1. Mission Statement

Queer Star Gossip aims to provide readers with the latest news and gossip related to LGBTQ celebrities in entertainment, sports, politics and other public arenas. As an LGBTQ-focused publication, we seek to uplift queer voices and narratives in mainstream celebrity culture.

2. Editorial Standards

  • Accuracy – All news stories and gossip reports must be fact-checked thoroughly before publishing. Sources should be cited when possible. If errors are found, corrections must be issued promptly.
  • Objectivity – While QSG focuses specifically on LGBTQ celebrities, our reporting aims to be unbiased. Writers should avoid passing judgement or projecting their own opinions in news articles. Commentary pieces may reflect the writer’s personal views.
  • Sensitivity – Our writers must be respectful when covering LGBTQ celebrities and use appropriate, non-offensive terminology. Outing someone who is not publicly open about their sexuality is never acceptable.
  • Inclusiveness – QSG strives to represent the full diversity of the LGBTQ community, including people of different races, genders, ages and backgrounds.

3. Sourcing

  • Sources close to celebrities are preferable for verifying gossip stories. Published interviews, public social media posts and reputable news reports may also be used as sources.
  • Anonymity may be granted to sources who request it, but anonymous sourcing should be limited.
  • Strive to include voices from marginalized groups within the LGBTQ community, not just white cisgender celebrities.

4. Privacy and Ethics

  • The privacy and safety of sources, subjects and employees should be protected. Personal information like addresses and phone numbers should not be revealed without consent.
  • Subjects should be given a reasonable chance to respond to serious or defamatory allegations before publishing.
  • Writers and editors must disclose any significant personal or financial relationships that could create conflicts of interest.

5. Community Responsibility

As part of our mission, Queer Star Gossip seeks to:

  • Support and make space for LGBTQ creative professionals, promotion of LGBTQ celebrities
  • Combat harmful stereotypes about LGBTQ people
  • Provide positive representation and uplifting stories about queer celebrities

This editorial policy is effective as of September 11, 2023 and may be updated as needed. All Queer Star Gossip journalists and editors are expected to uphold these standards in their work.