Is Anthony Anderson Gay? The Rumors Explained

You may know Anthony Anderson from his starring roles on shows like Blackish and Law & Order, where he always seems to have an infectious enthusiasm. But if you’ve seen some of the rumors floating around on social media lately, you might be wondering—is Anthony Anderson gay?

While there has been gossip and hearsay, the affable actor has not publicly stated that he identifies as gay. However, that doesn’t mean people aren’t still curious about Anderson’s romantic past and personal life. Let’s take a deeper look into some of the key details.

Here’s a quick answer:

Though rumors speculate comedian Anthony Anderson is gay, he has not publicly stated he identifies as such. Anderson was married to Alvina Stewart for over 20 years until divorcing in 2022. They have two children together. While some fans analyze his past acting roles, Anderson typically deflects questions regarding his sexual orientation.

Married Life and Divorce

For over 20 years, Anthony Anderson was married to a woman named Alvina Stewart. The two met and fell in love back in college in the 1990s.

In September 1999, Anderson and Stewart officially tied the knot. They went on to have two children together—a daughter named Kyra and a son named Nathan.

Marriage TimelineDetails
Early 1990sAnthony Anderson and Alvina Stewart meet in college
September 1999Anderson and Stewart get married
Early 2000sThe couple has two children, Kyra and Nathan
March 2022Stewart files for divorce after over 20 years of marriage
September 2022Anderson and Stewart’s divorce is finalized

However, after over two decades of marriage, the relationship ran its course. In March 2022, Stewart filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences.” Anderson quickly responded to the filing, agreeing that irreconcilable differences led to their growing apart.

By September 2022, the former couple had finalized their divorce settlement. According to reports, Anderson and Stewart amicably agreed to divide assets and both provide spousal support on an ongoing basis.

So while Anthony Anderson is now single again, he spent over 20 years married to Stewart. This history with women has been one reason some fans doubt rumors about Anderson potentially being gay.

Gay Rumors and Speculation

Still, there has been occasional speculation—mostly among fans on social media—about Anderson’s sexuality.

A few years ago in 2020, one Twitter user bluntly stated, “Anthony Anderson gay as hell Man. I’m crying.”

Another fan echoed the sentiment, tweeting: “Anthony Anderson…Gay!?”

So where are these rumors and questions coming from? Well, some fans point to Anderson’s previous acting roles.

In 2005, Anderson played a parody version of a brokeback cowboy in the comedic film Brokeback Mountain. And throughout his career, he has publicly supported LGBTQ+ rights.

To some observers putting these data points together, they wonder if Anderson himself might be secretly gay. Of course, playing gay characters does not necessarily mean an actor identifies that way themselves. But it has led to speculation.

Additionally, Anderson is active within theater and entertainment circles. Some studies show a higher percentage of LGBTQ+ individuals working in these artistic communities.

So the rumors, while unproven, stem from a mix of factors related to Anderson’s public presence and past acting roles rather than any statements from the comedian himself.

What Anderson Has Said

To date, Anthony Anderson has preferred not to publicly discuss his sexuality or directly address the rumors claiming he might be gay.

Instead, the affable TV star tends to redirect interviews and questions to focus on his family, career in comedy, and television projects like Blackish.

And legally, Anderson cited irreconcilable differences (rather than sexuality) as the reason for ultimately divorcing from his longtime wife, Alvina Stewart.

So while Anderson himself remains quiet on the recent gossip, he also hasn’t done much to confirm or provide credence to fans speculating about his sexual orientation. His public persona remains upbeat but largely neutral regarding the rumors.

Looking to Anderson’s Current Projects

Professionally, Anthony Anderson remains busier than ever…not that highlights from his personal life have seemed to slow him down.

The 2023 winter season marked the return of Anderson’s popular game show, To Tell the Truth, which he hosts on ABC prime time. Contestants try to guess the real identifications of unique people with interesting stories and backgrounds.

Anderson also made major headlines in 2022 for his starring role on the hit sitcom Blackish, which ran for eight seasons. As family patriarch “Dre,” Anderson struck a chord with audiences before the show ended in early 2022.

And this spring, Anderson’s travel show with his mother—called Anthony Anderson and Mom: European Vacation—debuted in March 2023 on the E! network. The show documents their amusing trips across Europe along with some celebrity guest appearances.

Beyond his shows, Anderson stays active hosting events, doing standup comedy tours when possible, and getting involved with different charitable organizations.

In other words, even as his fans speculate about Anderson’s personal life, the veteran actor appears focused on delivering laughter and lighthearted entertainment through his current comedy projects.

The Takeaway

So is Anthony Anderson gay? The affable comic deflects when asked about his sexual orientation. After over 20 years married, speculation continues thanks to past acting roles and ties to theater circles. The evidence neither confirms nor disproves if Anderson identifies as gay. As an entertainer accustomed to rumors, Anderson greets speculation with grace, staying devoted to his family and comedy career.

While gossip continues online, Anderson himself keeps the focus upbeat – preferring to make headlines by addressing complex issues with good-spirited cleverness. So whether the question is eventually confirmed or not, his fans continue watching Anderson thrive as an advocate using comedy up front for all to see.


1. Has Anthony Anderson publicly stated that he is gay?

No, Anderson has not publicly stated or confirmed that he identifies as gay. He typically deflects questions about his sexual orientation.

2. Why do some fans think Anderson is gay?

Rumors stem from his past acting roles playing gay characters, his support for LGBTQ+ rights, and his involvement in theater/arts communities that tend to have higher LGBTQ representation.

3. Was Anthony Anderson ever married?

Yes. Anderson was married for over 20 years to Alvina Stewart before finalizing divorce in September 2022. They have two children together.

4. What are some of Anderson’s current projects?

He currently hosts the game show “To Tell the Truth” on ABC. He also recently starred on the sitcom “Blackish” for 8 seasons and launched a travel show with his mom in 2023 called “Anthony Anderson and Mom: European Vacation.”

5. Has Anderson won awards for his acting?

Yes, Anderson has received multiple Emmy and Golden Globe award nominations for his starring role on “Blackish.” He has yet to win one of the major acting awards.

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