Is Anthony Gordon Gay? Girlfriend Says Otherwise

You may have heard the rumors – is Anthony Gordon, the talented young English footballer, gay? As a fan, you’re probably curious about his sexuality and relationship status. However, it’s important to note that speculation should not override anyone’s right to privacy.

Here’s a quick answer:

Despite years of speculation about his sexual orientation, footballer Anthony Gordon has not openly identified as gay. He has been dating girlfriend Annie Keating as of 2022, though he prefers to keep his personal life private. Without clear confirmation from Gordon himself, his sexuality remains uncertain.

The Rumors About His Sexuality

Over the years, there has been ongoing chatter about Gordon’s sexual orientation. Some fans have wondered if he might be gay. Of course, rumors spread easily on the internet, despite lack of evidence. As of now, Gordon himself has not made any public statements addressing the speculation head on.

Without clear confirmation from the man himself, it’s impossible to know definitively. Some argue that the persistence of the rumors speaks for itself. But in reality, celebrity gossip should be taken with a huge grain of salt.

His Girlfriend Speaks Up

While Gordon stays silent on the issue, we do have more clarity on his relationship status thanks to his girlfriend, Annie Keating. Her frequent presence by his side paints a fairly clear picture.

Keating, originally from Liverpool herself, has been spotted supporting Gordon at games and other professional events on multiple occasions now. She even joins him on cozy getaways when he’s able to get away from the pitch.

Fans spotted her most recently cheering him on proudly at St James’ Park. And judging by the smile on his face that day, he was thrilled to have her support. Their evident chemistry dispels notions of Gordon being single or uninterested in women.

While we can’t rule anything out completely, Keating’s role as Gordon’s biggest cheerleader off the field calls the gay rumors into question.

Right to Privacy as a Public Figure

Despite rampant curiosity from fans about Gordon’s dating life, many argue he still deserves privacy around his sexuality. Even as a rising soccer star in the public eye, personal matters are just that – personal.

Some experts point out that speculating can seriously impact celebrities mental health and self-image over time. Gordon has faced immense pressure to succeed from a young age already. And forcing anyone “out of the closet” before they’re ready is never okay.

As supporters, the healthiest mindset may be focusing on Gordon’s incredible talent on the pitch first and foremost. His personal relationships or orientation don’t affect what he brings to the game each week.

Final Word

At the end of the day, only Anthony Gordon himself can confirm or deny the rumors about his sexuality conclusively. If and when he ever decides to address it publicly, fans would be wise to respect whatever he shares without judgment.

But for now, evidence suggests Gordon is in a happy relationship with girlfriend Annie Keating. And as curious as many supporters may be, he still deserves privacy around his orientation if he prefers.

As Gordon rises further towards soccer stardom, his amazing skills and passion for Everton should take center stage. Not unfounded gossip about his sexuality or relationships off the field. If new information ever comes to light, so be it. But until then, fans eagerly await watching this young phenom thrive in his promising career.


1. Is Anthony Gordon openly gay?

No, Anthony Gordon has not openly stated that he is gay. The rumors about his sexuality have been unconfirmed speculation up to this point. He has been dating girlfriend Annie Keating as of 2022, which seems to contradict the gay rumors.

2. What evidence made some fans think Anthony Gordon is gay?

There is no actual evidence that Anthony Gordon is gay. Some fans speculated about his sexuality simply because he hadn’t been seen publicly dating women until his current girlfriend. Unfounded rumors grew from there over the years without any proof.

3. Has Anthony Gordon directly addressed the rumors that he is gay?

As of now, Anthony Gordon himself has not made any definitive public statements confirming or denying rumors that he may be gay. He has chosen to remain silent on the issue rather than commenting on any speculation about his sexual orientation.

4. Would Anthony Gordon get backlash from fans if he came out as gay?

It’s difficult to say for certain, but there would likely be a mix of reactions if Gordon came out as gay. Some fans would undoubtedly be very supportive. However, homophobia still exists in sports culture globally. He could face cruel criticism from less accepting fans if he shared he was gay.

5. Why do fans feel so curious about Anthony Gordon’s sexuality?

Fans are always eager to learn personal details about rising sports stars like Gordon. With athletes as famous role models, their dating lives become topics of intense fascination too. Fans aim to find out as much as they can about their favorite players’ lives on and off the field. Gordon’s impressive early career success has further fueled interest.

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