Is Ari Melber Gay? MSNBC Anchor Clears Up Rumors

Have you ever wondered if popular MSNBC anchor and legal correspondent Ari Melber is gay? It’s a common question that many viewers have about media personalities. Let’s explore what’s known about Melber’s sexuality, past relationships, and current love life.

Here’s a quick answer:

Despite ongoing speculation about his sexuality, MSNBC anchor Ari Melber has confirmed he is not gay. Melber was previously married to a woman named Drew Grant from 2014-2017. He is currently rumored to be dating actress Alexandra Daddario. Though a strong advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, Melber identifies as straight based on his relationship history.

Clearing Up Those Gay Rumors

Melber has been the subject of speculation about his sexual orientation, with some questioning if one of cable news’ biggest stars is gay. However, as the article states:

Despite numerous inquiries and whispers about his sexual orientation, Melber has denied the rumors and has been married once, with reports indicating that he is currently dating Actress Alexandra Daddario.

So while Melber vocally advocates for LGBTQ+ rights, he identifies as straight. The false assumptions linking his activism to his own sexuality are misleading. His support stems from his strong values of equality and justice.

Now that the rumors are cleared up, let’s delve into Melber’s relationship history…

A Past Marriage Ended in Divorce

For three years, Melber was married to a writer named Drew Grant. Their wedding was in 2014 and they ultimately divorced in 2017. Grant worked as an entertainment journalist for the New York Observer.

The split was likely difficult, as divorces often are. But with no children from their marriage, Melber was free to focus fully on his thriving journalism career at MSNBC in the aftermath.

Relationship History
2014-2017Married to Drew Grant
2018-PresentRumored to be dating Alexandra Daddario

It seems Melber has moved on from his ex-wife and may have a new leading lady…

Is He Now Dating a Hollywood Actress?

Since August 2018, gossip columns have linked Melber to a brand new flame – Alexandra Daddario, a stunning actress known for roles in projects like True Detective, the Percy Jackson films, and Baywatch.

Sources first caught them together in August 2018. While they’ve kept things low key, they’ve been spotted on dates over the years. Onlookers even saw Daddario kiss Melber following a lunch date in Malibu.

Neither has publicly confirmed if they’re an official item. But their repeated sightings suggest romance may be in the air between the cable news star and sultry screen siren. Could wedding bells ring for them down the line? Only time will tell!

His Background and Upbringing

Now that you know the scoop on Melber’s love life, let’s get into his backstory…

Melber has an interesting family history as the son of an Israeli immigrant father and grandson of Holocaust survivors. He was born on March 31, 1980 in Seattle, Washington, making him 43 years old as of 2023.

From a young age, Melber was drawn to political science, which he studied at the University of Michigan. He graduated in the early 2000s with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Eager to make his mark on politics and law, Melber relocated to Washington D.C. He landed a job with Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell before joining John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign team.

Though Kerry’s White House bid failed, Melber was undeterred. He aimed even higher by earning a Doctor of Law degree from Cornell University. Throughout his studies, he immersed himself in law journals and public policy work.

His Meteoric Media Career

Armed with top-tier educational credentials, Melber returned to NYC and became a successful First Amendment and civil rights attorney. He also served as a legislative aide on Capitol Hill.

By 2009, he embarked on a career in broadcast journalism. Melber impressed executives at MSNBC, who hired him as their chief legal correspondent. He began anchoring his own program, The Beat with Ari Melber, in 2017.

Widely praised for his even-handed coverage, Melber earned an Emmy Award for his work. His writing has also been featured in the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Despite his fame, Melber remains an outspoken advocate for social causes from LGBTQ+ equality to racial justice. However, as we’ve clarified, his personal life doesn’t indicate that he identifies as gay himself.

So in closing, while Ari Melber keeps making headlines on MSNBC, he likely also enjoys a private romance with actress Alexandra Daddario when the cameras stop rolling!


Is Ari Melber married?

No, Ari Melber is currently unmarried. He was previously married to Drew Grant from 2014-2017 but they divorced after 3 years. He is rumored to be dating actress Alexandra Daddario now.

What is Ari Melber’s background?

Ari Melber was born in Seattle in 1980. His father was an Israeli immigrant and his grandparents were Holocaust survivors. He studied political science at the University of Michigan then later earned a law degree from Cornell University.

What was Ari Melber’s first job in media?

Ari Melber’s first media job was working as the chief legal correspondent for MSNBC in 2009. He went on to start anchoring his own show, The Beat with Ari Melber, in 2017.

How did Ari Melber and Alexandra Daddario meet?

It’s unclear how Ari Melber and Alexandra Daddario first met. Rumors of a romance began swirling in 2018 when they were spotted on dates together. Neither has officially confirmed they are in a relationship.

What evidence is there that Ari Melber is not gay?

The main evidence that Ari Melber is not gay is that he was previously married to a woman named Drew Grant for 3 years. He has also been spotted on dates with actress Alexandra Daddario, indicating he is straight. Melber denies rumors he is gay

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