Is Andrew Seow Gay? Decoding the Star’s Sexual Orientation

You may have seen Andrew Seow gracing your television screens in the past. This popular Singaporean actor and model has led a prolific career in showbiz over the years. However, his personal life, especially his sexuality, remains a mystery to many.

Here’s a quick answer:

Despite years in the public eye, popular Singaporean actor and former model Andrew Seow has not publicly addressed his sexual orientation. While some sources claim Seow is gay or bisexual, these appear to be unverified assumptions. As of 2023, Seow himself has not confirmed belonging to any particular sexuality, choosing to keep this aspect of his personal life private.

Who is Andrew Seow?

Andrew Seow is a household name in Singapore. Born in 1969 in Singapore, he attended prestigious local schools like St. Patrick’s School and Catholic High School. He later obtained an Advanced Diploma in fashion design, jewelry design, and merchandising from the reputable Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts.

Seow first stepped into the entertainment scene as a model in the 1980s. With his sharp features and tall frame, he instantly captured the eyes of audiences in Singapore and across Asia. This paved the way for him to venture into acting in the 1990s, where he landed roles in various local TV dramas and films.

In 1996, Andrew Seow clinched the Best Newcomer title at the Asian Television Awards, affirming his acting talent. Throughout his career, he has showcased versatility in diverse roles across different genres.

Some of Andrew Seow’s Career Highlights:

1996Won Best Newcomer, Asian Television Awards
1997Lead role in “The Price of Peace” drama
1998Supporting role in film “Money Crazy”
2000Lead role in long-running drama “Lifeline”

After close to 15 years in the spotlight, Andrew Seow slowly faded from public view in the late 2000s. So what has he been up to now?

What is Andrew Seow Doing Now?

Despite retiring from full-time acting, Andrew Seow has kept himself occupied with other passions. An art enthusiast, he set up an online business specializing in paintings and antiques. His Facebook page showcases an array of stunning oriental paintings, vases, and other home decor items.

Besides his entrepreneurial venture, Seow dedicates time towards animal welfare volunteerism. He regularly helps out at dog shelters and takes care of rescued canines.

With his business and charity pursuits outside the limelight, Andrew Seow seems content with his post-showbiz life path.

Addressing Speculations on Andrew Seow’s Sexuality

Despite his years in the public eye, Andrew Seow has not spoken publicly about his sexuality. This has fueled speculations on his sexual orientation.

Some online sources have labeled Seow as gay, while others categorize him as bisexual. However, these appear to be unverified assumptions circulating among fans and the media.

As of 2023, the Singaporean star has not come out to identify with any specific sexual orientation. He chooses to keep this aspect of his personal life private.

Should We Make Assumptions on Public Figures’ Sexuality?

As observers, it’s easy for us to make conjectures about celebrities based on hearsay. However, we need to consider:

  • Public figures deserve personal privacy too
  • Making assumptions can perpetuate harmful stereotypes
  • Outing someone against their will is unethical

Until influential icons like Andrew Seow feel comfortable to publicly discuss their sexuality, we should refrain from making presumptions.

Of course, it would be meaningful if Andrew Seow lent his voice to support the LGBTQ+ community in the future. Singapore remains a socially conservative country with censorship around queer themes today.

Nonetheless, the choice lies with Seow himself.

What is Andrew Seow’s Relationship Status?

Apart from his sexual orientation, Andrew Seow has also kept his dating life extremely private after exiting showbiz.

Unlike many celebs, the former actor does not share couple photos or mention partners on his social media pages. He has given no indication of having a girlfriend or wife over the past decade.

Perhaps Andrew Seow prefers to avoid the spotlight when it comes to his romantic relationships. While curious fans eagerly await updates of a special lady in his life, he seems intent on keeping such details under wraps.

Andrew Seow carved a reputation through his meteoric early acting and modeling career. He clinched his 15 minutes of fame and more. Though the public longs to uncover more about this evasive celebrity today, we should avoid pressurizing him.

If Andrew Seow wishes to publicly open up about his sexuality or relationships someday, he will do so on his own terms. Till then, let’s keep the speculation at bay and respect his privacy. At the end of the day, only Seow has the right to address these aspects of his personal life.


1. Is Andrew Seow publicly open about his sexuality?

No, Andrew Seow has chosen to keep his sexual orientation private and has not openly discussed it.

2. What are some rumors about Andrew Seow’s sexuality?

There have been rumors that Seow is either gay or bisexual. However, these appear to be unverified claims without confirmation from Seow himself.

3. Has Andrew Seow ever had an on-screen romance?

Yes, as an actor Seow has had romantic storylines and on-screen relationships with female co-stars. However, these were fictional relationships separate from his off-screen personal life.

4. Why do people want to find out about Andrew Seow’s sexuality?

As a public figure, details of Seow’s personal life have naturally sparked public curiosity and intrigue. His sexuality becomes a topic of interest, especially since he has kept it ambiguous.

5. Should people pressure Andrew Seow to reveal his sexuality?

No, it is unethical to pressure someone to out themselves against their will. Seow deserves personal privacy regarding his sexuality. The choice to publicly discuss it should be his alone.

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