Is Andrew Neighbors Gay? The YouTuber’s Coming Out Story

You may know Andrew Neighbors as a popular YouTuber and traveling optometrist who shares lifestyle, travel, and fitness content on his channel. With over 100k subscribers, Andrew has built an engaged audience who tune in to see videos on everything from his globe-trotting adventures to dishing out relationship advice. If you’ve ever watched his videos, you may have asked yourself – is Andrew Neighbors gay?

Here’s a quick answer:

Andrew Neighbors is openly gay. The popular YouTuber and optometrist candidly discusses his sexuality and journey coming out in videos aiming to spread positivity. However, while being gay shapes aspects of his perspective, Andrew doesn’t let it dictate or limit everything he embodies. His charisma, talents and authenticity make labels secondary to connecting with his audience.

Getting to Know Andrew Neighbors

Andrew didn’t start out wanting to be internet famous. His original path was optometry – completing his doctorate and becoming a licensed optometrist. However, during school he discovered YouTube and saw it as an opportunity to showcase his travels and document his fitness journey.

Fast forward to today, and Andrew has successfully leveraged his social media presence to build his personal brand while still pursuing optometry full-time. He sees 15-25 patients daily during his locum tenens work, where he fills in for doctors on leave at clinics nationwide.

When he’s not traveling between gigs though, you can find him at home in LA creating content. Andrew takes pride in thoughtfully vetting each video to ensure they align with his goals of spreading positivity and self-growth.

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As a gay influencer though, Andrew understands first-hand some of the challenges that face LGBTQ+ folks online. However, he doesn’t let that discourage him from being his authentic self to help inspire his audience.

Facing Discrimination as a Gay Man

Part of Andrew’s coming out journey involved learning to accept himself and not seek external validation. He acknowledges that self-love leads to confidence, which allows you to brush off negativity and discrimination.

However, Andrew notes that there is still more progress needed to ensure equality:

“We have come so far with our rights but still have a lot to fight for as far as equality.”

For example, he expresses frustration around YouTube enabling anti-LGBTQ advertisements to appear alongside videos from queer creators. He’s also dealt with issues like video demonetization due to factors related solely to sexual orientation.

While social media can connect minority communities, it also gives ignorant voices an equal platform to spread harmful rhetoric and inhibit LGBTQ+ rights. This is why visible influencers like Andrew serve an important role by fearlessly being themselves.

Andrew doesn’t whine about the injustices though. He perseveres through challenges while leveraging his optometry career and growing channel to enact positive change. And his determination inspires us all to proudly embrace our identities.

Balancing Optometry, YouTube, and Personal Aspirations

Juggling a full-time job while consistently creating videos is not easy. It requires discipline and time management. That’s why Andrew spends any downtime indulging his self-care routines.

You can find him unwinding through:

  • Binge-watching his favorite fantasy shows
  • Playing immersive video games
  • Jamming out on the piano
  • Grabbing drinks with friends on weekends

This balance between work, content creation, and leisure is what fuels Andrew’s productivity. He never loses sight of his goals though, which include potentially transitioning into acting full-time if the opportunity arises.

Andrew believes that when you follow your passions, you unlock fulfillment that translates to other areas of life. The joy and creativity from producing videos allows him to be more present with optometry patients.

And should he ever leave the YouTube sphere, Andrew notes he’ll still document moments for nostalgic purposes. But for now, he has no plans to quit as he hopes to inspire others by spreading more stories.

What Andrew Represents as an Influencer

Andrew radiates authenticity and unabashedly champions causes important to him. Unlike influencers monetizing personalities, he vlogs purely for impact. His content fills a void for gay viewers craving representation to normalize their identities and capacity for fulfillment.

When people ask “Is Andrew Neighbors gay?” they miss the point – his orientation intersects with but doesn’t define the dynamic person he is. Fans connect most with his charisma, grit, talents and empathy. Andrew leads by example in spreading positivity and commitment to his community, motivation born of hardship. His courage in being uniquely himself inspires us to shine bright too.


1. What is Andrew Neighbors’ profession?

Andrew is a licensed optometrist. He completed his doctorate and works locum tenens shifts, filling in at optometry clinics nationwide.

2. Where does Andrew Neighbors live?

Andrew is based in Los Angeles, CA. He moved there in 2018 after previously living in Denver, CO for some time.

3. How many YouTube subscribers does Andrew have?

As of 2024, Andrew has over 100,000 subscribers on his AndrewGoesPlaces YouTube channel.

4. Is Andrew Neighbors pursuing acting?

Yes, Andrew has aspirations of getting more into acting down the line. He’s completed acting coursework already and had small roles in some online series and shorts.

5. What are some of Andrew’s hobbies?

Outside work and content creation, Andrew enjoys binge watching shows, gaming, playing piano, and grabbing drinks with friends on weekends. Fantasy and adventure are his favorite entertainment genres.

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