Are Rhett and Link Gay? Myths About the Duo Debunked

Rhett and Link’s hugely popular YouTube series Good Mythical Morning has garnered them millions of loyal fans. However, speculation about their sexuality persists – are they actually gay? As avid viewers, you’ve likely noticed their strong chemistry and close friendship, with an undeniable rapport between these two quirky entertainers. They constantly crack each other up. So questions have surfaced regarding the true nature of their relationship.

In this article, we’ll analyze the facts and fiction surrounding Rhett and Link’s personal lives to determine if the rumors hold weight and why this duo has inspired such curiosity regarding their sexuality.

Here’s a quick answer:

No, Rhett and Link are not gay. The longtime YouTube comedy duo and hosts of Good Mythical Morning have a very close, brotherly friendship that has fueled speculation about their sexuality over the years. However, both Rhett and Link identify as straight men and have been happily married to women for over 20 years. Despite their natural rapport and chemistry, reliable sources confirm they are heterosexual life partners and mythical best friends, not romantic partners.

A Lifelong Bromance

Rhett and Link go way back – like, first grade back. They met as young kids growing up in North Carolina and instantly bonded over a shared love of mythical stories. Their quirky personalities and creative ambitions made them fast friends at a formative age.

Even when life took them down different paths after graduation, they made a point to reconnect and collaborate on comedic sketches and songs. Their bromance spans over 35 years at this point! Such a long-lasting, genuine friendship in show business is unusual enough to raise some eyebrows.

Rhett confirms that their natural chemistry formed early on: “We just clicked fast. All of a sudden we were making videos together, writing songs together, creating imaginary worlds together.”

So while they may jokingly flirt and banter like an old married couple, these lifelong pals have never actually been a romantic item.

Family Men With Personal Lives

Here’s where things get interesting. Rhett and Link are both happily married family men…to women.

Rhett has been married to his college sweetheart Jessica since 2001. Together they have two sons, Locke and Shepherd. Link also met his wife Christy in college, tying the knot in 2000. They have three kids – Lilian, Lando, and Lincoln.

While Rhett and Link keep their personal lives fairly private, they have shared family vacations and anecdotes on Good Mythical Morning over the years. They prioritize spending time with their wives and kids whenever possible between projects.

So despite being soulmates in terms of creative endeavors and comedic chemistry, Rhett and Link identify as heterosexual life partners.

Personal StatusRhettLink
Marital StatusMarried to wife Jessica since 2001Married to wife Christy since 2000
Kids2 sons: Locke and Shepherd3 kids: Lilian, Lando, and Lincoln

They even jokingly reassure fans at live shows that they are “just work husbands, not real ones!”

Addressing the Rumors

Like many YouTubers with a predominately young, female fanbase, Rhett and Link have attracted their fair share of shipping and speculation. Their quirky personas and natural chemistry as comedy partners checks a lot of boxes for fans rooting for a real-life bromance.

During a Reddit AMA, one fan directly asked if they were gay. Link responded:

“No, we are not gay. We have both been happily married to women for a long time! Thanks for watching our show!”

Rhett also addressed the rumors head-on, stating:

“I understand why people might be curious if Link and I are more than friends and comedic partners. But the truth is, we are both straight.”

So case closed, right? Well, not quite. Their cheeky personalities do like to fuel the fan theories for laughs at times. Like when Rhett admitted he’d been intimate with Link…in the Sims video game, that is!

Why Fans Ship “RandL”

At the end of the day, Rhett and Link don’t seem to take offense regarding speculation about their sexuality. They realize it comes from a place of fans loving their on-screen chemistry. And they do play up the bromance angle as a running joke.

During a Facebook live Q&A, Rhett explained some reasons why their mythical friendship strikes such a chord:

“I think one of the things that is so engaging about us is people that have known each other for a really long time, and have a natural chemistry. That doesn’t happen very often.”

Link added:

“I think we’ve been able to kind of leverage our friendship and business partnership into something meaningful and hopefully inspiring.”

When you consider how rare it is for two guys to remain so close through the ups and downs of over three decades, it makes more sense why “RandL” provokes curiosity.

Viewers see themselves in this fun-loving, larger-than-life duo. So naturally imagination wanders into “what if” territory as fans enjoy their humorous hijinks. At the end of the day though, Rhett and Link confirm they are just mythically good friends.

The Verdict: Just Friends!

Rampant rumors fueled by their infectious on-screen chemistry persist, yet Rhett and Link insist they are not gay. This legendary comedy duo has sustained decades-long professional and personal partnerships. Their lifelong brotherly bond spanning over 35 years gives Rhett and Link such natural chemistry and sync.

However, both identify as straight men, happily married to women for over 20 years now. Reliable sources confirm they are close mythical friends – but not romantic partners. So if you’re still wondering “Are Rhett and Link gay?” – straight from their mouths: nope, just best friends!


Rhett and Link have been friends since meeting in first grade back in 1984. They have known each other for over 35 years.

Yes, Rhett and Link are both married – but not to each other! Rhett has been married to his wife Jessica since 2001. Link has been married to his wife Christy since 2000.

Yes. Rhett has two sons, Locke and Shepherd, with his wife Jessica. Link has three kids with his wife Christy – Lilian, Lando, and Lincoln.

Many fans speculate about Rhett and Link’s sexuality because of their close lifelong friendship and natural rapport and chemistry on camera. Their quirky personas also fuel some shipping from fans.

Yes, Rhett and Link have directly addressed the speculation several times. They have confirmed they identify as straight men and are happily married to women. They are not a romantic couple but have a brotherly platonic friendship.

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