing his debut film role in “Somewhere I Have Never Traveled.” Austin lent his pipes to the movie soundtrack too. Clearly, this guy oozes artistry!

Soon after, Austin snagged a leading part on the 2020 supernatural sitcom “Marry My Dead Body.” And here’s where those gay rumors began swirling.

The Role Fueling Rumors

In “Marry My Dead Body,” Austin plays a character who identifies as gay. As many know, an actor’s on-screen persona doesn’t always align with their off-screen identity.

But his performance made people wonder—is Austin gay too?

ShowMarry My Dead Body
NetworkTTV Main Channel
GenreSupernatural comedy
Austin’s RoleGhost who helps a young woman mediate spirits; the character is gay

The assumption that Austin shares his character’s sexuality demonstrates a common misconception.

An actor’s job involves embodying different lives and experiences. Their own identity remains untouched.

Without Austin verifying details about his personal life, speculating can wrongly label him.

Relationship Status: Unknown

As of 2023, Austin’s relationship status is ambiguous. And he seems to prefer it that way.

Austin keeps his romantic involvements and sexuality private. He rarely posts photos with love interests on his social media accounts.

With 500k+ Instagram followers, you’d expect occasional couples pics, right? Yet his feed focuses solely on his work and personal hobbies.

There was an unconfirmed rumor that Austin previously dated Chinese actress Fan Bingbing. But neither have addressed relationship claims.

By avoiding the spotlight on his dating life, Austin can keep public scrutiny at bay. Other celebs should take notes!

What Really Matters

At the end of the day, Austin’s sexual orientation bears no weight on his talents. He has wowed audiences for 15+ years with his acting, singing, and infectious charm.

Rather than make intimate assumptions, fans should respect Austin’s privacy. There’s power in focusing on the art rather than the artist’s bedroom affairs.

If Austin is in fact part of the LGBTQ+ community, he deserves the right to embrace that on his own terms, free of pressure and judgment.

Similarly, fans within this community deserve representation from openly gay figures when it’s safe to come out publicly.

The Future Looks Bright

While his relationship status remains behind closed doors, Austin continues brightening screens across Taiwan.

He is set to star in the 2024 film “Til Death Do Us Part” alongside award-winning actress Chen Shu. Austin’s also landing modeling gigs and releasing new music.

Rather than probe into his sexual identity, let’s admire Austin’s ever-evolving creative talents. This star shows no signs of burning out!

The next time you watch Austin Light up the screen, appreciate his art without questioning his heart. Talent transcends all labels.


1. Has Austin Lin publicly stated if he is gay?

No, Austin Lin has not made any public statements about his sexual orientation. He chooses to keep details of his personal life out of the spotlight.

2. What were some of the acting roles that sparked gay rumors about Austin Lin?

Austin’s role on the 2020 TV series “Marry My Dead Body” fueled speculation about his sexuality. He played a gay character on the show which led some fans to question if he might be gay in real life too.

3. Is Austin Lin currently dating anyone?

There is no public information on Austin Lin having a current girlfriend or boyfriend. He is notoriously private when it comes to his dating life and romantic relationships.

4. Did Austin Lin actually date Fan Bingbing?

Rumors swirled about Austin and popular Chinese actress Fan Bingbing dating in the past. However, neither celebrity has confirmed that they were in a relationship so it remains an unverified speculation.

5. What are some other upcoming projects for Austin Lin?

Austin Lin is starring in the 2024 film “Til Death Do Us Part” next to award-winning Taiwanese actress Chen Shu. He also continues to model and release new music to his fans’ delight.

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